Since February is National Weddings Month, we’re going to be continuing that theme with the top wedding trends for 2023.

These are the styles and trends you can expect to see more of this year. So, let’s jump right in!

Top Wedding Trends for 2023

1. Bold Colors

For the past several years, there’s been a major shift towards soft, neutral wedding colors. But in 2023, we’re going to see more bold color schemes.

Notably, you can expect a lot of earth-colored weddings this year, especially in shades of orange, rust, and terracotta.

Greens will also be popular, particularly rich emerald, sage, and sea-green.  

2. Intimate Ceremonies

This year, we can still expect smaller weddings and destination weddings to be popular. Fewer bridesmaids, too, rather than large wedding parties.

And even for couples who opt for a large wedding, there’s going to be a push for more wedding day intimacy in the form of a private last dance.

3. Natural Beauty

More and more ceremonies will be held outside in a natural or scenic location. Along with that, natural hairstyles will also be more popular than super intricate updo’s.

And, in a really fun change, there’s a strong lean towards more natural, candid photos rather than staged wedding party photographs.

4. Sustainability

Eco-friendly wedding options have been popular for several years now, and 2023 will be no different. Brides are choosing more sustainable options when it comes to the food, invitations, and even their wedding gowns.

Wedding Decor Trends

1. Lighting

Lighting will be a big focus when it comes to wedding décor this year. Couples will be prioritizing the lighting options more than ever before.

Large, unique light installations will be something new we see. Candles, string lights, and table lamps will also be popular. But perhaps the biggest lighting trend for 2023 will be the chandelier. Hanging chandeliers will be a huge part of the wedding party this year.  

2. Flowers

This year, flowers will be both big and small. Brides are opting for smaller bouquets to carry down the aisle. When it comes to the décor, though, the floral element will be big and bold.

Statement flowers will be a huge decoration trend for 2023 weddings.  Floral archways will be popular during the actual wedding ceremony. As for the reception, large installations of hanging flowers are expected. Bold, vibrant, and exotic flowers are also trending.

3. Atmosphere

Maximalism is a big trend when it comes to weddings this year. While couples are choosing to have smaller, more intimate ceremonies, they’re going big and bold when it comes to the décor.

The Night Luxe theme is popular this year, which means a very glamourous, over-the-top party feel. Creating a cozier atmosphere is another trend we’ll see more of.

Wedding Ring Trends

Sure, wedding rings (or, engagement rings) are usually given prior to wedding planning, but the top designs still reflect the current wedding trends.

1. Unique Settings

One popular style this year is the East West setting. With this, the stone is horizontally oriented rather than vertically. Most often utilizes emerald cut diamonds, although oval can also be used.

Bezel set rings are also popular. In most rings, the center stone is held in place with prongs. But with a bezel set ring, the stone is held in place by a metal frame instead.

2. Artsy Styles

Vintage style rings are always a popular choice. Art deco style rings were popularized in the 1920’s and 30’s. They have bold, geometric, and abstract designs that look both intricate and delicate.

Toi et Moi style rings are still a huge hit. It translates to “you and me” and originated in 1796 with the ring Napoleon Bonaparte gifted to his wife. Said to be symbolic of “two souls bound together against all odds.”

This style features two large, complementary stones symbolizing each partner in the relationship. Sometimes, there are two diamond stones in different shapes. Other rings have two completely different stones, such as a diamond and emerald.

Colorful gemstones or diamond alternatives are also super popular on their own.

3. Bold Bands

In recent years, thin, delicate wedding bands have been all the rage, but that trend is about to change. Now, more people are opting for engagement rings with chunky bands.

Gold is also becoming more popular whereas previously, white or rose gold rings were preferred.

Another fun trend is the idea of mixed metal rings. Rather than choosing an all gold ring, some people are opting for bands that weave a combination of yellow, white, or rose gold.

4. Trendy Cuts

For fans of Sex and The City, a pear-shaped diamond likely evokes a specific (and negative) connotation. But maybe Aidan was just ahead of his time! Because in 2023, oval and pear-shaped diamonds are becoming more and more popular.

Marquise cut diamonds are also trending. If you’re unfamiliar, marquise cut is a unique diamond shaped like an almond or eye. It is an elongated oval with pointed ends.

What do you think of the top wedding trends for 2023? Let me know in the comments down below!

Top wedding trends for 2023


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    Fransic verso says:

    I don’t think we have any wedding so far but these are great ideas and decor. I will keep this in case we got one. Thank you for sharing!

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      Glad you found it helpful!

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    We like the bold colors trend!

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      It’s definitely fun! But I thought the neutrals were really elegant and pretty.

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