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Hello again friends!

I have an extra blog post for you this week, and it’s a little different than my typical content. For one thing – it’s not about dating and relationships (well – unless you count the relationship you have with yourself, which I certainly do!)

As much as I love being a niche blogger and writing about love and other matters of the heart, I decided to branch out a little bit and add a new Lifestyle category to my blog to discuss other, more general topics that interest me, and today, that topic is Skin Care.

My Love of Skin Care

I’m obsessed with skin care, actually. I don’t wear a lot of makeup (and I have NO clue how to do my hair), so I really focus a lot of my beauty routine on skin care. After all, your skin is soo important to looking and feeling great about yourself.

In my mid-twenties, I started to develop terrible acne (and I mean TERRIBLE.) I’d never really struggled with it as a teenager, so it felt like such a cruel trick of the universe when it happened in adulthood. I went to dermatologists, tried various prescription face creams, and even went on several rounds of antibiotics when the topical creams weren’t enough. It would always help initially, but then, sooner or later, it would start to flare up again.

I was unbelievably insecure during this period of time. I didn’t want to go out much or socialize. When I did socialize, I was constantly self-conscious, wondering if everyone around me was just staring at my terrible skin. To those who haven’t ever experienced this, it might seem like a shallow, insignificant thing to worry about, but it had a hugely negative impact on my self-esteem and, unsurprisingly, on my relationships with loved ones.

Eventually, I figured out that my birth control was to blame and within 3 months of switching, my skin was clear again. But, the whole experience left me with scarring and hyperpigmentation along with a serious love of skin care.

I still see dermatologists for preventative reasons and I’ve gotten a whole host of expensive (and painful) in-office skin care treatments to correct the damage done (but that’s a post for another day.) Crucially, I also make sure to take care of my skin on the daily.

Amazon Skin Care Essentials

I know Amazon has drawn criticism recently, and yet, I still turn to my prime account for a lot of my shopping (who doesn’t, though right!?) including skin care.

These are some of the skin care essentials from Amazon that I absolutely LOVE, so if you’re looking for new skin care products to get that hot-girl summer glow, look no further.

1. Perricone MD Vitamin C Serum

Having leftover hyperpigmentation, it’s really important for me to use a Vitamin C serum. I’ve heard about this Perricone one for years and finally decided to try it for myself. So far, I’m absolutely loving it. It feels so smooth and silky and smells amazing.

2. Miracle Toner

I found this toner from SOME BY MI about a year ago and I’ve used it ever since. Unlike so many other toners, this one doesn’t dry your skin out at all and the tea tree oil in it helps prevent and treat breakouts.

Some by mi toner

3. Epionce Daily Shield Lotion

If there’s one thing I hope you take away from this post it’s this: WEAR SUNSCREEN. It’s probably the single best thing you can do for your skin (aside from maybe staying hydrated.) I wear sunscreen every day (yes – even in the winter) and since I don’t like to wear a lot of makeup, I always opt for a good tinted sunscreen to help even out my complexion.

I’ve tried a bunch of different tinted sunscreens, but this one from Epionce is my absolute favorite. I actually buy it from my dermatologists office because it’s not sold in stores, but if you don’t go to a medical spa, you can find it on Amazon.

4. Hyaluronic Cloud Cream

I got this Peter Thomas Roth moisturizer on Amazon’s Prime Day last week, which was super exciting because it’s more than I might otherwise spend on a night cream. Now that I’ve had it though, I might just have to keep on getting it because it really does feel like silk on your skin.

5. Humane Max Strength Acne Wash

While I don’t struggle as much with facial acne anymore, I still sometimes get backne – which, as anyone who’s ever had that knows, is the absolute WORST. This body wash from Humane is so unbelievably effective at clearing up my body acne. One warning, though – it does make your skin extra sensitive to the sun so make sure you’re vigilant about your sunscreen if you use it in the summer.

6. After Shave Moisturizer

This post-shave spray is another find I stumbled across recently and cannot recommend enough. I use it after shaving for razor-bumps and irritation, but I also use it daily just for the moisturizing benefits.


I know this was a wildly different type of blog post for me, but I hope you liked it anyway! Although I’m still going to focus mainly on romance, dating, and heartbreak, I do want to start including more posts like this, so please let me know what you think!

And be sure to let me know if you’ve tried any of these products before.



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    I love skin care, too! I especially enjoy natural skin care products, but I’m also open to trying new brands. So thanks for the product recommendations!

    1. avatar

      I totally get that – natural skin care definitely has an appeal, but at times, you need something stronger. I always research the products and ingredients though so that even when it’s not “natural,” I know what I’m putting on my skin.

  2. avatar

    I’ve been eyeing that Peter Thomas Roth moisturizer for years, but I’m always so hesitant to try new moisturizers because they can make such a huge difference in your skin. And if your me, I’m hyper aware of how my skin feels throughout the day- so I’m constantly blotting, spritzing, etc. I’ve also never heard of that toner but it sounds like it could be a great product for me. Thanks for sharing- now I have to go fill up my cart with skincare goodies!

    1. avatar

      I was too because it’s more expensive than the other moisturizers I use, but it’s so light and airy. I honestly love it so far. I have more oily skin too, so I stay away from the really heavy creams.

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    Brianna Stryker says:

    I am thrilled to see you branching out and trying to write about lifestyle topics. Those topics can really attract a new audience to your blog and help your current audience since in this case, you are recommending great products. Thanks for sharing this. I will definitely check some of these products out and I look forward to seeing more posts like this from you in the future, along with your regular content.

    1. avatar

      Oh, good I’m glad you liked it! I’ve been wanting to do more lifestyle posts for a while now, but I wasn’t sure how people would react so I’m happy to hear your thoughts. You’ll have to keep me posted on what you think if you end up trying the products, too!

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