It may not be the most popular awards show here in the states, but the BAFTAs are arguably one of the most prestigious film awards around. The BAFTA – which stands for the British Academy of Film and Television – is the UK’s version of the Oscar, meaning it holds a ton of weight for those who win. And, of course, that means celebs go all out on the red carpet.

Here’s a roundup of some of my favorite looks from the 2024 BAFTA awards red-carpet.

Top Trends at the BAFTAs

First up, I’m going to do what I typically do and give a recap of the biggest fashion trends we saw on the carpet. There weren’t quite as many for this one, but a few trends definitely stood out.

Be sure to let me know what trending styles you saw at the BAFTAs too!

Peach is the New Pink

Don’t worry, Barbie lovers, pink isn’t going away anytime soon! But at the BAFTAs, there was a noticeable shift to pinks softer, more neutral cousin, peach.

VERDICT: Personally, I’m a fan of peach – it’s bold and bright enough to be different while still being elegant and flattering for most people.

  • WINNER: Emma Stone

Wine Red

Again, true, cherry red isn’t necessarily out of style, but a new shade of red is starting to take over on the carpet. Deeper, wine-colored gowns and burgundy suits have become a huge trend lately.

VERDICT: Controversial opinion, but I prefer wine red to bright, bold red anyday!

  • WINNER: Daisy Edgar Jones – the color, the cut, the leg muscles! All of it was absolutely working.

Silvery White

Neither white nor silver is a stranger to the red-carpet, but I was a big fan of this union at the BAFTAs last night. Plenty of stars wore white gowns with silver embellishments or dresses that could be considered either (or both) white and silver.

VERDICT: Far edgier and less bridal than traditional white gowns on the carpet. I’m here for this one!

  • WINNER: Kaya Scodelario

Electrum Colored Gowns

Not quite silver, not quite gold, but somewhere in-between is a color known as electrum. And last night, we saw plenty of this shade on the carpet.

VERDICT: Love, love, love this color! Personally, I’ve always been a fan of the neutral, beige gown, and electrum is like beige’s elegant older sister.

  • WINNER: Claire Foy, but it was really close with Deepika’s.

Feathery Frocks

We’ve been seeing a ton of feathers on the runway lately and the trend has now made its way onto the red-carpet.

VERDICT: When done right, this is incredibly chic and fun, but it can easily slip into clownish and campy.

  • WINNER: Taylor Russell

Puffy Sleeves

As they say, all trends come back around and it looks like we might be revisiting some 80’s faves with these larger-than-life sleeves!

VERDICT: It’s not my favorite, but when it’s done well, it looks lovely.

  • WINNER: Emma Stone – again!

Rosette Details

Another trend I saw was the rosette trend – several stars had gowns featuring sparkly rose details.

VERDICT: Definitely not my favorite. Although it could just be some of these particular gowns.

  • WINNER: Meg Bellamy is honestly the only one here I’m OK with.

Color Blocking

Color-blocking dresses aren’t new and, at the BAFTAs, we saw plenty of two-toned gowns.

VERDICT: Absolutely love this trend. No such thing as a boring black dress if there’s an element of color blocking to it!

  • WINNER: Margot Robbie

Gauzy Gowns

Sheer, chiffon dresses have been in style for a while now, and last night we saw plenty of these gauzy gowns.

VERDICT: I’m a huge fan of soft, sweet gowns and chiffon always gives an elegant, airy vibe. Definitely a trend I’d like to see more of!

  • WINNER: Yomi Adegoke, but honestly, all of these dresses are fabulous!

Surprising Sparkles

Sparkly gowns aren’t all that surprising, but I was a huge fan of the more unique sparkle detailing a the BAFTAs.

VERDICT: I’m a sucker for both sparkles and a unique dress – so I’m all in on this one!

  • WINNER: Charithra Chandran

Platform Pumps

There are always trends to look for aside from the actual dresses, but this was the first red carpet where shoe choice really stood out to me. Plenty of stars opted for chunky platform heels rather than slinky sandals, another 80s revival!

VERDICT: Definitely not as elegant as slimmer heels, but I can appreciate the comfort.

  • WINNER: Florence Pugh

Worst Dressed

There were a lot of really beautiful gowns at the 2024 BAFTAs, but honestly, there were even more worst-dressed contenders than usual.

I loved Alison Oliver in Saltburn, but this dress just ain’t it. It might’ve been decent, if a little boring, if it weren’t for those odd fringes. Sandra Huller also had a dress that was almost OK, but something about the pleating at the top made it look frumpy rather than statuesque. And Celeste just… no. Sorry, girl.

Again, I loved Elisabeth Shue in The Boys, but this dress is just ill-fitting. Edith Bowman’s boho gown would make a really cute beachy sundress, but it’s not really red-carpet worthy and just makes her look out of place.

Then, there’s Tatiana Korsakova. It looks like she’s trying to recreate Kim Kardashian’s pearl dress but it’s a trampier version which, honestly, I wouldn’t have thought possible. For that reason alone, I think she takes this one as worst-dressed of the night.

Best Dressed

OK, so there might’ve been plenty of disappointing dresses to choose from, but there were also a ton of incredible gowns that I loved! These are my top three!

Charithra Chandran looked so incredible in this ombre gown with subtle sparkles – she looked like an elegant rainbow.

Taylor Russell absolutely rocked this feathery white gown white cutouts showing off her slim physique. Gorgeous.

And Margot Robbie – still giving us Barbiecore to the max! This strapless pink and black gown is giving red-carpet Barbie in the absolute best way.

  • WINNER: Margot Robbie, but honestly, this one was hard and I went back and forth between all three for a WHILE.

What are your thoughts on the 2024 BAFTAs fashion? Let me know in the comments down below!

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