It’s officially awards season, so you can expect a few more of these red-carpet roundups! This time, I’m looking at the best and worst dressed stars at the 2023 SAG awards.

2023 SAG Awards: Top Trends

As always, I like to start by looking at the red-carpet trends. It’s amazing how every carpet seems to have some of the same overall trends along with their own unique styles.


This was probably the most fun and unexpected fashion trend on the SAG red carpet – the use of 3D texture on gowns.

Zendaya looked unbelievably chic in her pink gown with textured roses along the train. She was probably my absolute favorite of the night.

 Hayley Lu Richardson and Michelle Yeoh also wore this fun textural trend and both looked amazing in it.


We saw more of the metallic trend from the BAFTA red-carpet at the SAG awards – seems like this trend might be here to stay!

Aubrey Plaza was probably one of the standouts for me in this category. Julia Garner also killed with her unique, embellished copper gown.

Mermaid Core

Mermaid core is a big fashion trend in 2023, but this is the first red carpet where it’s been really prevalent. Plenty of stars wore gowns with added pearls, seashell decals, and soft coral hues.

Danielle Deadwyler’s gown was my absolute favorite here! Quinta Brunson also looked stunning.

Ballet Core

While not quite as overt as the mermaid-core trend, we also saw a fair amount of ballet-core inspired gowns. Pale pinks, sheer fabrics, and satin bows came into play. Hong Chau really exemplified this trend.

Black, White, and Rhinestones all over

Another trend that was unique at the SAG awards was the black and white bedazzled gowns that gave some optical illusion vibes.

Ana De Armas and Rooney Mara were two of the standouts for me.

High-Low Trend

This one was a surprise to me! So many high-low gowns on the red-carpet last night. I’m not sure how I feel about this one actually, but Jenna Ortega definitely did it right.

Fun Patterns

I love when stars have fun on the red carpet, and we definitely saw that with the SAG awards! Rhea Seehorn looked really chic, and Emily Blunt wore an incredibly unique and fun gown.

Red-Carpet Colors

And now, let’s look at some of the most popular colors at the 2023 SAG awards.


Yellow was big this time around. Viola Davis absolutely nailed it with her gown – she was a standout for me.


Pink was incredibly popular, too – from pale pink to bright fuchsia. I absolutely adored Jessica Chastain in her gown.


Black is almost always a popular color on any red-carpet, but it felt like there were even more stars wearing black at the SAG awards.

Most of the time, celebs choose to wear black with some sort of sparkle, but one of the more interesting trends was the use of plain black gowns.

Cara Delevigne was probably one of my favorites here – she took a plain black gown and made it incredibly fashionable.

And of course, there were plenty of black gowns with a little extra something (whether sparkle, lace, or cutouts). Cate Blanchett wore one of my favorite looks last night.


I am absolutely obsessed with Claudia Sulewski’s pale pink gown. Same goes for Antonia Gentry’s soft greyish purple one.


Finally, there was a ton of light baby blue on the red-carpet – this one was a new one for 2023! It’s a great combination of fun and sweet.

2023 SAG Awards: Best and Worst

Best Dressed

In my opinion, the best dressed star of the 2023 SAG awards was by far ZENDAYA. Some other notable standouts for me included:

  • Meghann Fahey in a simple cut-out white gown
  • Chloe East in a dark navy gown with a unique neckline
  • Elizabeth McLaughlin in a very Jessica Rabbit-esque red gown  

Worst Dressed

And now for the worst of the night:

  • Amanda Seyfried – I normally adore her style, but this green monstrosity just ain’t it
  • Angela Bassett – I know a lot of people really loved this gown, but for me, it was a little too much and seemed to overwhelm her
  • Megan Statler – I don’t even know where to start with this one. It almost looks like she’s wearing one of those old-timey maps wrapped around her waist.   

What do you think of the fashion at the 2023 SAG Awards – Let me know in the comments down below!


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    mindbeautysimplicity says:

    The Mermaid core trend is so unique!

    1. avatar

      I’m into it, but I think its only applicable at certain events, not for everyday life.

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    I really enjoyed your picks. I agree that Zendaya looked wonderful at the Sag Awards. She has awesome fashion and looks great on the any red carpet. I feel that her working with Law was an awesome decision because it gets her taste and style.

    1. avatar

      I always love her on the red carpet!

  3. avatar

    Zendaya looks stunning in the pink rose gown. And I like Jenna Ortega’s dress as well.

    1. avatar

      I agree! Zendaya always looks amazing on the red carpet

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