Trick or Treat, Spooky and Sweet: Halloween Couples Costumes

Halloween is right around the corner which means it’s time to start planning your costume. And if you’re in a relationship, you might be thinking of possible couples costumes.

That’s not necessary, of course – you can always spend Halloween together with totally separate attire. But couples costumes are a really fun way of celebrating the spooky season. Just make sure to pick something that isn’t going to be in poor taste. (Seriously, no one go as Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie this year.)

With that in mind, I’ve put together a list of the best Halloween Couples Costumes to consider this year.

Best Couples Costumes for Halloween

1. Superman and Lois Lane

This is such a cute and easy costume idea for couples! Most of the stuff you’ll need are things that you probably already have lying around. And if you don’t, you can get them at an affordable price and reuse on all the non-Halloween days of the year.

For guys – you’ll just need to wear a Superman shirt underneath an Oxford button-down. Your button down should be opened at the top, though, so people can see what you’re going for.

And as for Lois Lane, its equally easy. Just pair a white shirt with a pencil skirt and heels. Add in glasses or a vest too if you really want to go all out.

2. Santa and Mrs. Claus

Man and Woman Santa Costume

Of all the couples costumes on this list, Santa and Mrs. Claus might be my favorite. It’s so cute and unique – and also, Christmas!

I’m not super into Halloween, but I LOVE Christmas. And with this costume, you already have something to wear for the next major holiday, too. (Unless of course, you’re someone who dresses up for Thanksgiving. Then you’re on your own.)

Plus, as fun as couples costumes are, for those of you with kids it’s even more fun to get the whole family involved.

With this one, you can include your kids as either elves or reindeer. Adorable!

3. Sandy and Danny from Grease

OK, OK, so the feminist in me doesn’t love this iconic duo. (I mean, let’s be real – she gets the guy in the end, but she has to change to do it? Not a great lesson.) But still, the fashion lover in me is here for this couples costume idea!

Plus, Grease is a classic.

4. Bonnie and Clyde

There’s almost no duo more iconic than Bonnie and Clyde. These American bank robbers also make for a really easy look (in fact, it’s one of the couples costumes on this list that’s fairly DIY.)

You might not own all of the necessary attire (if you’ve got a beret somewhere, then good on you!) But everything you need is something you can re-wear whenever. Even if you want to get a yellow or caramel colored sweater, for instance, it’ll be perfect for the rest of Autumn.

5. Fireman and Dalmatian

I have to admit, I absolutely LOVE this one.

It’s not as easy or re-usable as some of the other costumes on this list. But goddamn is it cute!

Plus, this is another one of those couples costumes that can easily be accommodated for a family.

You can find a cute fire-woman outfit, too, and both parents can dress as Firefighters with dalmatian little one(s).

Especially for those of you who have really young babies, the cost’ll be worth the adorable family photo you’ll get out of it.

FYI – there are plenty of actual dalmatian costumes (like, full on costumes) for women. Some of which are super cute!

But I’m a huge fan of being (at least a little) practical, so I’d go with a black dot skirt and black shirt.

6. Steampunk Couple

Steampunk is a thing. So, of course, steampunk couples costumes are also a thing.

Now, full disclosure, I don’t actually get steampunk. Like, at all. Is it sci-fi? Punk? Old-timey? A combination of all three?

(Here’s the Wiki page for those of you who are similarly confused.)

What’s really funny, though is that John is a fan of steampunk. In fact, he was some sort of steampunk scientist for Halloween one year (it was his pre-dating bitch era, though.)

And I gotta admit, the outfits are on point.

Steampunk couples costume

7. Angel and Devil

Ah, a Halloween classic.

Angel and Devil – you probably dressed like this as a kid. But now it’s been updated for couples!

This one’s pretty basic, sure. But, there’s always a way to make it cute!

One of you will obviously go as an angel while the other dresses as a devil.

Of course, me being a fan of practical shopping, I’d keep it simple. Get a devil headband and angel halo and then pair it with a red or white shirt or dress.

Who goes as who is totally up to you. But I think it’s a fun idea to have a male angel and a female devil. Also, easier! Your guy likely already has a white t-shirt. So all you need is a smoking hot red dress!

Easy, affordable, cute! Done.

8. Witch and Warlock

Witch costume with baby as cat (or bat)

OK, so this is another kinda basic costume idea. And, in all honesty, I don’t even think it’s that great of a couples costume.

So, why do I have it on this list of “best couples costumes” you ask?

Simple – it’s ADORABLE as a family costume. So if you’re a couple with a baby, this is literally the cutest possible family costume.

Witch and Warlock, easy. Then, you can have your little one as a bat OR a black cat. Babies are beyond cute in Halloween costumes like this.

And I couldn’t leave it off the list for that reason alone.

9. Ross and Rachel

This one is by far the easiest one on the list.

If you’re a fan of Friends, you probably remember when Ross and Rachel went to Vegas. Ross drew a mustache on her face. She, then, drew whiskers (and for some reason, his name?) on his face. And they proceeded to have a drunken night together.

So, all you actually need for this costume is a marker. See – told you it was the easiest one!

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10. Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Mr and Mrs Smith Costume - Mr and Mrs Smith Fancy Dress

This is another easy idea for a couples costume this year. Plus, you have a few different options!

You can go as the dressy version – all you need to do is pair a suit with an elegant black dress and heels. And, of course, stand back to back every so often so people know what you’re going for.

Or, you can go as the couple at the end. Both in all white attire after an explosion.

For this look, all you need is a button down white shirt. If you’re really extra you can grab a pair of red boots too. And for him, a plain white shirt and white shorts will complete the look.

11. Ghosts

OK, final costume idea is another super easy one.

But, honestly, it’s kind of genius in it’s simplicity. All you need is a sheet and a pair of sunglasses. And voila! You’re a ghost!

Tell people you’re a pair of millennials on tinder and see how many get the joke.

Couple dressed as ghosts on Halloween


Those are my favorite couples costumes to consider for Halloween this year. And, of course, I want to hear from you!

Have you ever done a couples costume before? Do you have any additional costume ideas to add to my list? Let me know in the comments below!

As always, thanks for reading


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  1. avatar

    I first thought there would be images but there were clothing ideas so loved it. My favorite was the steam punk. Great ideas. Xx
    Isa A.

    1. avatar

      Those dresses are for sure cute!

  2. avatar
    Susan1375 says:

    What great ideas, plus most of the outfit pieces can be worn as normal autumnal/ fall clothing. Love the Sandy/Danny choice.

    1. avatar

      That’s one of my favorites too!

  3. avatar

    Fireman and Dalmatian idea is so cute! I have been a Firefighter before and it was fun. The Ross and Rachel one is hilarious!

    1. avatar

      And so easy too!

  4. avatar

    These are cute costume ideas for couples! Great options.

    1. avatar

      Thank you!!

  5. avatar
    Michelle Gast says:

    Adorable. I would of thought of these on my own. Thanks for sharing. Love these couple costumes.

    1. avatar

      Thanks so much!

  6. avatar

    Haha Ross and Rachel is a great idea! Such an easy idea but one that so many people will recognise! x

    1. avatar

      Yes, exactly!

  7. avatar

    I’m with you – Santa and Mrs Clause is my favouite! Adorable and reusable at Christmas too! I also love the Ross and Rachel idea – super simple but effective! x

    1. avatar

      I just love the Mrs. Claus outfits! But I’m a huge fan of Christmas so anything Christmas-y is good in my book

  8. avatar

    These costumes are very cool and well matched.

    1. avatar


  9. avatar
    Mind Beauty Simplicity says:

    Ross & Rachel! – yesss
    such great costume ideas.
    one year my fiance (when we were dating) we dressed up as russell & kevin the bird from Disney’s UP hahaha

    1. avatar

      Ha! Cute!

  10. avatar
    Giulia says:

    I love this post! And I finally have an idea for my baby’s costume!! Thank you.

    1. avatar

      Good! So glad to hear that!

  11. avatar

    I love the idea of dressing up as Ross and Rachel! These are some great ideas you have 🙂 xx

    1. avatar

      I think it’s so funny and even though the show has been off the air for so long, people will still get it.

  12. avatar
    seriah sargenton says:

    These Halloween costumes are sooo cute. This year I’m trying to convince my boyfriend to do something Harry Potter themed with me since I already have the robe. I like the Mr and Mrs. Smith idea better though.

    1. avatar

      Yes! It’s such a cute and easy costume to do!

  13. avatar

    These are some really great suggestions. You can make some costumes super simple. Thank you for sharing.
    Lauren – bournemouthgirl

    1. avatar

      Glad you enjoyed!

  14. avatar

    The steampunk costumes are so cool!

    1. avatar

      I know! I don’t get Steampunk at all but I love the dresses.

  15. avatar
    The Doubting Thomas says:

    Really like some of these simple suggestions – I used to work as a content writer for a fancy dress company and writing so much content for the Halloween costumes was often so difficult!

    I’d love to go all out for Halloween as something gothic or slasher-movie like but my wife isn’t keen – maybe I can convince her with Ross and Rachel!

    1. avatar

      Yes! That one’s perfect because you don’t even need to get anything – all you need is a marker!

  16. avatar

    Me and my partner went as a nun and a vicar a few years ago. I matched our make up too. Our costumes came with crosses to wear. I loved it. I think couples costumes are awesome x

    1. avatar

      That’s a really good one too! I hadn’t even thought of that

  17. avatar

    If I had a boyfriend I would definitely go for the Sandy and Danny from Grease one, like that’s so iconic!

    xoxo Simone |

    1. avatar

      That’s for sure one of my favorites too – I love the idea of a costume where you can actually wear and reuse the clothing.

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