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I started The Dating Bitch in December of 2020 – I had a lot of free time on my hands thanks to the pandemic and, for my own well-being, I needed a creative outlet to fill my days.

Enter, blogging.

As a fairly impulsive person, I didn’t spend a whole lot of time thinking about starting a blog – instead, something (I forget what, now) sparked the idea in me and the very next day I’d joined a free blogging platform.

By March of 2021, then, I decided I actually enjoyed doing it enough to make the switch to a self-hosted domain, which is where you’ve stumbled across my work right now!

Initially, I started as a niche blogger, focusing all of my content on dating, relationships, and breakups. In the Summer of 2021, though, I expanded to include more lifestyle-related topics.

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Though I’m still learning (and my tech skills are sorely lacking), I hope you find this blog enjoyable. If you do, I’d love it if you subscribed!

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Blogging Categories

All of the blog posts on this site are, in some way, related to relationships (surprise!) – including the relationship you have with yourself (hence, the “Lifestyle” posts)

For easier navigation, all the content here is divided into several distinct categories.

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Articles on various dating and relationship issues – this is the general (default) category.

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Dear Dating Bitch is an advice column where I answer reader questions a la Dear Abby.

Woman reading a book in the bath - About the blog Life Lessons category

Life Lessons

In this category, I share personal stories about my own dating and relationship history.

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Beauty, Style, Personal Growth and Wellness, Travel, Blogging, and More!

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I offer Advertising Services for fellow bloggers as well as Brand Collaborations.

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Resource Page

Blogging resources and tools along with my favorite books and beauty/style products.

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Dear Dating Bitch

As part of my advice column, I take letters from real readers. Submit your letter here.

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I’ve got several products for sale including Media Kit templates and a Post-Breakup eBook.

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