There’s been a lot of talk about abortion rights lately. Given the recent Supreme Court ruling to overturn Roe v. Wade, that’s not surprising. The decision will allow for stricter abortion laws in some states, impacting thousands of women across the country.

Along with protests, plenty of celebrities have spoken out against this decision. More than that, several famous women have even come forward to share their own stories. In an age when talking about abortions can still be difficult, it’s incredibly admirable to see such bravery.

9 Celebrities Who’ve Had an Abortion

Celebrities who have had an abortion - Uma Thurman, Ireland Baldwin, Susan Sarandon

1. Uma Thurman

In 2021, Uma Thurman wrote about her experience in a personal essay for the Washington Post. She shared that in her late teens, she became pregnant by a much older man. That relationship did not last, and Uma knew she would have to endure motherhood alone.

Initially, she wanted to keep the baby, but her parents explained how difficult it would be with no stable job or income. Ultimately, she made the heartbreaking decision to terminate.

2. Ireland Baldwin

On TikTok, Ireland shared how she’s had two abortions in her life. The first happened in her teen years after she was raped.

Later on, she got pregnant while in a relationship. She shared that they were unhappy together and that her partner had made it clear he didn’t want kids or marriage. Even though she had the resources, she said she didn’t want to raise a baby without a loving and supportive partner.

3. Susan Sarandon

In her 20’s, Susan Sarandon was married and deeply unhappy. She shared that her marriage was falling apart and she ended up having an affair. After becoming pregnant, she decided to abort because having a kid with him wasn’t right for her.

Celebrity Abortion stories - Nicki Minaj, Busy Phillips, Minka Kelly

4. Nicki Minaj

At the age of 16, Nicki Minaj ended up pregnant. Knowing that she wasn’t ready and didn’t have the right resources, she chose to have an abortion.

She’s called the experience one of the hardest things she’s ever gone through, saying “I thought I was going to die.”

5. Busy Phillips

Actress Busy Phillips has been incredibly open about having an abortion at the age of 15. She says she owes her present day success to that decision and that she has no regrets.

6. Minka Kelly

In 2019, Minka Kelly shared her story on Instagram. She didn’t specify her age, but said that she made the choice because she was too young and unprepared. In addition, she said she didn’t have family support and felt that the child would have been born into a “world of struggle.”

7. Cecily Strong

During an incredibly powerful skit on Saturday Night Live, Cecily opened up about having an abortion at the age of 23.

She said that the decision was her personal business but that she knew she wouldn’t have have gotten to where she is without it.

8. Chelsea Handler

Comedian Chelsea Handler has said she had three abortions in high school. Now, she says she has no regrets and that at the time, she felt relieved when it was over.

Further, she’s said she thinks she would have been a bad parent and that it was a smart and careful decision for her.

9. Ashley Judd

Ashley Judd has spoken openly about how she’s a survivor of rape. She’s also said that after one assault, she became pregnant. She wanted to have an abortion because she didn’t want to have to co-parent with her rapist.

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    mindbeautysimplicity says:

    this was such a good post idea with the times. i’m so glad there are outspoken celebs voicing their opinions on these matters. i even say halsey speak out at one of her concerts. so great!

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      I think it’s so important right now and I love that people are speaking about their own experiences to lessen the stigma

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    I’ve been aware of a number of these women and their abortion stories so it’s good to read about other women sharing their experiences. In the light of everything that has gone on in the U.S. it is so important to hear these stories as it humanizes the issue. Thanks for this!

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      I completely agree – thanks for reading

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    According to Chren says:

    Thanks for sharing this! We actually didn’t know that any of these women had an abortion.

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      I think it’s so great that they’ve all been so outspoken, I always appreciate that.

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