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Planning a bridal shower is a huge responsibility. It generally falls to the maid of honor or another member of the bridal party. Either way, if you’re hosting the shower, it’s because you’re incredibly close to the bride. So, you’ll want to make sure it’s amazing.

And the first step to throwing a perfect bridal shower is choosing the theme.

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Choosing A Theme

When looking at themes, it’s important to consider the wedding. If she’s having a casual wedding, an elegant and fancy bridal shower doesn’t make a lot of sense. You should also think about the wedding colors. Of course, you don’t need to pick the exact same color palette, but it’s a good idea to choose something similar.

After that, think about the bride’s personality and the invite list. If it’ll include a lot of her family members, a lingerie themed shower isn’t the right choice.

Finally, after choosing your theme, you’ll want to start getting the invitations ready. A bridal shower should be held around 3 months prior to the wedding. The invitations, then, should be sent out 4-6 weeks before the event.

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Bridal Shower Themes To Consider

Now for the fun part! Here are some great bridal shower theme ideas to consider.

1. Boho Inspired

Boho inspired bridal showers are incredibly popular; that’s because there are so many different ways you can use this theme.

A bohemian shower is going to be earthy, natural, and whimsical. Common colors used include greens, blush pinks, and neutral colors like taupe or sand. Of course, you could also add a pop of color for a modern twist (reds and teals look really good!)

There are plenty of variations here, too, like garden/greenery, floral, beachy, or rustic.

2. Travel Chic

If your bride-to-be loves to travel, you can definitely use that to create a unique shower.

A Hawaiian Luau is a fun and vibrant theme to try. Paris-chic is also a popular option, especially for a really elegant and classic shower.

Another option is to use ‘Travel” itself as a theme. Traveling from Miss to Mrs. and Love is the Greatest Adventure work well for this. And, if the happy couple has traveled a lot, you could use some of their photos for a “Guess Where They Were” shower game.

3. Champagne Brunch

Brunch-themes are some of my absolute favorites. For one thing, a bridal shower is typically held during the late morning or early afternoon, so it naturally falls in line with the whole brunch thing.

But also, there’s a million different ways you could spin it! Pancakes and Panties is a fairly common one, as is Muffins and Mimosas. Coffee is a newer theme that I’ve seen, too (Love is Brewing).

And of course, there’s the classic champagne bridal showerCheers to Love, Brunch and Bubbly, Let’s Toast The Bride. Creating a champagne bar with brunch food is a really cute idea.

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4. Tea Party

You’re never too old for a tea-party!

For this type of bridal shower, you can choose to do something really elegant and feminine, like a garden tea party or a royal tea party.

But you could also do something more whimsical and modern, like a Mad Hatter or Alice in Wonderland type of tea party.

5. Lingerie Shower

This is a fun idea if you’re throwing a friends only bridal shower (meaning grandma isn’t going to see the gifts!)

One fun game idea for this type of shower is called ‘The Panty Game.’ For this, each guest will bring a new, unwrapped pair of underwear for the bride that reflects their personality. The bride will then try and guess who it’s from. Of course, you’ll want to include an instruction card with your invites if you do this.

Oh, and just make sure that you get the brides bra and underwear size so guests can make appropriate purchases.

6. Fun Fiesta

A fiesta theme is a really fun bridal shower option for a more casual bride. Or, if you’re throwing a couple’s wedding shower, this would work well.

Think bright colors, Mexican food, and margaritas. A taco bar is also a really fitting idea. And if you really want to go all out, include a piñata!

7. Spa Day

There’s something incredibly relaxing about a spa-themed bridal shower. Of course, you could actually have a spa day with mani-pedi’s or massages (especially if you’ve got a smaller group), but you don’t have to.

Instead, you could just use a spa-day theme. Think something like Let’s Pamper The Bride or Showered With Love. For favors, you can gift guests with cute soaps, lotions, or body scrubs as a way to tie it all together.

8. Glitz and Glam

If your bride-to-be is having a more formal wedding, this is a great theme choice. Choose an elegant and chic color palate like navy blue and light pink, black and white, or even gold.

Of course, it doesn’t need to be really fancy. For ultra-feminine brides, a pink and sparkly event would be really fun.

Another great idea here is to do something fashion-related; think a Breakfast at Tiffany’s bridal shower or a Kate Spade theme.

9. Celestial

One of the trendier wedding themes this year is celestial.  So, for your bridal shower, you could do a Written in the Stars theme.

Again, you’ll use a darker color palate than most of typical showers; think navy blues, greys, and silvers. A dark blue paired with a soft, dove grey looks really good together. Or grey and white if you want a more whimsical, ethereal take on the theme.

10. Lemon Squeeze

This is a newer theme that I’m seeing a lot of this year but I absolutely love it. Just take a look at these lemon drop bridal shower invites! They’re so fun and cheery!

It’s also a relatively easy shower to plan for. Décor is going to be yellow, green, and white—you can even make centerpieces using a clear jar and lemons!

As for food, there are so many delicious lemon-flavored desserts out there. And of course, a lemonade bar is a must!  

What do you think of these shower themes? Let me know in the comments below!

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    Riyah Speaks says:

    This was the perfect post for me to read! I’m struggling to come up with ideas for a bridal shower.

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      I hope this helps you then! I’m sure whatever you pick will be amazing 🙂

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    These are some really great ideas to use for a hen do. I will be so organised when I have mine ha ha!
    Thank you for sharing your suggestions.


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      Thanks so much! Glad you found it useful. And I love that you all call it “hen do” instead of bridal shower. It sounds so much more fun that way!

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    Ooo these are such fun themes! I’ll defiantly be saving these for when friends and family have bridal showers as I get a lot of inspo from this post. I love planning things like this! Thank you so much for sharing this with us lovely, this will be beneficial to alot of people who are planning a bridal shower right now! Xo

    Elle –

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      Thanks! I’m so glad you enjoyed!

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    These are all amazing bridal shower themes! My bridal shower was Friends themed and my MOH did an amazing job.

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      That sounds like such a fun theme idea! I love it!

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    These are all wonderful themes for bridal showers! What Bride-to-be wouldn’t love it?

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      Thanks! I like them all but I especially love the Lemon and Boho themes.

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