Tap Your Worries Away: Benefits of the EFT Tapping Method

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Personal Story – Using EFT Tapping to Improve Stress Levels

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post courtesy of Dreahunt. All thoughts and opinions are still my own.

I’ll be honest here… I’m an outspoken advocate for using medication. When my stomach hurts, I grab some Tums. If I have a headache, I reach for a Tylenol before trying to drink water or talk a walk (seriously, does that actually work for anybody?!)

Likewise, I use traditional pills for my anxiety issues. I’ve struggled with anxiety for most of my life and, as much as I’d love to be able to find alternative ways of healing that, I find no need to suffer more than I should.

That said, I’m also a huge fan of things like tarot and astrology and energy healing, so when Andrea (one of my September Advertisers) offered me a complimentary session of EFT tapping, I was definitely intrigued.

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What is EFT Tapping?

EFT Tapping – also known as the Emotional Freedom Technique – is a form of acupressure therapy used to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. If you’ve ever had acupuncture done before, it’s similar to that only instead of needles, you’re using your fingertips.

Basically, you apply light, quick pressure onto various meridian points of the body (i.e. – acupressure points) in a tapping motion while reciting certain statements surrounding the issue at hand. Just like acupuncture, this technique is thought to release negative energy and emotion in your body. Plus, you’re adding in some elements of cognitive behavioral therapy by re-framing negative thoughts and ideas into positive ones.

The EFT Tapping Process

The actual EFT Tapping Process goes something like this:

  1. Think about a specific situation that’s bothering you right now – or an emotion that you’re wanting to change
  2. While you think of this situation, start tapping on the different meridian points. Use your fingertips to tap with a quick, steady motion about 7 times on each of the 9 meridian points.
  3. As you tap, recite out loud your negative statements – these are statements that give a spoken voice to various negative thoughts and emotions you’re feeling. The EFT tapping exercise during this round is intended to clear out the negativity.
  4. Go through the tapping points again but this time use positive affirmations to re-frame your negative emotions.
  5. Take a deep breath in between each round.

It’s honestly a little hard to put into words, so for more information on how EFT Tapping works, I recommend heading over to Andrea’s page – she does a much better job of explaining it.

My EFT Tapping Experience

Like I mentioned, Andrea was one of my September Advertisers. To work on this collaboration, she offered me a free EFT tapping session with her so I could experience it for myself and learn more about the process.

Andrea from Dreahunt

Andrea is a native of Minnesota (you can hear a teeny tiny bit of that distinctive northern accent when you talk to her) currently living abroad in Munich, Germany. She’s a personal life coach, an EFT tapping practitioner, and a growth and wellness blogger.

Virgin Territory – EFT Tapping for the First Time

Until working with Andrea, I’d actually never heard of EFT tapping before, so I honestly had no idea what to expect.

Prior to our session, Andrea asked me to think of a few things that have been bothering me lately. I did that and briefly googled ‘EFT Tapping,’ but I didn’t do much prep in the way of research – I wanted to go into the session with little-to-no knowledge so that I could simply immerse myself in the session.

We started our call with a quick hello and some more information about my chosen stressors to work through – I mainly wanted to focus on lack of confidence and motivation in terms of my writing. I also mentioned a past breakup and how it was still impacting me today.

Andrea asked me some questions about all of this in order to get to the root of the actual emotion. Then, she showed me each of the 9 meridian points and how to do the tapping motion.

After that, we went through 3 rounds of tapping, moving from negative “what if” statements to positive and re-framed statements.

It felt odd at first – I’d never done it before so I was a little self-conscious about it, but Andrea walked me through the entire thing and re-directed me when I hit the wrong spot, so that was helpful.

Afterwards, I asked her a little more about EFT and how it can be used – along with using it for stress and anxiety relief, you can use it for headaches and manifesting your goals too! I get a ton of headaches, particularly when the seasons start to change, so I’ll definitely be looking into that come winter.

As silly as it felt at the time, it did make me feel a bit more at ease about the issues I mentioned. I kind of saw it as an alternative to meditation – all you need is a quiet place and your own hand and you can do have a quick Tap Out for yourself (that… didn’t come out right. But y’all know what I meant! ?)

Experience EFT For Yourself – Work with Andrea

You can learn more about Andrea on her website – dreahunt.com – or, you can just give her a call!

She actually offers a FREE discovery call so that you can chat with her about EFT or her life coaching program and you can see if it’s right for you. I think it’s amazing that she offers that for free and with absolutely no obligation – it really shows how much she enjoys helping people. Check out all of her services and schedule your FREE discovery call here.


It’s always so strange to do something completely new and unheard of for the first time – I found EFT so interesting and, as someone who’s always looking for new health and wellness tips, I really enjoyed it.

Have you ever tried EFT Tapping before? What was your experience like? Let me know in the comments below!

As always, thanks for reading! And make sure to check Andrea out on Twitter and Instagram and schedule your FREE discovery call with her here.


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16 Thoughts on Tap Your Worries Away: Benefits of the EFT Tapping Method
    14 Sep 2021

    I have never heard of EFT before but it sounds like something alternative for my toolbox of things to use. Thanks for sharing your experience!

      15 Sep 2021

      So glad to introduce you to something new!

    Alexis Farmer
    14 Sep 2021

    I’ve heard of EFT but have never tried it. I’m definitely open to it and intrigued, though!

      15 Sep 2021

      I’d definitely suggest giving it a shot!

    15 Sep 2021

    This technique is used by a colleague but now you have enlightened me about it. Interesting.

      15 Sep 2021

      I’m glad to hear it!

    15 Sep 2021

    I have tried this and I did experience an emotional release so I would do it again. Thanks for sharing and spreading awareness, I truly believing pairing natural techniques with modern medicine can really help those of us who suffer from anxiety.

      15 Sep 2021

      I’m 100% with you – for people who can use just natural techniques, more power to ya. I need a combination of both though.

    Unwanted Life
    15 Sep 2021

    A few years ago I read the NICE guidelines (which makes treatment recommendations to the NHS) and research on acupuncture that they based their recommendations on. It took a while but the overall conclusion was that sham acupuncture was no difference to properly done acupuncture. The power of the placebo effect can be used to do good things, so why not tap into the placebo effect with this too

      17 Sep 2021

      I’m loving the “tap into” pun you used (even if it was unintentional)

      I’ve done acupuncture before and whether or not it releases blocked energy, it did make me feel relaxed so I think that it’s always worth trying for anyone who struggles with anxiety issues.

    TheQuietGirl (Anissa)
    16 Sep 2021

    I’ve heard about EPT tapping but I’ve never tried it myself. I’ve heard it’s great for anxiety so I might try it one day because my anxiety likes to give me problems haha. Great post! xx

      17 Sep 2021

      I’m the same way – I have to try different things for anxiety management. Meditation, for example, just does not work for me. I’ve tried acupuncture and that was really relaxing and enjoyable. I definitely suggest trying this one out!

    28 Sep 2021

    I really should try to be more consistent in my tapping. I’m trying to use it to help with my anxiety. Thanks for sharing your experience.

      28 Sep 2021

      It’s so cool to hear someone who actively uses this method!

    The Think Good Factor - Christina
    29 Sep 2021

    I love the idea of this technique! I think anything that connects us to the moment us brilliant, be it tapping or selfsoothing caressing, or deep breaths. It’s fantastic that this method has worked for you, I look forward to giving it a go!

      29 Sep 2021

      self-soothing caressing? I don’t know if I’m familiar with that (*googles it now* ☺️)

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