The fourth season of Love is Blind is finally here and this season is stacking up to be the most dramatic one ever. Here’s my take on the couples and whether or not they’ll make it.

Love is Blind: The Couples

*Warning: Spoilers for Love is Blind season 4 ahead. If you haven’t seen the first five episodes, don’t read this just yet!

Brett and Tiffany

Tiffany and Brett are the least problematic couple of the season. These two actually seem like a good fit. They connect with each other quickly in the pods, communicate without playing mind games, and have very clear chemistry when they meet in-person.

The only red flag here was when Tiffany fell asleep during one of their pod-dates. But, given how the show’s set-up makes for long days, it’s understandable. She apologizes, he forgives her, and all is well.

PREDICTION: They’ll make it to the altar and both will say “I do.” Love is Blind has very few success stories, but I’m thinking Brett and Tiffany will bring that number up to 3.

Marshall and Jackie

Jackie and Marshall are an opposites-attract type of couple. She’s tough and hardened and has all her walls up while he’s sensitive and vulnerable, fully ready to open himself up to love.

I was rooting for her, and I still want to like her, but girl. Taking Chelsea’s side and then talking shit with Micah? Not cool.

But anyway, back to her and Marshall.

They seem attracted to each other, although she does mention he’s not her usual type. While that’s probably a good thing, I think she’ll revert to her past relationship habits and push him away when things get too real.

PREDICTION: They’ll make it to the altar but won’t get married. If I had to guess, I’d say Marshall will be the one to say no.

Paul and Micah

Another opposites-attract couple on Love is Blind. Paul’s nerdy, analytical, introverted, and into the granola-type of girl. Then there’s Micah. Who’s…not granola at all.

The blond hair extensions, the spray tan, the overly filled lips—she’s giving influencer-wannabe vibes. What’s worse, she’s got some serious mean-girl energy and seems manipulative as hell.

At their first meeting, she appears to find him attractive, but later admits to Irina that he’s not what she would typically go for. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to her red flags:

  • She tells Kwame that she’s falling for him and then breaks up with him the next day.
  • After convincing Paul to break up with Amber, she complains that he’s taking too long because their conversation takes, like, 30-mintues. Seems like he’s just being respectful, but OK.
  • She gets Irina to eavesdrop on Amber as she cries to Chelsea about said breakup with Paul. Mean. Girl. Energy.
  • At the pool party, she makes an insensitive “joke” about Kwame’s failed proposal to her.
  • She then blatantly flirts with him the whole night.

But, this is about her and Paul. Do they seem like a good match? No. Do I think they’ll make it? Nope. Not a chance.

PREDICTION: They’ll break up before the wedding.

Kwame and Chelsea

Let me get this out of the way: Chelsea is way too good to be on this show and I’m rooting for her. As for Kwame… I’m torn. I want to like him and believe in him, but he’s giving me some serious playboy vibes.

They have strong sexual chemistry when they meet and all seems to be going well for them on their sex-filled honeymoon.

That’s where Micah comes in.

Kwame is clearly attracted to her; he doesn’t do much to try and hide it. He pulls her aside after her little proposal joke to tell her how messed up it was. Which takes approximately 2 minutes.

After that, he spends another hour or so flirting with her; laughing, hugging, practically eye-fucking her. And when Chelsea confronts him later, he tells her he didn’t get enough closure. Boy, what!?

PREDICTION: They’ll make it to the altar but won’t get married. I’m seriously hoping she’s the one to turn him down, but I can see it going either way.

Zack and Irina

Oh boy. Where do I even start. Every season of Love is Blind needs a villain and Irina delivers. First, she manipulates Zack into choosing her over Bliss (big mistake, Zack. HUGE.) Then, when they meet, she tells him looks like a cartoon character (not a compliment, my friend.)

Throughout their honeymoon, she does everything possible to avoid being affectionate (or even decent) towards him. Instead, she stirs the pot with Micah and Kwame and proceeds to flirt with Paul, her “best friend’s fiancé.”

If you thought Micah had mean girl energy, Irina takes it to a whole new level. So many red flags with this one:

  • Continuously says she doesn’t care about looks. After meeting Zack, it sure as hell seems like she does.
  • Sees Bliss baking cupcakes for Zack’s birthday and has the audacity to ask her for a candle.
  • Eavesdrops on Amber while she’s crying and laughs about it.
  • Flirts with Paul even though he’s A) friends with her fiancé, Zack and B) engaged to her bestie, Micah.
  • Tells Zack she’s “not going to sit here and list the things she doesn’t like” about him. Then proceeds to do that anyway, probably to embarrass him.

PREDICTION: None needed. They break up on the honeymoon. Irina will try to get in between Micah and Paul, but he’s not going to be interested. Zack will try to give things a shot with Bliss.

Zack and Bliss

At the end of episode 5, Zack meets up with Bliss and tells her, point blank, that he made a mistake choosing Irina. Meanwhile, the audience is over here like, “Uh, no shit, Sherlock.” Although we don’t see her response, I’m guessing that Bliss will give him another chance. And I’m rooting for these two!

PREDICTION: He’ll propose to her and she’ll accept. As for their wedding-day chances, it’s too soon to say.

What are your thoughts on this season of Love is Blind? Let me know in the comments down below!


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    mindbeautysimplicity says:

    i’ve been really enjoying this season of love is blind so far! i think it’s so funny zack is known as one of the property brothers LOL.
    my favorite couple so far is jackie and marshall.
    micah and irina are just down right mean girls who probably peaked in highschool. i felt like they would have been more suited on a show like too hot too handle or something.
    i also feel like zack will get a second chance with bliss.

    1. avatar

      They are so mean! I don’t get it. Very unnecessary.

  2. avatar
    Fransic verso says:

    This is interesting, I didn’t see love is blind before but reading this. I want to see more of it.

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