It’s only September, but before you know it, Halloween will be here. Which means, it’s time to start thinking about your costume. And if you’re one half of a couple, it might be fun to try a his-and-hers getup. So, just like last year, here’s a few couples costumes to consider for the spooky season.

Best Couples Costumes for Halloween

1. Barbie and Ken

There’s so much excitement about the upcoming live-action Barbie movie. All those on-set photos of Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling.

So, this makes for the perfect fun and cute Halloween costume.

To complete this look, all you’ll need is some sort of pink and neon 80’s style aerobics outfit. (And a matching one for your guy!)

2. Superman and Lois Lane

This is such a cute and easy costume idea for couples! Most of the stuff you’ll need are things that you probably already have lying around. And if you don’t, you can get them at an affordable price and reuse on all the non-Halloween days of the year.

What You’ll Need:

GUYS: Superman T-shirt, Oxford button-down, and Glasses.

GIRLS: White shirt, Pencil Skirt, Heels, and Glasses.

3. Danny and Sandy (Grease)

This is such a classic movie couple and it makes for a really cute Halloween costume.

If you’ve seen the movie, you’ll know there are a few different looks you can choose from. But, my personal favorite, is the all-black ensemble the two of them wear at the end.

Here’s what you’ll need:

GUYS: Tight black shirt, Black pants, Slicked back hair.

GIRLS: Black shirt, Leather pants (& jacket), and red heels.

4. Mr. and Mrs. Smith

This is another easy costume idea for couples. You can either recreate the movie cover, or do the look pictured here.

For that one, all you need is an oversized white button-down shirt. You can also add a pair of red rain boots. And for your guy, a plain white shirt and white shorts will do the trick!

5. Vivian and Edward (Pretty Woman)

Pretty Woman features an iconic movie couple that you can easily bring to life on Halloween.

As with many of the on-screen love stories on this list, there are a few different options in terms of costume ideas.

Of course, the most recognizable ‘Vivian’ look would be the one Julia Roberts wears at the beginning of the film: a cut-out mini dress, thigh high boots, oversized red coat, and pageboy cap. Alternatively, try a blue mini skirt paired with an mans white button down.

For guys, all you need is a suit!

6. Ross and Rachel

I had this one, last year too, and I stand by it. It’s exceptionally easy and anyone who grew up in the 90’s will get it.

Remember that episode where Ross and Rachel went to Vegas (with permanent marker drawn on their faces)?

Yep – just recreate that! All you need is a marker and a willingness to write on your face. (A mustache for Rachel and cat whiskers along with ROSS across your forehead for Ross.)

7. Peter Pan and Tinkerbell

Yes, I know, this one should technically be Peter and Wendy. But come on, Tinkerbell is way more fun to dress as!

For this one, you’ll need to either get an actual costume, or be creative with some sort of all-green ensemble.

8. Santa and Mrs. Claus

Here’s another fun and unique costume idea for couples!

Santa and Mrs. Claus is one of those iconic and easily recognizable couples that will still help you stand out from the crowd.

If you live in a cooler climate, Halloween is often pretty chilly, so a Santa costume can keep you nice and cozy.

Plus, there are some really cute (even sexy!) Santa outfits for women that you can find.

9. Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly

We haven’t seen much of this PDA-heavy couple lately, but if you’re super into pop-culture, this is one of those great couples costumes to consider. It’s also relatively easy to recreate and if you do it well, easy to recognize.

As for what you’ll need, here’s one possible option:

GUYS: White suit, silver shirt, and extra long nails (press on nails work well!) And if you’re really daring, add some pink to your hair.

GIRLS: A tight, body hugging pink dress and straightened hair.

10. Netflix and Chill

Looking for the type of couples costume that’ll have people LOLing?

Netflix and Chill is the answer! This one is cute and clever, but also SUPER easy. All you need is a T-shirt that says Netflix and another that says Chill. That’s it!

11. Fireman and Dalmatian

One thing I love about this costume idea is that you can easily do a role reversal.

Firefighters (and dalmatians!) are gender neutral, meaning that it’s versatile for same-sex couples.

And, if you’re a straight couple, you can still choose which one you want to be!

12. Jim and Pam (The Office)

Jim and Pam are another classic TV couple that people usually love.

Plus, it’s one of the easier costume ideas on this list!

For this one, you’ll just need to wear some basic office-style clothing. Jim almost always wears a button down shirt with the sleeves rolled up.

As for Pam, try wearing a pencil skirt, button up top, and pink cardigan.

(And possibly wear a name tag to make sure people know what you’re going for).

13. Jack and Rose (Titanic)

Titanic is one of those great love stories and Jack and Rose are an iconic couple.

While it’s not necessarily the easiest costume on this list, it is one that people will love.

To go as Jack, wear a white tunic shirt and brown suspenders.

Rose has many looks in the film, but your best bet will be to find a light blue flowing dress with cap sleeves. Add a blue “diamond” necklace and an black overcoat and you’re good!

14. Hunter and Deer

This is another cute and relatively simple costume idea that you can try.

What You’ll Need:

Hunters typically wear camouflage (pants and a shirt if possible) along with an orange vest or hat. 

As for dressing as a deer, you can either find a cute deer costume or wear a brown dress/jumpsuit and a deer headband.

15. Curious George and The Man in the Yellow Hat

Want to find one of those couples costumes that no one else will have?

Curious George and The Man with the Yellow Hat is a pretty safe bet!

Plus, on top of being unique, it’s super cute and, like many of the others on this list, can be easily gender-swapped.

What You’ll Need:

To go as George, all you need is a cute monkey costume! Or, if you’d rather, a brown dress and a pair of monkey ears.

As for the Man with the Yellow Hat… it’s pretty self-explanatory, no?

Of course, in the book, he wears an all-yellow outfit, so if you want to go that route, by all means. Otherwise, just throw on a yellow hat and tell people what you’re going for


Those are my favorite couples costumes to consider for Halloween this year. And, of course, I want to hear from you!

Have you ever done a couples costume before? Do you have any additional costume ideas to add to my list? Let me know in the comments below!

As always, thanks for reading


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15 best couples costumes for halloween


  1. avatar

    These all look like so much fun! We did a couples costume one year, but it was so last minute. I already had the outfit; then my partner came as my sidekick. 😂

    Danny and Sandy might be the easiest for us, as our wardrobes are 80% black clothes. Netflix and chill would be a funny option! 100% want to do firefighter and dalmatian 😍

    Thank you for sharing!

    1. avatar

      I think the fireman one is so cute! But I agree, Danny and Sandy is one of the easier ones to put together.

  2. avatar
    Raising Harry says:

    These are great! I wish I could convince my partner to dress up with me

    1. avatar

      Maybe show them this list and they’ll change their mind 🙂

  3. avatar

    With the new Wednesday Addams show coming to Netflix, I would have thought you’d of suggested Gomez and Morticia Addams as a couple’s costume for Halloween. Maybe it’s just the goth in me that wants something a bit darker for Halloween

    1. avatar

      LOL – I actually have that one featured on my Newsletter! I just didn’t want to have the exact same ones on each list, but yes, that’s a good one for sure!

  4. avatar
    Fransic verso says:

    I know a few of these couples, but some I never heard of haha. Thank you for sharing!

    1. avatar

      LOL, I’m curious which ones you aren’t familiar with!

  5. avatar

    These are fun costume ideas. Thanks for sharing!

    1. avatar

      Thanks! glad you enjoyed them!

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