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The Dating Bitch is a relationship blog dedicated to helping you improve your love life. I focus on a wide array of topics related to modern dating, sex, and breakups. So, regardless of your current relationship status, this blog is for you! 

Before I go further, though, I’d like to introduce myself:

I’m Katie, the anonymous writer behind this site.

I’ve christened myself as The Dating Bitch, but I’ve generally been referred to as kindhearted. Despite all the heartbreak and disappointment, I’m an eternal optimist when it comes to love (the “Dating Nice Girl” just didn’t have the same ring to it though 🤷🏼‍♀️)

I started this blog at the end of 2020. I’d just gone through a difficult breakup, I had ample time on my hands due to the pandemic, and have always enjoyed the art of writing. So, it just made sense to use blogging as a creative (and somewhat therapeutic) outlet.

After the heartbreak subsided, I discovered how much I truly enjoy doing it! 

Now, I’m continuously working to grow and develop as a content creator.

On this platform, I’ll be delving into the psychology of relationships, offering advice, and sharing my personal experiences in the realm of romance.

And, since I know firsthand how busy life can get, the articles you’ll find here will be quick, lunch break reads – divided into 3 categories and designed to be consumed in under 5 minutes.

Content Categories:

💕  Relationships Articles about common issues related to dating, love, and breakups

💌  Advice Dear Dating Bitch, an online advice column where I answer real questions from readers

✨  Life Lessons Personal stories of my past relationships and dating mistakes laid bare for you

💎   Lifestyle  Miscellaneous blog posts on life, blogging, culture, and more

What you Get on Dating Bitch:

  Advice Column – Real Readers, Real Advice

  Personal and Heartfelt Posts

  Short and Snappy 5-Min. Reads

  Entertaining and Educational Articles

  Members Only page with a Freebies Library


Thank you for visiting! I really hope my content resonates with you.

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