Post-Breakup Recovery Guide

My new E-Book, From Heartbreak to Healing in 30 Days is available on PayHip and Gumroad. Read on to find out more about what this product entails.


A post-breakup recovery guide and workbook meant for anyone struggling with a breakup. If you’re in the throes of heartbreak, it can be so hard to know what to do or where to start. I created this book to help you heal faster and more effectively.

Everything in this book is based on my own personal experience and education (I’ve got a background in psychology and counseling.) While I obviously can’t promise that you’ll read this and feel fine in a month, I do hope that it will help.

You Get TWO PDF downloads – the Recovery Guide Book and the Supplemental Workbook.

Post-Breakup Recovery Guide

The Post-Breakup Recovery Guide


A 100-page eBook meant to help guide you through the beginning stages of your breakup.

Breakups are the worst – everyone you know is telling you how much better off you are without them. How there are “plenty of fish in the sea.” That you shouldn’t worry, “exes always come back.”

Well… true to my name, I give you a no-bullshit look at the reality of your situation.


☆ The No Contact Rule

☆ 8-Stages of Post-Breakup Grief (developed by me!)

☆ Attachment Theory

☆ Gaining Closure

☆ Reaching Out When You’re Ready

☆ Self-Care, Wellness, and Affirmations to Use

☆ Post-Breakup Growth

☆ Being Friends with Your Ex

☆ Frequently Asked Questions


Post Breakup Journal Prompts

The Recovery Workbook


A 26-page workbook intended as a supplement to the Post-Breakup Recovery Guide.

After reading the eBook, use these journal prompts to help further your personal growth and self-reflection.


☆ Re-framing Negative Thoughts

☆ Understanding Your Role in the Breakup

☆ Looking at the Relationship in a More Realistic and Healthy Way

☆ Daily Self-Care

☆ Writing Your Breakup Story

☆ Evaluating Your Attachment and Conflict Resolution Styles

☆ Determining What You Want as You Move Forward


Print and re-print these pages to continue with your personal growth and self-reflection as you heal.

* Recovery Guide and Workbook are sold together, as one Post-Breakup Recovery Aid. They will be delivered as two separate PDF booklets, but you only pay once!

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