I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: being a writer is HARD. Whether you’re doing it for fun, as a side-hustle, or full-time, it’s not easy to consistently put words to paper. While some of my readers are just here for the relationship advice, I also know many of you are fellow bloggers and freelancers. So, today I’m sharing some of the best websites for writers.

Whether you write professionally or just like to dabble, these websites will be helpful for writers of all kind.

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Best Websites for Writers – Freelance and Blogging

Websites for bloggers, freelancers, and influencers

1. The Freelancer’s Year

If you’re a freelance writer, you’re probably already familiar with The Freelancer’s Year. Lindy Alexander is a travel writer who shares a ton of useful knowledge about the freelance business. I’m a big fan of her blog, although I do wish she’d post more often! Plus, she also offers some free resources.

2. Elna Cain

For both bloggers and freelance writers, Elna Cain is the website for you. Although it’s geared slightly more towards the freelance end of things, she shares useful posts on BOTH topics. Plus, she also posts about current freelance writing jobs, which is incredibly helpful when you’re new and not sure where to look.

3. Pitch Travel Write

As you can probably guess, Pitch Travel Write is primarily focused on travel writing. But, regardless, it’s a good resource for all freelance writers. I, myself, am not a travel writer, but I’ve gotten a lot of useful information on how to pitch editors.

4. Make a Living Writing

If you’re serious about trying to earn money from freelancing, you need to check out Make a Living Writing. There are some posts about blogging, but for the most part, it’s dedicated to freelance writers. You can read articles about freelancing on the blog, but the best feature is the resources. They’ve got a ton of those, including market lists so you can find paying jobs in any writing niche.

5. The Write Life

Like Make a Living Writing, The Write Life is another subsidy of selfpublishing.com. You can find a lot of posts on freelance and blog writing here. But, you can also find posts about publishing and the actual craft of writing. It’s really perfect for every writer.

6. The Freelance Creative

Freelance writing is becoming more and more popular, which means there are more freelance-specific websites out there than ever before. The Freelance Creative is another one of those. It’s got a ton of great articles for freelancers. And, a lot of the blog posts talk specifically about current trends that all freelance writers should be aware of.

7. Blogher

Despite the name, Blogher is actually not a blogging-specific website. Rather, it’s a website geared towards small-business owners. (And, more specifically, female business owners.) But, of course, that includes a ton of content related to freelancers, bloggers, creators, and influencers as well as articles on career and business.

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Best Websites for Writers – Creativity, Fiction, and Publishing

Woman writing on pink laptop - Best websites for writers and aspiring authors.

1. Reedsy

Reedsy is a platform and marketplace for authors and freelancers, but they’ve also got a ton of useful writing tools. For one thing, the reedsy blog is filled with posts on writing. They’ve also got lists of literary agents and magazines, writing prompts, and tools to generate character and book names. Plus, they regularly host writing contests.

2. Now Novel

If you’ve ever wanted to write a book, you should definitely check out Now Novel. Along with coaching and courses, the site offers free tips in the form of a blog. You can find articles on plotting, narrative storytelling, and characters along with posts on editing and publishing.

3. The Writing Cooperative

You’re probably familiar with Medium, the open platform for bloggers and writers to share stories. The Writing Cooperative is a Medium publication that’s dedicated to helping writers. There are tons of articles on writing craft and storytelling as well as on pitching and publishing. Plus, there are plenty of posts on freelancing.

4. Jane Friedman

Jane Friedman’s website is hands down my favorite writing resource. Although there are plenty of blog posts on craft, her site is really geared towards publishing. But, if you’re an aspiring author looking to start querying your novel, this is the first place I’d go.

5. Nathan Bransford

This is another perfect website for anyone delving into the trenches of querying. Nathan Bransford is an author and former literary agent so you know the advice you’ll get here is good.

6. Eric Smith

Another literary agent to check out is Eric Smith. As a current agent, he has a lot of useful information for aspiring authors. He’s a fantastic resource for query tips and he shares plenty of query letter examples to help you with yours. If you’ve ever queried a novel you know how agonizing the process is, so the more resources you can find the better.

7. Manuscript Wish List

Finally, this one is really for aspiring authors with a finished, ready-to-publish novel. If that’s you, Manuscript Wish List is one of those websites you absolutely NEED to bookmark. It’s an online database of literary agents and editors who share exactly what they’re looking for. When you’re querying your novel, it’s important to find agents who represent your genre, but also to find those who want your book. Using Manuscript Wish List, you can find that a lot easier.


Are you a writer? If so, I hope one of these websites for writers is helpful for you.

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Do you have any other ‘Best Websites for Writers’ suggestions? Let me know in the comments below!

xx Katie

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    Excited to check these resources out, I’m not too familiar with any of these!
    Thanks so much for the helpful resources (:

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      So glad you found it helpful!

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    I’ve actually never heard of any of these, but they sound super informative!

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    These are some great resources you have shared. Thank you for sharing this great selection.

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      I subscribe to some of their newsletters – that way, I get info about new posts or interesting things in my inbox and don’t have to check their sites all the time.

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    I love this! I’m looking to get into freelance writing in the next few months so I’ll definitely be checking out Elna Cain, it sounds like a perfect place to start. As someone who’s always dreamed of writing a book I’ll be looking at Now Novel too! Thank you so much for sharing such a valuable resource, will definitely be saving this to reference back to x

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      Both of those are great places to start – I hope you find them useful.

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