Blogging Categories

All of the blog posts on this site are, in some way, related to dating (surprise!), but, they are also divided into several distinct categories for easier navigation.


Articles on various dating and relationship issues – this is the general (default) category.


Dear Dating Bitch is an advice column where I answer reader questions a la Dear Abby.

Life Lessons

In this category, I share personal stories about my own dating and relationship history.


A category for more miscellaneous blog posts, this one covers blogging, culture, style, and more.

More Content from Me

Along with this blog, I also write poetry, a second blog about Tarot cards, and more personal essays on my Coffee sites (Buy Me a Coffee and Ko-Fi).

Tarot Blog

My secondary blog, The Tarot Bitch, is all about Tarot cards and Tarot reading.

Coffee Thoughts

On both Buy Me a Coffee and Ko-Fi, you can find poetry and more personal blog posts.

Tarot Readings

I offer Tarot Readings for purchase as well – you can find all readings in my Ko-Fi shop.

Open Letter To My Ex: An Interactive Project

A new Interactive Instagram Art Project (@toexes_withlove). Submit your breakup story anonymously!

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