Today, I’ve got another fantastic Interview with a Blogger to share! I’m so excited about this one too. Tangela is such a wonderful writer – if you haven’t already heard of her blog, you’re in for a treat!

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And with that, let’s get on to Tangela!

Meet Tangela! November’s Interview with a Blogger

Interview with a Blogger - Tangela
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This month’s advertiser is Tangela from Tangela Writes the Things

Alright, Tangela – Let’s Start with Some Basics:

1. First, tell me a little about you – your “elevator pitch,” so to speak.

My name is Tangela and I recently earned my master’s degree in special education. I’ve been working in special education for over 15 years already so it’s something that’s close to my heart. I started writing as a kid as a hobby and that has been really helpful over the years.

I write about whatever comes to mind but my blog centers around mental health.

2. You recently published your first book. Can you tell me a little bit about that? 

Sad, Black and Fat: Musing from the Intersections, came about because of the pandemic lock-downs. I was going over some old blog posts and realized I had enough material to get a book going. I polished up some of my stuff and got busy with publishing.

*Side Note: She did not brag about her book nearly enough as she should have. I’ve read it, and it’s fantastic. Definitely go check it out!

3. What about your blog? How would you describe it? 

I would describe my blog as honest and not what one would expect. I call it a mental health blog, but I also write about education, culture, and anything else that might strike my fancy. There is a lot of mental health content because I believe it’s important to keep conversations about our real-life struggles going. We can’t erase stigma if nobody is talking about it.

Here’s one of Tangela’s Recent Posts I highly recommend: Rambling On and On

Let’s Learn a Little More About Your Blog

4. When and Why did you start blogging?

I started in November or December of 2017. Above all, I wanted a place to vent about stuff and to get my writing mojo back.

I always wanted to write but I’d have long lapses between stuff. I’d start off great and then fall off the wagon. It was rough at first, but I’m posting consistently again, and it has been great! Joining Twitter and meeting other fun bloggers has helped to keep my motivated.

5. How would you describe your ideal reader? 

My ideal reader appreciates my dry sarcasm and slight self-deprecation. Additionally, I want my readers to get something out of the things I create. Sometimes, I offer helpful advice or even links to various resources. Even if that is just a quick chuckle, that’s good enough for me.

I want my readers to feel lighter after reading my work.

– Tangela

6. Why should readers subscribe to your blog? 

I would say a consistent flow of good content. Normally, I post every Saturday morning but I’m about to take a week or two off for a little break. I’m always preaching about self-care and not taking my own advice. People can still subscribe and read some of the blogs I’ve written over the past few months. There’s plenty to keep a person occupied!

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OK, I Want to Know More About You as a Writer Now

7. How would you describe your writing style – what’s your “voice” as a writer? 

My voice is that of the close friend. I talk about some complicated things, but I do it in a easier to understand and relatable way. Really, I want my writing to feel like a comfortable conversation between the two of us, like, you could trust me with your deepest secrets.*

*Another Editors Note Here: It really does!

8. What are your favorite topics to write about? 

I love writing about mental health and people’s experiences with caring for themselves. When I write creatively, I love capturing snippets of time in my work. Sometimes, those little moments can tell a captivating tale. There are links to some of my creative writing on my blog as well. 

9. How much time do you spend writing? (both for your blog and as a writer) 

Not enough is the short answer. I usually spend a couple of hours a week making blog content. During the summer, I used to dedicate an hour a day to writing. Now, writing gets pushed aside to make time for other things. It’s not a major priority since my book came out, but I do get the urge to crank out a bit of micro fiction when I can.

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10. How do you stay motivated to write? 

My readers keep me going. If nobody was reading my stuff, I wouldn’t keep putting it online. I can shout into the void without including the whole world. Been doing it for years.

11. What is your favorite thing about blogging/writing?  

I love the sense of accomplishment I feel when I hit publish. It’s like a weight has been lifted sometimes. Writing has always been a way for me to explore my feelings and blogging has only made that more significant. I don’t have to keep my big feeling bottled up anymore. They make for excellent posts!

12. What about your least favorite thing? 

Staying motivated. I set the bar pretty low for myself and I still feel like I’m floundering. Making myself take the time to write my posts is more of a chore than the actual writing. I know it’s because I’m so busy, but I wish it was easier to get going at times. 

And, Finally, I Want To Know More About Tangela the Person

13. Your Myers Briggs Type is ISFP – the adventurer. Do you think that describes you well? 

I think so. I love learning and making pathways to knowledge for others. That’s a type of trailblazing that most folks don’t think about and it’s fascinating to me.

Additionally, I love a new adventure. Going to new places and having adventures is a thrill for me. I guess that’s part of why I want to be a storm chaser when I retire.

14. If you could only choose 3 words to describe you, what words would it be? 

Creative, courageous, strong.

15. Lastly, What do you like to do in your free time?

Sleeping ranks pretty high on my list. I also love spending time with my family, making things with yarn, catching Pokémon, and caring for the spirits of animals (She’s a gamer.) 

November’s Interview with a Blogger Conclusion

Thanks so much to Tangela for sharing all of that! And, again, I have to say if you haven’t already checked out her blog, Tangela Writes the Things, you really need to. You will love it!

I’ll have another Interview with a Blogger next month! If you’re interested in being featured, my next Premium spot is in January so make sure to get in touch.

What did you think of this month’s Interview with a Blogger? Have you read Tangela’s blog yet? Let me know in the comments below!

As always, thanks for reading.



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    It was great learning more about Tangela & her blog. Also, I’m intrigued by her book!

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      You should absolutely check it out!

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    I love this post! Thank you so much for linking to my blog post x

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      You’re so welcome! I’m glad you enjoyed!

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