Introducing: The Tarot Bitch

A New Blog about the Art of Tarot

If you follow me on any of my social media accounts (and if you haven’t, then why the hell not? 😉) OR if you’ve subscribed to my newsletter (again, if you’re not, what are you waiting for?), then you probably already know that I’m a big Tarot fan.

I don’t consider myself psychic (just like I don’t consider myself a “relationship expert”) but I do think that Tarot cards are a useful tool of self-discovery. And while I believe there are some people out there who genuinely have a psychic gift, I think that ANYONE – spiritually gifted or not – can read Tarot cards.

As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t consider myself an expert in dating and relationships, and yet, I chose to write a blog based around it. A lot of people have asked why I picked this particular niche, then. Honestly, it was because I felt like I had a lot of knowledge and understanding about relationships.

I have an educational background in Psychology and Counseling, I’ve studied a lot of issues related to interpersonal romance (attachment style theory, jealousy, heartbreak), and of course, I have plenty of my own personal experiences. 😬

Writing this blog, then, was a way to share my experiences, knowledge, and understanding with others. I’d hoped that it would provide some genuine help and guidance as well as some humor and entertainment.

So, where does Tarot come into play here?

Well, just as I am writing a blog about love and relationships despite not being a “dating coach” or “relationship expert,” I’ve decided to write a blog about Tarot despite not being a professional Tarot reader or an actual psychic.

I wanted to explain that, first, because honesty is one of the most important things in any relationship – even the relationship between an anonymous blogger and her readers. 🤗

As I said earlier, Tarot is something that anyone can do. Each card has a specific meaning, so to practice Tarot, you first have to learn what those meanings are. Then, you can do a reading (either for yourself or someone else) by simply reading what the cards say. What takes skill and practice, though, is being able to translate that into something meaningful.

I’ve been practicing Tarot for several years now – it was something I found interesting, so I decided to teach myself. Again, I don’t do it professionally (meaning, I don’t charge for readings), but I do it often, both for myself and for others.

There are a lot of misconceptions around Tarot – people believe that it can predict the future or that it’s “evil” (it can’t and it’s not), which is a shame because in reality, it can be a really beautiful way of gaining insight. 🔮

Personally, I don’t use Tarot as a way of fortune-telling, I use it as a psychological or therapeutic tool (check out this article about a mental health specialist who uses Tarot in this way professionally.)

The cards have a universal meaning attached to them, and yet, they can mean something different depending on the person and the situation. Thus, Tarot is interpretative rather than predictive.

When I do a reading for someone, I give my interpretation and explanation of what the cards actually mean and then leave room for the person to tell me their experience and how the message relates to them. This allows it to become personalized – it helps you look deeper at something inside yourself, much in the same way as therapy.

What about this new blog then?

With all that being said, I wanted to share my love of tarot with you, dear readers. In order to keep it separate from my primary dating and relationship advice, though, I decided to create a completely new blog, appropriately titled, The Tarot Bitch 🔮.

On this blog, I’ll be pulling a Tarot card each day and writing about what the card means – both in general and in a love life reading. Of course, I’ll also be sharing more personal stories – talking about cards I’ve pulled for myself and how I interpret them within the confines of my own life as well as readings I do for other people.

For any of my readers who are interested in Tarot, please check it out here! You can also visit my Ko-Fi page to request a reading from me. And let me know your thoughts on Tarot in the comments below! 🌟

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