What Barbie Dress will Margot Robbie Wear to the Oscars? Let’s Dive in!

It’s official. Barbie has been snubbed by the Oscars. Despite being the biggest smash hit of the year, both the star and the director of Barbie were not nominated. And, yes, it IS crazy that a movie about how women are often marginalized in favor of men was blatantly overlooked by the patriarchy. But that’s not what we’re here to talk about today.

The Oscars is on Sunday. So, with that in mind, we’re looking at possible Barbie dresses for Margot Robbie’s red-carpet finale!

Barbie-Core on the Carpet

Margot Robbie has practically invented Method Dressing. Like method acting, this is when an actor delves deep into their on-screen character. Only, instead of jumping in to the character’s emotions, they’re jumping into their closets.

With Method Dressing, actors don outfits inspired by their characters or the movie they’re representing. It’s fun for the fans and gives their fashion a performative air. (i.e. – Zendaya’s entire Dune 2 press tour.)

And, of course, that brings us back to Margot. Although she wasn’t the first actor to take a thematic approach to the red-carpet, she brought the whole concept of Method Dressing to the forefront of pop-culture.

Just take a look at some of her past red-carpet ensembles and literal Barbie recreations! Even when she’s not wearing something found in the Barbie archives, her red-carpet game this season has been all about Barbie.

Best Barbie Dress for the Oscars

Which, brings us back to the upcoming Oscars.

Margot might not be nominated, but you can bet she’ll be there with a Good-Sport Smile to support her co-stars. America Ferrera and Ryan Gosling were both nominated.

And, since this is the last red-carpet of the 2024 Awards Season, her gown will surely make some waves. I for one am seriously excited to see what Barbie dress she chooses for her big finale!

Here are some of the best Barbie dress ideas for the upcoming Oscars.

Peaches ‘N Cream Barbie

One of the most iconic Barbies of the 80’s, Peaches ‘N Cream Barbie offers both beauty and nostalgia.

Just imagine for a moment how epic it would be to see Ms. Robbie wearing this gauzy, pale peach Barbie dress on the red-carpet!

Bob Mackie Gold Barbie

Since the 1990’s, designer Bob Mackie has created more than 100 different Barbie gowns. He’s known for his over-the-top glamorous designs, so, of course, he was the perfect choice to dress Barbie.

One of his most famous and valuable Barbie designs is this gold dress with a white feather boa. Stunning!

Holiday Barbie

Every year since 1988, Mattel has released a special edition Holiday Barbie. These Barbies are always dressed to the nines. All of these elegant, holiday-inspired ball-gowns would look fantastic on the red-carpet.

There are more than 30 different Holiday Barbies now, but these three are my personal favorites.

Duchess of Diamonds Barbie

The Duchess of Diamonds Barbie was released as part of Mattel’s Royal Jewels Barbie Collection. (Queen of Sapphires, Empress of Emeralds and Countess of Rubies were also in the collection).

But, of all of these, the Duchess of Diamonds is best suited for the red-carpet.

The cream-colored satin, the waist-defining ruching, the diamonds. It’s giving red-carpet energy all the way!

Birthday Wishes Barbie

Although this one isn’t the most glamorous look on this list, it is something I could see Margot wearing.

There’s a sweet, simple elegance to the Birthday Wishes Barbie dress that would make for a good Awards Season send-off.

Plus, it features plenty of 2024 fashion trends with the lace, bows, and pale pink color.

Blush Fringed Gown Barbie

Again, this Barbie is not quite as big and bold as some of the other options.

But the Blush Fringed Barbie dress is giving serious Fashion vibes. The intricate design on the bodice. The layered tassels. The slightly sheer element. It just screams Awards Show Red Carpet to me.

Anniversary Barbies

Over the years, there have been several special occasion Barbies – most notably, the Anniversary Barbies. Of course, an Anniversary Barbie isn’t released every year, but rather, on the big years. You know, 40, 45, 50 etc.

This March, Barbie is turning 65 and Mattel has already shared the epic 65th Anniversary Barbie dress design. It’s a gorgeous black-and-white gown designed as a modern ode to the original doll.

While any of the Anniversary Barbies would make for a stunning red-carpet gown, I can’t help but hope that Margot chooses the 65th Anniversary Barbie dress to close out her Barbie chapter.

What Barbie inspired dress is your favorite? Let me know in the comments down below!

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