Whether you’re brand new to blogging, or you’ve been at it for a while, there are times when you just feel stuck. Writer’s block (or, in this case, bloggers block) is one of the biggest struggles to deal with. It can be frustrating, depressing, or just disheartening to experience, but trust me: we’ve all been there. So, here are 100 blog post ideas to try when you’re drawing a blank.

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100 Best Blog Post Ideas

There are plenty of tips out there on how to overcome writer’s block, but sometimes, no matter what you try, you can’t seem to get past it. When that happens, trying too hard to fight it often makes it worse. So, instead of taking your 10th nature walk outside, scroll through this list and see if anything sticks out to you.

Posts about Blogging

  1. Write about your current predicament! Talk about the when, why, and what of your recent blogging rut.
  2. What do you love about blogging?
  3. And what do you hate about it?
  4. What are your “unpopular” opinions about blogging?
  5. Why did you start blogging?
  6. What are your blogging goals?
  7. Share your top tips for new bloggers starting out.  
  8. Give a roundup of your favorite blogs (aside from your own, of course!)
  9. Share your favorite blogging tools and resources.
  10. Make your own list of “blog post” ideas to inspire others!

Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

Health & Wellness

  1. Tips for starting a new exercise routine.
  2. Fun workouts to try.
  3. How to stay motivated when you just really want to skip the gym.
  4. Healthy foods to add to your shopping list.
  5. Improve your sleep with these simple steps.
  6. Talk about a new health fad (ie – Hot Girl Walks)
  7. Tips to stay healthy all year round.
  8. Share your favorite self-care ideas.
  9. Toxic habits to cut out of your life.
  10. Stick to your new diet with these tips.
  11. Improve your mental health with this morning routine.
  12. I tried *this* diet/exercise/wellness ritual for 30 days – here’s what happened!
  13. Simple health habits to add to your everyday life.
  14. What does wellness mean to you?
  15. How to deal with grief/anxiety/depression.
  16. Ways to feel happier in less than 10 minutes.
  17. Tips for staying motivated, organized, and productive.
  18. Sneaky ways stress can impact you.
  19. Journaling prompts to improve your mood.
  20. Simple stretches to try at home.
  21. This is the wellness trend I swear by!

Dating & Relationships

  1. Tips on going from “casual” to “relationship status” with your new love interest.
  2. Romantic date night ideas.
  3. Gift guide for a significant other.
  4. Red Flags to watch out for.
  5. Green flags to look for when dating.
  6. How to impress on a first date.
  7. Best questions to ask on a first date.  
  8. Topics to avoid at all costs on a first date.
  9. Questions to ask your partner for a deeper connection.
  10. Bonding activities to try with your partner.
  11. Here’s how long you should date before you commit/sleep together/move in.
  12. Best dating advice you’ve ever gotten.
  13. Learn to fight fair in a relationship.
  14. Communication tips to improve your relationship.
  15. Dealing with your jealousy in a healthy way.
  16. Signs of a healthy (or unhealthy) relationship.
  17. Tips on meeting your SO’s friends and family for the first time.
  18. Online dating advice.
  19. Do’s and Don’ts of creating your dating profile.
  20. Want to have a serious conversation with your partner? Here’s how to make it easier.
  21. How to get over a bad breakup.
  22. Helping a friend who’s going through a breakup.
  23. Become a more securely attached partner.
  24. Setting boundaries in a relationship.
  25. Most important things to look for in a potential partner.
  26. Advice for dealing with difficult in-laws.
  27. How to be a more supportive partner.

Beauty & Style

  1. Skincare tips for glowing skin.
  2. My holy grail skincare product.
  3. Favorite hydrating moisturizers for winter.
  4. Talk about the stigma of plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures.
  5. Personal experience with *this* procedure/surgery.
  6. New makeup looks to try this season.
  7. Celebrity beauty secrets.
  8. Get red-carpet ready with this one trick.
  9. How to apply your makeup flawlessly.
  10. Roundup of best makeup products.
  11. The importance of confidence and inner beauty.
  12. Best hair cuts and styles for you.
  13. Here’s how often you should wash your hair.
  14. Find your body type using the Kibbe body type method.
  15. How to determine your best colors with seasonal color analysis.
  16. The latest fashion trends to try this season.
  17. Timeless clothing pieces that every woman should own.   

Culture & Entertainment

  1. Roundup of books to read this season.
  2. Discuss the influence of social media on everyday life.
  3. Favorite movies to check out this month.
  4. Best TV shows out right now.
  5. List books by a specific author from best to worst.
  6. Book review of the most recent book you loved.
  7. Or give a review of a recent book you hated.
  8. Review a trending movie that’s been gotten a polarizing reception.
  9. Share your music playlist for feeling good.
  10. Tips to increase social media engagement.
  11. Discuss a timely event or topic that’s currently trending.
  12. Roundup of Podcasts you recommend.
  13. Best YouTube channels.
  14. List your favorite celebrities.

Personal Blog Post Ideas

  1. Share a personal experience you had recently.
  2. What was your worst date?
  3. Talk about your personal growth journey.
  4. Seasonal blog post ideas – share a holiday memory.
  5. My bucket list for *this* season.
  6. Share something meaningful you’ve learned recently.  
  7. Talk about your past failures and how you overcame them.
  8. Five things you may not know about me.
  9. Write an open letter to your insecurities.
  10. X number of things I’ve learned in X years.
  11. Reflect on a difficult time in your life.

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    mindbeautysimplicity says:

    thanks for all the blog post ideas! writers block is no fun!

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      Hopefully you found it helpful!

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    These are so many ideas and topics that we can write. Do you also some blog post ideas for travelers?

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      I do have some blog post ideas specific for traveling on my latest freebie!

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        I will check on that! Thanks for letting me know!

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          No problem! Thanks for reading.

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    It’s always nice to have a helping hand with posts like this, when you’re struggling with writers block! It’s so annoying when you just can’t think of anything to write about!

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      I agree. It’s so frustrating and can be really demoralizing. Having an extra list handy can help give that little boost you need.

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    Great blog post suggestions, thanks for sharing 🙂

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      Thanks so much for reading!

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    These are some incredible blog post ideas for when you’re stuck! I will save this post for future reference! x

    Lucy | http://www.lucymary.co.uk

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      So glad to hear that you find it helpful!

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    I love reading blog posts about blog post ideas! Always useful for inspiration x

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      I always find them helpful too when I’m feeling stuck!

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    These are some fantastic ideas, thank you for sharing!

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      Thanks so much! I’m glad to hear it 🙂

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    These are awesome ideas!

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      Thanks! I hope you find it helpful!

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    These are such great ideas, especially the ones for dating and relationships.

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      So glad you liked it!

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