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October Wrap Up: Books, Blogging, and Basic Life Updates

Hello, again! Welcome back to another edition of my Monthly Books and Blogging Chat Series, an October wrap up post.

I’ve been doing this series for the past few months and I feel like it’s a fun way to share more with my readers about my own life and my blogging experiences.

Typically, I also use this segment to give book reviews about what I read over the month, but October was a really slow reading month for me. So, I figured I’d also share some of my monthly favorites with you – just for fun!

Anyway, hopefully you all find this series enjoyable. Now, here’s my October wrap up for you.

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October Wrap Up - Monthly Chat Sesh

Let’s Chat! My October Wrap Up

The weather is definitely starting to get a bit chillier, always a bit of a bummer, but I do love the holiday season. October was a fairly busy month for me. Here’s an update on my personal life for ya.

One Year Strong

John and I celebrated our one year anniversary in October! I got him a pair of aviator sunglasses – he looks so good in aviators but hasn’t ever had a pair of really nice sunglasses. The ones I got him are made by Randolph, the company that real pilots wear! His gift to me was a black pearl necklace – it’s so chic and elegant. I love it!

After celebrating our anniversary, I can’t help but think about where I was in October 2020. I’d just gotten out of a relationship with Max, was utterly and completely heartbroken, and honestly wasn’t even sure I was ready for anything serious. I was actually fairly hesitant to agree to be exclusive with him, even though I wasn’t dating anyone else or even thinking about it.

But, John was incredibly understanding and patient. He also did something that more dating experts should advise (*makes mental note to write an article about this.*) We’d been dating for a little over a month when he brought up the idea of exclusivity. I was honest and told him I wasn’t sure. Instead of getting mad or anxious or upset, he calmly said, “That’s fine. When you’re ready, you just let me know.”

He was so confident in himself and in the connection we had – he didn’t worry about if I would eventually commit and that kind of self-assuredness was, honestly, a huge turn-on.

(And for those wondering, I was ready two weeks later.)


I didn’t dress up this year, but I did get to go trick-or-treating with my little one. He’s a funny little bugger, too! When I initially asked him what he wanted to go as this year, he told me he would just go without a mask and tell people he was “pre-covid.”

(He did wear an actual costume, but I was very amused by his sense of humor.)

Reading Wrap Up

This month was my slowest reading month to date. Every once in a while, that happens – I take a break from reading, or I just read less than normal. In October, I hadn’t planned on taking a break, I just didn’t have as much time to read as I usually do.

Which means I read ONE – just one book last month. The Turnout wasn’t my favorite read, but I will say that I’m still thinking about it, a week later. And that ending! If anyone else has read this book, let me know your thoughts on the end please!

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The Turnout • Megan Abbott

Genre: Psychological Thriller; Gothic Novel

Megan Abbott is a really eloquent writer and I’ve adored all of her past books. But, unfortunately, this one just didn’t grab me the same way.

It centers around two sisters who run a prestigious ballet school and, as always, Megan Abbott is able to fully capture the cutthroat nature of the competitive dance. At times, the descriptions are a bit overdrawn, but there’s no denying that you truly feel like you’re in the dance studio with them.

As for plot, it’s hard to describe here without giving anything away, so I’ll just say that it’s incredibly slow-moving… until it isn’t. About two-thirds of the way in, the book really picks up speed and for the last 20% or so, I couldn’t put it down.

All that said, unless you’re a huge fan of dark literary prose, I’d skip this one and instead read any of her past novels.


I actually loved every other book Megan Abbott wrote. Here are some I would highly recommend:

Blogging Wrap Up

October was okay for me blogging wise. I’m still trying to figure out how to actively work on improving my Domain Authority and SEO practices, but it’s always so confusing to me! I read up on it and I just think, “Can’t I just write good articles and let that be enough!?”

Blog Growth

Still, I did see some good growth during the month of October. I don’t know why I haven’t done this sooner, but I just created an excel sheet so that every month I can track my growth based on numbers. So, next month, I’ll have more to share!

Resources Page

I’ve added a Resource Library to my blog, too! Here, you can find all the blogging tools I use along with my reading recommendations and favorite beauty and fashion finds.

New Shop

And probably my most exciting change this month was the addition of a new shop! I created both a Gumroad and a PayHip account to try and determine which platform I like best, so if you’re a blogger who uses one, please share your thoughts with me!

Right now, I’ve got several different Media Kit templates up for sale (all are $5) and soon I’ll be launching my first E-book!

Monthly Faves

I thought it might be fun to start adding some of my monthly favorites to my wrap up posts. These are just some of my favorite items I bought or used this month.

☆ ☆ ☆

That’s a Wrap!

That’s all folks! As you can see, I had a pretty good October. I’d love to hear about yours too!

What did you do for Halloween? Do you use Gumroad or Payhip? Let me know in the comments below!

And, as always, thanks so much for reading.



  1. avatar

    I loved your wrap-up post!
    I tell myself I’m going to start doing this, and always seen to forget when I reach end of month. I’m sure gonna keep trying, though! I absolutely loved the “pre-covid” costume idea!

    1. avatar

      It can be hard to keep up with things, I get it. For this post, I actually start it really early on in the month and then just add extra stuff to it as the month goes on. That way it’s a bit easier – especially on months when I actually DO read a lot of books.

  2. avatar

    Congratulations on your one year anniversary!
    I haven’t read The Turnout, but it’s a shame that it wasn’t that good compared to her other books
    Also, congrats on opening your shop!

    1. avatar

      Thank you! Now I just have to start actually selling stuff lol!

  3. avatar

    Happy Anniversary! Congratulations on your new shop. Great post. Wishing you the best.

    Pastor Natalie

    1. avatar

      Thank you so much!

  4. avatar

    Happy Anniversary! I love the sunglasses they are so cute.

    1. avatar

      I do too! They look so good on him, too (and honestly, I can pull them off too, so I may just “borrow” them on occasion lol)

  5. avatar

    I didn’t end up doing much for Halloween, love the idea of going as someone ‘pre-covid’ though. I hope you had a wonderful anniversary x

    1. avatar

      I found it very entertaining when he came up with that idea

  6. avatar

    Happy anniversary! It’s crazy to think how much your life can change in a year. Just found your blog through one of those twitter threads, and I’m so glad I did. Gave you a follow xxx

    Melina | melinaelisa.com

    1. avatar

      Awe, thank you! That always makes me feel good. And yes, I know – it’s wild sometimes when you really stop and think about it!

  7. avatar

    Great post! I’ve heard a lot about Megan Abbott and I’d like to try one of her books x

    1. avatar

      Dare Me was fantastic – I’d probably start there.

  8. avatar

    Hope you had a wonderful anniversary! He sounds like a keeper 🙂
    I don’t have any small people so there was no trick or treating for me. I did go to a Halloween Musical Theatre concert which was really good!
    Congrats on opening your shop! I’ll have to check it out x

    1. avatar

      Yeah, he’s alright I suppose 😉

      A Halloween concert sounds like a blast, btw!

  9. avatar

    Great post! And happy anniversary to you and John!

    1. avatar

      Thank you!

  10. avatar
    Giulia says:

    Cute post! I wish I was able to grow my blog as well as you.

    1. avatar

      I’m doing my best, lol!

  11. avatar
    Alicia Thompson says:

    hello! I love this post. I always create a spreadsheet with all my information with blogging! Hope you had a wonderful month and I cannot wait to see you grow. Alicia

    1. avatar

      Awe, thanks girly!

  12. avatar

    Girl, I feel you on the struggle to improve DA and SEO practices. I often wonder the same thing too. Why can’t we just write good articles? 🤷🏽‍♀️
    Congrats on the launch of your new shop btw. I hope it’s super successful for you. As for the books you recommended, I’ll add them to my wishlist on Amazon. Hopefully, I’ll have more time to settle into reading as the year comes to a close. Best of luck to you.

    1. avatar

      thank you! I’m excited about it – I enjoy making the templates so I’ve been having fun with it.

  13. avatar
    Seriah Sargenton says:

    Happy anniversary. Your little one is so cute and funny lol (pre-covid). I think it’s nice to have a partner who is self confident in themselves enough to not pressure you. I’ve used gumroad in the past, but found that having the shop hosted on my blog was most efficient.

    1. avatar

      Interesting… I’ve read a few things about that but I’m not entirely sure how to do that other than having my shop linked to PayHip or Gumroad.

  14. avatar

    Happy anniversary!!

    1. avatar

      Thank you!!

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