Well, after a four-month delay, the Emmys finally arrived. The 75th annual Emmy Awards honored the best prime time television of 2023 (although the awards took place in 2024). So, if you had to remind yourself what was actually being nominated, you weren’t alone. But, we’re not here to talk about that. Nope – it’s time for another Red Carpet Roundup. Here are all the fashion highlights from the 75th Emmys.

Top Trends at the 75th Emmys

First up, I’m going to do what I typically do and give a recap of the fashion trends we saw on the carpet. So, here’s all the trending styles we saw at the Emmys – good, bad, and ugly.

Top Color Trends


The most surprising color trend at the 75th Emmys was Chartreuse. The yellow-green hue isn’t usually a popular choice, which is why it was a shock to see several stars in the bright color.

VERDICT: It’s not an easy color to pull off, so props to those who took a risk

  • WINNER: Jessica Chastain
Soft Yellow

The last few red carpet events have seen a spike in this soft, buttery yellow color, and once again, that trend continued at the Emmys.

VERDICT: Yellow can be tricky in general, but softer shades are usually more enticing in my opinion.

  • WINNER: Unpopular opinion, but I’m giving this one to Aubrey Plaza. Her gown was chic, edgy, and sweet at the same time.
Deep Plum

We saw a ton of deep, wine colored gowns at the Emmys. While some leaned more mauve than plum, it does seem like purple is gaining popularity this year.

VERDICT: The dark, nearly black shade of plum is a universally flattering one, so I’m here for this one.

  • WINNER: Elizabeth Debicki and Rachel Brosnahan are tied for me. Both wore radically different gowns, but they each have an edgy, unique elegance to them that I love.
Pale Pink

Once again, we’re still seeing plenty of Barbiecore on the red carpet. While some stars went a little bit bold, this trend is leaning heavily towards a soft, pale millennial pink color.

VERDICT: Love, love, love this color choice! So feminine and pretty! And it’s a nice change of pace to red carpets overrun with simple black gowns.

  • WINNER: Claire Danes – her dress is so chic and gorgeous.
Candy Apple Red

Red shades are nothing new on the red carpet, but at the 75th Emmys, most of the stars wearing red opted for a bright, candy apple shade.

VERDICT: While red is somewhat safe, bold, bright colors are always fun to see.

  • WINNER: Camila Marrone


Another top trend we saw at the Emmys was the rise in floral gowns. While some stars had subtle flower details, others went all out with big, bold blooms.

VERDICT: I’m here for the floral trend, especially when done right.

  • WINNER: Simona Tabasco – it’s not for everyone, but I absolutely love this fun, colorful gown.

Gothic Romance

There were several stars who wore what can only be described as Gothic Romance chic. These dresses looked like something out of a classic gothic novel.

VERDICT: While it’s not my favorite, I can appreciate the sentiment.

  • WINNER: Meghann Fahy – her dress was both gothic inspired and modern.

Black and White

Color-blocking dresses aren’t new and, once again, we saw plenty of black and white gowns on the carpet.

VERDICT: Absolutely love this trend. It’s a great way to take something simple – like common colors of black and white – and elevate the look to the next level.

  • WINNER: Jessica Williams

Soft and Sheer

Sheer, see-through gowns have been in style for a while now, but I was happy to see that the stars at the Emmys opted for softer, sweeter looks.

VERDICT: Easily one of my favorite trends in general.

  • WINNER: Sophie Nélisse


This one surprised me too! We saw several stars wearing feathery, heavily textured gowns.

VERDICT: I’m all for red-carpet gowns that give me something new and different! This one is a Hell Yes for me.

  • WINNER: Desi Lydic, but honestly they’re all amazing

Futuristic Fashion

We saw plenty of futuristic looks at the 75th Emmys – think heavily structured gowns, metallic colors, leather, and gowns that otherwise give a Sci-Fi vibe.

VERDICT: It can be interesting and fun when done right.

  • WINNER: Juno Temple

Stunning Strapless Couture

Strapless gowns aren’t exactly groundbreaking, but I couldn’t resist putting this category in. These stars chose such stunning, high fashion gowns.

VERDICT: All three of these looks are fire!

  • WINNER: Honestly, it’s a three-way tie.

Black But Not Basic

On every red carpet, there’s a sea of black gowns, but these stars chose to ensure that their little black dress was anything but basic.

VERDICT: Black dresses are universally flattering but the look is best when stars choose not the play it safe.

  • WINNER: I know everyone loved Ayo Edebiri here but I’m going to give this one to Christina Ricci. Her dress was so chic and sexy!

White Done Right

Most of the time, white dresses on the red carpet end up looking very bridal, but these looks prove that you can wear white without looking like it’s your wedding day.

VERDICT: Absolutely here for this trend! In fact, it’s making me really hate the plain white dresses we typically see.

  • WINNER: It’s a tie between Ariana DeBose and Emma Brooks McAlister. Both looks are stunning, edgy, and fashion-forward.

Who Wore It Better?

It’s always interesting to see two stars who opted for a near-identical outfit. Even more surprising when they both go for such an odd fashion choice!

But in this case, there’s really no contest. Ellen Pompeo managed to make the gown look chic and stylish while Kathryn Hahn ended up looking frumpy and uncomfortable.

  • WINNER: Ellen Pompeo, duh

Worst Dressed

Red might’ve been a popular choice at the 75th Emmys, but that didn’t mean it was always a win. These three celebs wore bright red but seriously missed the mark in my opinion.

While Katherine Heigl’s dress was close to being good, something about it just didn’t land. I think it’s the fact that it looks more prom than red-carpet. But, I don’t know.

Other worst dressed contenders included Quinta Bruson, Ali Wong, and Calista Flockhart.

Quinta chose a dusty pink, tea-length dress that just looked wrinkled and unflattering. And while I appreciate Ali Wong’s effort here, and the fact that she gave us a dress that definitely wasn’t basic, the end result was too busy for me.

Best Dressed

This was one of those red carpets where there were a ton of fantastic gowns to choose from, but these three stood out most to me.

Claire Danes looked so chic and statuesque in this pink, backless gown. While undeniably flattering from the front, the back really made it one of the best of the night.

Camila Marrone chose a simple, sleek red gown, proving that a dress doesn’t have to be bold or provocative to be fabulous.

Jessica Chastain, on the other hand, went for a seriously bright, almost neon, green gown. The dress also included beaded fringe at the bottom. On anyone else, I think this might’ve looked cartoonish, but somehow she made it look elegant.

  • WINNER: Claire Danes, but it was a tough choice.

What are your thoughts on the Emmys fashion? Let me know in the comments down below!

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