Getting engaged is one of the most exciting and pivotal moments in any relationship. But what happens when an engagement is called off? Once family and friends are notified and all the emotions start to simmer down, the next logical question is… wait, who gets the ring?

Well, thanks to the latest season of Love is Blind, we’re all asking ourselves that very thing right about now. And of course, I’ve got thoughts.

Love is Blind Recap: Episode 10

*Warning: Spoilers for Love is Blind Season 4, Episode 10 ahead

Before we get into the actual question of “who gets the ring” when an engagement ends, here’s a quick recap of how this topic came up.

This season of Love is Blind gave us five couples to root for (or six, depending on if Zack and Irina were ever a couple worth rooting for). Some couples are like a match made in heaven (looking at you Tiffany and Brett), while others, seemed to seriously struggle. Jackie and Marshall fell into that second category.

I mean seriously. Jackie is just a whirlwind of red flags. The random breakdown in Mexico. Telling Marshall he’s not “aggressive” enough for her. Flirting with Josh at Chelsea’s birthday party. Refusing to have a mature conversation about… well, anything.

After all of that, poor Marshall was still trying to make things work and sort through all her bullshit. But then, while all the other women were meeting up for their dress fitting, Jackie was meeting Josh to have coffee. Where was Marshall you ask? He was with the guys getting his tux. Luckily, Brett informed him that his “fiance” had dipped out on her dress fitting appointment.

So, Marshall heads back to the shared apartment where he finds Jackie waiting for him; she has no apology for him and instead greets him with what has to be the worst breakup in the world. She tells him that, A) she can’t marry him and B) she just saw Josh and, yep, there’s an attraction there. (Talk about pouring salt in the wound.)

A clearly hurt Marshall then tells her he would like the ring back. After all, she shouldn’t have accepted it in the first place. Her response to the man she just coldly rejected? “No thanks, Imma keep it.”

So, Who Gets the Ring?

Like everyone else watching, my jaw just about dropped at this. But then, I got to wondering. When an engagement ends, who gets the ring? I did a little digging and the answer might surprise you.

First, Who Pays for the Love is Blind Rings?

According to Love is Blind, the engagement rings are typically provided by the show. Contestants are given a limited set of engagement ring choices (paid for by the show). However, they can choose to use a different ring if they want to.

Also, it’s worth noting that the show doesn’t require contestants to return the ring if they don’t get married. But again, that doesn’t answer the question of who gets to keep it?

Legally, Here’s Who Gets the Ring

In most states, an engagement ring is legally considered a “conditional gift.” Meaning, the ring is given with strings attached. It’s a verbal contract implying that a wedding will take place. So, although it is a “gift,” it’s not technically owned by the recipient until the couple is legally married.

Thus, the actual law states that if an engagement ends, the ring should be returned to the person who gave it.

Etiquette Says Something Different

That was a surprise to me! Only because I’ve always gone by the rule of etiquette (aka, the rule of common decency), which states whoever is at fault should forfeit the ring. Thus, if the man calls off the wedding, the woman gets to keep the ring. If the woman calls it off, however, she gives the ring back.

Either way, yeah, Jackie should have given the ring back. Even if the show paid for it, it was Marshall’s ring – not Jackie’s.

What do you think of this situation? In your opinion, when an engagement ends, who gets the ring? Let me know in the comments down below!


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    Lanae Bond (@LanaeBond) says:

    I knew legally it could go back to the one who proposed. But it really seems that neither party would want the ring back unless they were going to pawn it.

    1. avatar

      That’s a good point, especially if he didn’t pay for it and instead used one of the options provided by the show.

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    Heidy De La Cruz says:

    She should give the ring back. It’s petty of her to keep it.

    1. avatar

      100% agree! He might’ve been asking for it back out of some pettiness too, but in that moment, I honestly don’t blame him.

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