Hello again friends! I’ve been doing this whole blogging thing for about six months now, and let me tell you, it’s been a journey.

I’ve always loved writing, but blogging is a much different beast. Coming up with new and interesting content every week can be a challenge, and wondering whether or not anyone will even read (let alone like) your work is, at times, overwhelming. It’s like baring your soul to the world and hoping that people find you interesting or funny or relatable or talented or any number of other adjectives that we all long to be perceived as.

It’s hard work and if there’s one thing I’ve learned so far, it’s that the actual writing portion is less than 50% of what being a “blogger” entails. The other 50% is getting people to see and read your blog ?

And for me, doing it anonymously has meant that I can’t count on friends and family to read and subscribe (the only person from my “real life” who knows about this venture is John.) Instead, I’ve come to lean more on various Twitter friends and the whole blogging community to keep going.

So, for today’s post, I’ve asked some of my fellow bloggers to share their biggest pieces relationship and blogging advice.

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Multi-Blogger Collaboration

And Now, Relationship and Blogging Advice from Other Bitches

I reached out to some of the bloggers I interact with most on Twitter to see what kind of blogging and relationship advice they would give. Read on to see what they have to say and definitely check out their blogs! (I’ve also included some of my favorite blog posts for each of them so you have an idea of what to expect.)

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Erica from Blog Life with Erica

Her lifestyle/business blog is heavily focused on blogging strategies and social media management. Plus, she also writes about parenting, health and wellness, beauty, and personal growth.

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Relationship Status: Married 

Relationship Advice: 

Having been married for nearly 9 years (married at 19), one piece of relationship advice that I would give to someone would be to learn how to love unconditionally. If you plan on being with someone for the long haul, know that things change and love must endure unconditionally. 

Just like seasons change, so will your relationship over time. Each person within the relationship gets older and your perspectives may change. You, yourself, are always still developing as you experience life and life in itself impacts how you think and react. With those types of changes will come different tests. It’s important to have unconditional love that will endure and overcome those tests. 

Blogging Advice: 

The biggest piece of advice that I have for someone who is currently a blogger or considering starting a blog is to connect with your audience. If you can connect with your audience, the views will come. 

As a reader myself it’s important to me that I can either relate or connect with the blogger or content that I am reading. I want value and friendship. These two things can be achieved by connecting with your audience. And gathering information on what is considered valuable and important to your reader.

Brianna Stryker from Brianna Stryker Writes

She writes about blogging, social media, college, teaching, local travel, and more. She also has a series on her blog called “Let’s Chat on a Virtual Coffee Date” in which she talks about her life and thoughts.

Relationship Status: Taken – I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for over two years.

Relationship Advice: 

You cannot rush love. Trust your gut about who is right for you and who is not. If red flags arise, do not ignore them. I understand wanting to find your person and hoping every relationship you are in will last, but it takes time to encounter that. Trust the process and do not betray yourself by being with someone who is not good for you simply to have someone. 

Blogging Advice: 

Social media is a crucial aspect of blogging. You need to work on growing your social media accounts so you have somewhere to promote your blog. You can also easily meet other writers and bloggers so you can form friendships, collaborate with them, and learn from them.

Ekta Swarnkar from Tia Says

She writes a fantastic blog about blogging, specifically aimed at helping new bloggers. (I read it sooo many times when I first started out!!)

Relationship advice: 

I think the best way to grow a relationship with someone is by spending some time with them. 

Blogging Advice: 

To new bloggers out there, the best way to grow your blog is by patience and consistency. There will be times when you feel you can’t do it but you should never quit blogging as you don’t know what your blog will become in a few years. So, you should always be blogging.

Giulia from Tidbits of Care 

She writes a lifestyle blog with a focus on self-care and personal growth. She’s also got some info on parenting and pregnancy.

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Relationship Status: Married – we’ve been married less than a year and are expecting a baby boy in August. 

Relationship Advice: 

Always be honest, take time to figure out your feelings when you’re upset and express them to keep that channel of communication open and thriving. Listen and accept that you are not perfect just as you recognize your partner is not. Express gratitude and love and never take your partner for granted. 

Blogging Advice: 

Do your research! Engage with other bloggers and don’t be scared to invest a little in resources like e-books or coaching–they can teach you a lot and save you a lot of work and time. Be consistent, set realistic goals and keep on believing. You’ll get there.

Diana from Inspiring Positively 

Diana – or D as she sometimes goes by – is a multi-niche blogger with a focus on lifestyle, travel, and wellness, including personal growth, happiness and self-care. She uses her blog to inspire and empower others to grow and create a life they love. 

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Relationship Status: Currently single and absolutely loving the single life! 

Relationship Advice: 

I would say it’s extremely important to be happy alone before getting into a relationship. Make sure that your potential partner is healed and not dating you for the wrong reasons (ex – loneliness, filling a void, etc) as it may lead to an unhealthy or co-dependent relationship. 

Blogging Advice: 

If I had to choose the biggest piece, it would be to network and meet other bloggers!

As an introvert, I know how scary it is networking and chatting with other bloggers, but if I didn’t, I most likely wouldn’t have gotten to where I am. Don’t be afraid to connect with others, as many of them are very friendly and provide a huge amount of support (especially since blogging can get lonely sometimes).

A few ways to network can be through social media, following others, commenting on other bloggers’ posts/work and in time, you’ll get your name out there! You got this!

Jacqueline from Jacqueline of All Trades

She writes a blog about creativity and content creation which is focused on providing resources to other creators.

Relationship Status: In a relationship (1.5 years) 

Relationship Advice:  

Never stop trying new things together. Not only does this keep things from getting boring, it helps you learn how compatible you are as a team and you may develop new lifelong interests together! My boyfriend and I became Formula One fans together. We now watch every single race and are constantly talking about it. Brought us so much closer! 

Blogging Advice: 

If you don’t know what you want to do, try writing about something you just sort of like. By doing this, you’ll be cultivating skills so that when you do find something you love, you’ll already have the skill set (and a small audience) to back it up. Take it one step at a time and don’t think you need all the answers all the time.

Bee from Mind. Beauty. Simplicity.

She writes about intentional living, minimalism, and self-growth. On her blog, Bee shares her thoughts on how to improve your life by living with less and growing as an individual. 

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Relationship Status: I’m a quintessential tinder success story. I swiped right in 2014 & my bf & I have been together for almost 7 years. And a ring my or may not be in the works ?

*UPDATE: She is now engaged!!! ? ?

Relationship Advice: 

Put yourself first, especially when you are young. This may sound selfish but let me explain. I was in a 4 year relationship from ages 17-21 and when it ended I had to rediscover myself. I made the relationship my entire life and neglected my friends and hobbies. Don’t do as I did. It was the biggest lesson and I was glad I figured this out when I was younger.

Blogging Advice: 

Be intentional with your routine and work. Learn to have balance and accept you may need breaks. And don’t get down on yourself if you get writers block. I feel this way on a monthly basis. Instead of feeling down, I calmly step away, focus on self care and just live. The ideas will come with your experiences.

Olivia from Olivia Lucie Blake.

Olivia writes a lifestyle blog, where she shares tips and tricks on blogging, life advice, and other fun topics. 

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Relationship Status: Single

Relationship Advice: 

Make sure you don’t lower your standards. If you are single or in a relationship, keep those high standards. Someone will meet them. Don’t lower them to suit someone, or make someone fit into them. You set them for a reason, and setting them lower is accepting you deserve less.

Blogging Advice: 

Set yourself a schedule from the get go. It helps so much to keep yourself accountable. So many people in the beginning post inconsistently and it ultimately ends up that they quit. If you want to grow and establish yourself, set the schedule and be consistent!

Alex from Simply Alex Jean 

Alex writes a lifestyle blog focused on Organization, Health & Wellness. She also recently won the Golden Bloggerz Award! 

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Relationship Status: Engaged 

Relationship Advice: 

One piece of relationship advice I would provide to others is put in the time and effort to make the other person feel loved. It can be easy once you’re in a long-term relationship to take advantage of not needing to impress or woo the other person. Put in the time and effort to still do these things, still make them feel special, plan a romantic evening, go on a day trip together. Just because life gets busy, doesn’t mean we should take our romantic relationship for granted! 

Blogging Advice: 

My advice to fellow bloggers is to be open to learning, there are so many parts involved in writing/maintaining a blog. No one person knows it all, so be open and learn from your peers! It’s okay to make mistakes, and it’s okay to ask for help! 

Jenny from Jenny in Neverland

Jenny writes a fantastic lifestyle blog focused on well-being, personal growth, and self-care.

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Relationship Status: In a relationship

Relationship advice:

Don’t allow anyone to make you lose your sense of self.

Blogging advice:

Don’t follow the crowd or do what everyone else is doing if it doesn’t align with you! You’ll be much happier and find much more success when you follow your heart and put your energy into what you’re passionate about.

Clarissa from Later Means Never

She writes a lifestyle blog focused on personal development, hustling, and getting out of debt.

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Relationship Status: Married!

Relationship Advice:

My one piece of relationship advice is to learn to adjust your expectations. Everyone grew up differently, and sees the world in a way you don’t, you gotta be flexible to make life work with another person.

Blogging Advice:

My blogging advice would be, don’t give up! It’s definitely hard at times, but everything that’s worth anything takes work!

☆ ☆ ☆


So there you have it! 11 pieces of relationship and blogging advice from 11 lovely ladies. Find them on Twitter and be sure to check out their blogs!

In my next blog post, I’ll talk more about my own personal experience with blogging and what I’ve learned in the 6 months (!?!) I’ve been doing this.

As always, thank you for reading and let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


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    This was so fun! I really enjoyed reading the advice that everyone has to give. We can learn so much from each other.
    I agree to always try new things together. It keeps the relationship exciting and always, always, always looks for new ways to make memories.

    Great post!

    xo Erica

    1. avatar

      Yes, I loved doing this! I’m thinking of doing another one soon!

  2. avatar

    Thanks for including me girl! I wish I would have written you a little more info, lol. A great post I must say!

    1. avatar

      I’m so glad you were a part of it! It was really fun to put together

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    Brianna Stryker says:

    This is a great post! Thank you for featuring my input among all of these other incredible bloggers. This was a fun project and it came out great. Everyone offered valuable insight. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this! What a brilliant idea.

    1. avatar

      It was so much fun to put together too! I got to spend the whole week reading everyone’s blogs to gather my favorite posts which I really enjoyed!

  4. avatar

    Loads of good advice here. It’s nice to hear so much of the advice I would give coming from other bloggers I admire. Nice job, everyone!

    1. avatar

      I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

  5. avatar

    Thank you so much for including me, I had some great company in this post! I really, really enjoyed reading everyone’s perspectives on both blogging and relationships! Definitely learned a lot.

    Also, so proud of you for hitting the 6 month mark! I honestly thought you had been doing this for much longer, everything is so professional and put-together!!

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      Oh my gosh, that just made my day. Thank you!! ? ❤️

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    Arpan says:

    Wow! Got some good advice on blogging and some relationship tips as well! ?

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      I’m so glad you found it helpful!!

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    Mind Beauty Simplicity says:

    Thanks for asking me to participate in this collab! Loved sharing relationship / blogging advice with your readers. p.s. love the “she’s engaged now” edit!

    1. avatar

      I know! When I saw that I was like, “Oh, I gotta go update the post!” LOL

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    Thanks for adding me to this post! Loved reading it.

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      Of course lady!! ?

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    Thank you for adding me as part of this collab!

    Loved everyone’s responses and advice! I had so much fun reading this post and learning a few tips about relationships and blogging!

    1. avatar

      I’m so glad you joined!! It was a really fun post to put together.

  10. avatar

    It’s great to see multi-talented bloggers on one page sharing their thoughts and some great tips over blogging! I found this post very helpful and worthy read! Thank you for sharing this amazing list and their perspective with us Katie!

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      Awe, thank you Biren!! ?

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