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Blogging is hard work! Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying.

But luckily, there’s an amazing blogging community out there. And I’ve been fortunate enough to collaborate with a number of other creators out there.

I’ve written a few guest posts for fellow bloggers and I’ve even made guest appearances on several podcasts.

And now, I get to pay it forward a little. So, if you want to collaborate with me, I’ve got plenty of opportunities for that!

I accept guest posts on this platform – and not just about dating and relationship issues.

So, if you’re interested in a collaboration with me, please get in touch!





Collaboration Opportunities


I’ve got a ton of different opportunities for bloggers. Here’s how you can collaborate with me:

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  • Guest Posting
    • Write for me – You can write a guest blog post for The Dating Bitch
    • Guest Post Exchange – I’m always happy to exchange guest posts as well
  • Advertising – I offer a few different advertising packages for fellow bloggers. 
    • Check my advertising page here for more information on this
  • Sponsorships and Brand Ambassadorships – If you are a brand/company or have a specific product, I offer sponsored blog posts.
  • Resources – If you’re a blogger who has an e-book, media kit, or other blogging resource, you can reach out to have your item featured on my Resources page.
    • I only recommend resources and tools I use and am familiar with, so I ask that you provide me with the item in question for it to be featured

Have an idea that wasn’t listed here? No worries! Reach out to me anyway!


Guest Posting

Are you interested in writing a guest blog post for Dating Bitch? Great! You’ve come to the right place. Of course, this site is primarily focused on dating and relationships, so topics that fall into that niche are a safe bet. But, I also publish plenty of lifestyle related articles.

Below, you can find some suggestions for possible topics. And if you have a different idea for me, I’m happy to hear it!


Niche Topics:

  • Dating and Relationships 
  • Marriage or Weddings
  • Friendships (Platonic relationships)
  • Breakups
  • Sexual Health or Sexuality
  • Parenting or Co-parenting


Lifestyle Topics:

  • Self-Love or Personal Growth
  • Health and Wellness
  • Mental Health Topics
  • Beauty, Style, and Home living
  • Blogging or Content creation
  • Adulting in general


Guest Post Requirements:

  • Over 500 words
  • SEO-friendly – if you’re not familiar with SEO, don’t worry, neither am I! So, just do the best you can.
  • Original content – don’t steal other people’s work!
  • Well-written – it’s totally fine if you’re not a blogger yourself as long as the content is good.
  • Give a brief bio:
    • If you are a blogger, tell me what you write about and describe your blog/niche.
    • If you’re not, tell me something about you that my readers might want to know (have you been on over 50 tinder dates? married since age 18? working as a couple’s counselor?)


Before reaching out, you should familiarize yourself with my past blog posts to get a sense of the writing style and tone. (Basically, I’m looking for posts that are humorous, educational, heartfelt, or all of the above.)

After that, if you still think you’d be a good fit, please fill out the information below or shoot me an email at


Guest Posting Form




Collaboration Archive

Check out all my past collaboration experiences


Blogging Collaborations

Here are some of the Guest Blog Posts I’ve written for others:


Six Unexpected Benefits of Long Distance Relationships – Simply Alex Jean

The Embarrassing Story of How I Got My First Period – Of a Glasgow Girl

Blogging Struggles: How Do Bloggers Stay Motivated? – Not So Modern Girl

5 Tips to Make your First Date Perfect – Growing with Spawn

25 Best Date Ideas for the Winter Months – Jenny in Neverland

Together in Mamahood Interview – Claire Mac

Best TV Show Halloween Specials – Laureny Loves

How Self Improvement Can Improve Your Relationship – The Plain Simple Life


Podcast Collaborations

I’ve done a few podcasts too! It’s been both incredibly nerve-wracking and thrilling – not to mention highly surprising (seriously, people want to listen to me talk?!) Listen to my guest podcasts below:

woman texting


Tripp Kramer, from Tripp Advice, is a dating coach for shy men. On this episode of his popular ‘How to Talk to Girls’ podcast, we talk about why it’s crucial to use the ‘No Contact’ rule after a breakup.

This one is also especially notable as it was my first ever podcast appearance and when I listen to it, I can hear how nervous I am! But it was a lot of fun – I’d only been blogging for about a month at this point and it was incredibly exciting when Tripp reached out to ask me to talk on his show.

Listen to the episode here.

Women recording a podcast


Another anonymous dating blogger, The Damsel in Dating Distress is a UK-based blogger. She writes about relationships and her own dating life with so much humor and candor! Fun fact: she was also one of the first bloggers to support me when I started The Dating Bitch!

On her podcast, hilariously titled ‘Give me the D,’ we talked about dating deal-breakers and red flags along with how to handle a long distance relationship.

Check out her blog and make sure to listen to our podcast episode  here.

Advertising and PR Services


ADVERTISING – 2 advertising packages available for bloggers and content creators.

BRANDS & PARTNERSHIPS – Media Kit and Rate sheet available upon request.


Interested in collaborating with me? I’d love to hear your pitch!

Go ahead and Send me a message!