This one was supposed to go up last week, but oh well. It’s late, but here’s my final wedding-theme post for National Wedding Month (February, FYI). I’ve already covered the top wedding trends, but today, I’m looking at the biggest wedding dress trends for 2023.

These are the new and exciting beauty and style trends you can expect to see at weddings this year.

Top Wedding Dress Trends for 2023

For a lot of brides, choosing the wedding dress is one of the most important parts of planning their big day. And, much like with fashion, wedding gown styles often depend on what’s trending.

3-D Flowers, Bows, and Feathers
1. Embellishments

One of the biggest wedding trends for 2023 is the idea of going big and bold. You’ll definitely see that when it comes to the dress.

Gowns this year will feature a lot of embellishments and intricate designs. Think feathers, extravagant ruffles, and pearl details.

2. Feminine Touches

This one falls in line with the embellished element, but it was prevalent enough that it warranted it’s own section.

Floral details will be popular this year, particularly 3D flowers for some added dimension.

The other most common detail seen at fashion week was bows. Which totally falls in line with the added feminine flair we’ve already seen in 2023!

Ballgowns, Slip dresses, Satin gowns, and Deconstructed styles
3. Timeless Elegance

Bold is in and this year, and the abundance of big, bold ballgowns is proof of that. Timeless classics like the A-line dress is also incredibly popular.

But a lot of designers are going bold in a different way too. Instead of over-the-top beading and bling, we’ve got a return to simple, sleek gowns. Satin, too, is making a comeback.

4. Slip Dresses

Ballgowns might be popular this year, but we’re also in the midst of a 90’s renaissance. Which means that slip dresses are a huge trend, and we’re seeing that when it comes to wedding dresses.   

5. Deconstructed Styles

Both ballgowns and slip dresses are traditional bridal looks, but in 2023, plenty of designers are going for something far more unique with deconstructed styles.

A deconstructed dress is one that basically looks unfinished. In a wedding gown, you might see this exemplified with a mix of different fabrics and lengths or exposed linings.

Long sleeves, Puff sleeves, and Off-the-shoulder gowns
6. Sleeves

For a while, strapless wedding gowns were everywhere. But in 2023, we’re moving away from that look. Long sleeves are now making a return in a major way.

What’s more, we’re seeing more vintage sleeve styles, like puffy sleeves and bell sleeves.

7. Exposed Shoulders

Strapless gowns are out. In their place, now, is the off-the-shoulder look.

Scoop neck off-the-shoulder gowns are especially popular. On top of that, a lot of designers are combining the long sleeved and off-the-shoulder styles.

Off-the-shoulder with long sleeves, or puff sleeves, make an incredibly fashion-forward and dramatic look.

Square, High, and Asymmetrical Necklines
8. Square Necklines

Another timeless design style making a comeback this year is the square-neck gown. This is a very regency-core inspired look. Again, it can be paired with puff sleeves or added embellishments for a more modern take.

9. High Necklines

Timeless gowns are in style this year, and a lot of brides are going for a Grace Kelly-inspired wedding look. That means high necks (or mock necklines) and a ton of lace.

10. Asymmetrical Necklines

Asymmetrical necklines are also hugely popular, as are one-shoulder designs. This is another element that can add to the deconstructed look.

High slits, Sheer fabric, and Exposed corsets
11. Sex Appeal

There will be a lot of sexy gowns this year. Body hugging silhouettes, like the slip dress, backless gowns, those with cut-outs, and dresses with thigh high slits will be especially notable.

The sheer style is becoming increasingly popular, so you can definitely expect to see more sheer overlays in wedding dresses.

12. Corset Gowns

Along with that, corsets are having a major moment right now. (Probably due to the return of 90’s era fashion.) Corset wedding gowns will be huge this year. The exposed corset is another way to achieve a deconstructed, avant garde look.

Tulle and Colorful gowns give extra drama
13. Extra Drama

Wedding gowns are inherently dramatic, but in 2023, some of the biggest trends really play up the drama factor. Big sleeves and embellishments can add drama to a dress, for example.

Corsets are also a dramatic element. When paired with a ballgown or puffy sleeves, a visible corset looks especially high fashion.

Finally, intricate and dramatic layers of tulle will be especially popular.

14. Colorful Couture

White (or off white) will always be a popular choice when it comes to wedding gowns, but in 2023 we’re seeing more brides experiment with different colored dresses.

Blush has always been one of the most common alternative colors to wear, but this year, blue wedding dresses may take over. After all, it’s an easy way for brides to get their “something blue.”

Jumpsuits, Mini gowns, High-low dresses, and accessories
15. Unique Silhouettes

Certain styles are considered timeless classics: A-line, for example. But this year, more brides will opt for unique wedding gown silhouettes.

Two-piece gowns, pants, or jumpsuits for example are very popular in 2023. Short, mini dresses are another good choice. And this year, we might also see a rise in the high-low gown (aka the “mullet” style dress).

16. Added Accessories

A wedding dress is never just the dress, is it? You’ve got the veil, for one thing. Then there’s the jewelry, and plenty of brides opt for an added jacket or belt.

But in 2023, the top trends for wedding dress accessories are much more unexpected. Detachable sleeves, elbow-length gloves, and an added cape are all huge and make for a true, statement making bridal look.  

What do you think of the top wedding trends for 2023? Let me know in the comments down below!

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    Ball gowns are so beautiful – and absolutely love the ones with extra texture.

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    beautiful gowns! makes me miss last year when I said yes to my dress. 😊✨

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    Beautiful gowns. My favorite is the first one under number 2.

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      That’s a very classic, elegant gown

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    I love these wedding dress styles, but I’m most a fan of the avant-garde 90s look. Im looking forward to seeing these dresses in action throughout the year.

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    I love timeless romantic wedding dresses 🙂

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    Ball gowns are so beautiful – and I absolutely love the ones with extra texture or embellishments. So unique!

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    Beautiful gowns. My favorite is the first one under number 2.

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    So many beautiful options. I especially love the ball gown wedding dress. Thank you for sharing. 😊

    Pastor Natalie (ExamineThisMoment)

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    All of these dresses look wonderful. It was hard to pick a favorite one because they look so well designed.

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      Lol, I agree! That’s why wedding dress shopping is so hard!

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