Golden Globes 2023 Fashion

After being “canceled” for exactly one year, the Golden Globes are back. And honestly, I don’t even want to get into the controversy or how much the celebrities seemed like they legit did NOT want to be there. In the interest of pure, frivolous entertainment, I just want to talk about the red carpet looks. Here’s my recap of the Golden Globes 2023 fashion.

Golden Globes 2023: Best Trends

To be honest, I was disappointed by a lot of the red carpet. Previous fashion police posts were far better, but there were some standouts.

And there were some specific trends that I saw and absolutely loved. Here are my favorites.

Pale Pink and Nude

The most prevalent trend I noticed was the pale pink, nude, and beige gowns. It’s one of my favorite new trends in the fashion world, too.

Salma Hayek and Jessica Chastain had nearly identical gowns – slinky and nude with subtle sparkles. But the winner of this 2023 Golden Globes fashion face-off is Jessica Chastain. Such a sweet, beautiful, and unique gown.

Margot Robbie’s pale pink gown stood out to me – a very modern take on what Barbie might wear in 2023.

Michelle Williams also looked stunning in her gown. And it’s an example of another red carpet trend – airy, flowy gowns that look light as a feather.

Jenna Ortega and Julia Garner also rocked the fairy look.

Slinky and Feminine

I’m a huge fan of gowns that are flowy, slinky, and incredibly feminine with intricate details.

Clare Danes looked so elegant. At first glance, her gown looks like a simple white frock, but if you look closer, you’ll see the details. Little flowers and rhinestones along with a pink bow.

And of course, Li Jun Li and Gigi Paris both looked sexy with clingy dresses.

Simple and Elegant

It’s always fun to see celebs take a fashion risk, but you can never go wrong with a simple black or white gown.

I’m a huge fan of classic gowns with a twist, too. Like the ones worn by Ana De Armas and Michelle Yeoh.

Zuri Hall wore one of the simplest gowns of the night, but honestly, she killed it. It fit her like a glove and looked incredibly chic.

Two other notable stars in white were Zanna Roberts Rassi and Chloe Flower (who, by the way, had a hell of a job as pianist trying to play people off! Poor girl!)

Bold and Bright

No matter what the event, you can always count on two distinct trends: black and white or bold and bright. There were far fewer bold, splashy colors on the Golden Globes 2023 red carpet, but the ones who did go big did it right.

Laverne Cox especially looked flawless in this bright blue and gold dress.

Burnt orange is not an easy color to pull off, so huge props to Letita Wright whose gown is one of my absolute favorites from the evening.

I didn’t love Anna Taylor Joy’s yellow two-piece and Lily James’ bright red ballgown was just OK, but still. Credit where credit is due. They weren’t afraid to take a risk.

Colorful Suits

And as for the men, here’s another trend I’ve been seeing a lot more of lately: colorful suits!

Men have been rocking the plain black tux for far too long and I for one am glad to see them moving in a new direction. Obviously, the winner for menswear would have to be Billy Porter who looked fabulous in fuchsia.  

Worst Fashion of the Night

Was it just me, or did so many of the celebrities show up the carpet looking like it was prom night? For whatever reason, I noticed a ton of gowns that gave me mall-dress vibes.

I’m a huge fan of Jenny Slate, but this line green 80’s thing isn’t doing it for me. Neither is Kaley Cuoco’s frilly look, but seeing as she’s pregnant, I’ll give her a bit of a break.

Best Dressed

As for who I’m crowning best dressed, I’m going to have to say Jenna Ortega and Billy Porter. Both went with totally different styles, but rocked them just the same.

What do you think? Which Golden Globes 2023 look was your favorite? Let me know below!


  1. avatar

    I totally agree with you,I think it was a pretty bland carpet with not much blowing me away. And definitely think Jenna Ortega was the winner of the night!

    Kathleen /

    1. avatar

      She had such a fun and unique dress!

  2. avatar

    I so agree with you here Katie, Billy Porter just looked so flawless in that suit! Loved Jenna’s outfit too, and even though you didn’t, I find Kaley Cuoco extremely cute in that!

    1. avatar

      It just screams Prom Night to me… cute, but not red-carpet worthy

  3. avatar

    The pale pinks and nudes are very pretty. I really hate the yellow two piece and lime green dress.

    1. avatar

      Those definitely were two that I hated as well!

  4. avatar

    I always look forward to the fashion at award shows. The pale pink and nude looks are definitely my fav, Jenny Ortega looked great. I also loved Tyler James Williams’ look. Great post!

    1. avatar

      I agree – I’m loving this new trend of pale, blush colored pieces

  5. avatar

    I like the lighter coloured outfits! They are so pretty. Thank you for sharing.


    1. avatar

      Me too – bold, bright colors can be fun, but I really love the softer gowns

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    Jessica says:

    Awesome recap of the fashion! There were some gorgeous gowns! I love the nude trend but not on Jenna Ortega. The colors were great and I loved your worst dressed category.

    1. avatar

      It’s so interesting – her dress has people very split between Love and Hate.

  7. avatar
    mindbeautysimplicity says:

    beautiful outfits! i especially love the pink shades this year – jenna ortega slayed!

    1. avatar

      I’m really feeling this new light aesthetic – I love it!

  8. avatar

    Overall I loved the fashion from the awards. While the pale pink and nude are on trend, I don’t think it’s flattering on darker skin tones as it washes them out. Fun post!

    1. avatar

      Interesting! I think they look good on almost everyone, but I can see how certain shades might not be as flattering.

  9. avatar

    The pale pink and nude selection of dresses get the thumbs up from me, there’s not a single one of them I dislike!

    1. avatar

      Me too! I saw some people disliked the one Gigi Paris wore and put it on their ‘Worst Dressed’ list, but I personally loved it!

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