Frequently Asked Questions

About Me:

1. Why do you Call yourself the “Dating Bitch”?

When I was initially setting up my blog, that was the name that came to me first. I actually got the idea from an episode of ‘The Office’ (Kelly labels herself ‘The Business Bitch’ during a small business seminar, and I found it cute and clever.)

I also just think it’s a catchy name!

I’m very rarely called a bitch in my everyday life – people tend to refer to me as sweet and kind. But, I think that when it comes to dating and relationships, you shouldn’t be afraid to stand up for yourself. And so often, when women do that, they’re considered a bitch.

2. Why did you start a blog about Relationships?

I was only working part-time due to Covid, so I wanted to start blogging as a way of writing more, I just wasn’t sure what I wanted to blog about.

I knew that whatever topic I chose had to be something that: 

A) I was knowledgeable about,

B) I enjoyed talking about, and

C) I would actually be interested in reading about. 

Dating and Relationships fit neatly into all 3 categories. I’d recently gone through a difficult breakup followed by a lot of self-reflection and personal growth. So, it was both cathartic and (relatively) easy to write about.

3. What are your Qualifications?

I have a background in Psychology and Counseling – I’m quite well educated on issues like co-dependency, attachment styles, and healthy vs unhealthy coping skills. All of these issues impact our romantic relationships in a huge way.

Additionally, I’m a woman in my 30’s who’s been through her fair share of relationships and breakups. That alone gives me a lot of firsthand experience.


About the Blogs:

1. What kinds of things do you write about?

On the Dating Bitch – I write about modern dating, relationships, and breakups.I discuss topics such as ghosting, online dating, and the ‘NO contact’ rule.

The content is here broken down into 3 categories:

♥  Relationships

♥  Life Lessons

♥  Advice

On the Tarot Bitch – I write about tarot. I give the general meaning of the cards along with the meaning in a love life spread. I also talk about my own experiences with tarot – how certain cards correlate with my own life.

On both Ko-Fi and Buy Me a Coffee – I write poetry and additional blog posts (basically, posts that don’t fit in on the other two blogs.) I also offer Tarot readings on both platforms.

2. What can I expect from you as a content creator?

I post new articles at least twice a week, once on each of my two blogs. I try to keep my content creation schedule as consistent as possible. You can expect the following:

    • Every Tuesday – a new post on The Tarot Bitch (correlating with my #TarotTuesday segment on Instagram)
    • Every Thursday – a new Dating Bitch article 
    • Dear Dating BitchI aim to write a new advice column segment once a month
    • Monthly Newsletter – sign up to my email list and you’ll get my newsletter which features a recap of all my creative content for the month (from the Tarot Bitch, the Dating Bitch, and the Coffee platforms.)

Coffee Platforms (Ko-Fi & Buy Me a Coffee):

    • Coffee Thoughts – a segment I’ve started where I share more personal thoughts, similar to an online diary
    • Poetry, Flash Fiction, and other Creative Writings
    • Tarot Readings – on both platforms, you can purchase a virtual Tarot Reading from me

3. What’s the point of Ko-Fi and Buy Me a Coffee?

Both Ko-Fi and Buy Me a Coffee are content creator platforms which allow creators to showcase their work and accept donations from fans. Sort of like a virtual “tip jar” for bloggers. 

(I have both due to the fact that others tend to prefer one over the other, so it seemed easier that way.)

Some content creators use is solely as a place to accept funds for their work, while others use it to accept commissions or post additional content.

Since I HATE the idea of asking for something without giving anything in return, I use it as a platform to share my poetry and ‘coffee thoughts’ posts as well as a place to sell Tarot Readings.

All my content is available to view for FREE. So please look around! Of course, if you want to ‘buy me a coffee,’ it’s always appreciated, but you can support me just by liking my posts!

OR you can buy a Tarot Card Reading from me 🔮

4. What is the Member’s Only page about?

Join it and find out!

Just kidding 😄

The Members Only page is a password protected page with extras available for email subscribers.

Here, you’ll find some fun personality quizzes I created – all related to love, dating, and relationships (i.e. “What Season Represents Your Relationship style?”)

And the best part? It’s 100% FREE to join!

There’s no catch! It’s entirely free for you – all you have to do is subscribe.

The Members Only page is just my way of: 

    1. Getting more email subscribers and regular readers to the blog, and
    2. Connecting with my current audience.

That’s it!

5. How can I get Advice from you?

If you have a question about your love life, I want to hear it!

You can send me an email at or submit your letter anonymously using this google form.

Rest assured, though, even if you do include contact information, the published letter won’t contain any identifying information about you. 


Have Questions that weren’t covered here? Feel free to Contact Me!


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