5 types of love to celebrate this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day tends to be one of those holidays people either really love or really hate, with very little in-between. Even those coupled up can roll their eyes at the Hallmark holiday, and for those that are single, it’s especially hard to muster the celebratory spirit. It’s understandable (last year, over 20 billion dollars was spent by Americans alone!)

But no matter what, Valentine’s Day is about love. And whether you have a special someone in your life or not, you can—and should—celebrate.

Love to celebrate on valentines day

5 Types of Love to Celebrate this Valentine’s Day

Love, no matter what kind, is worth cherishing. So, here are 5 types of love to celebrate this Valentine’s Day.

1. Romantic Love

Here it is – the kind of love that most people think of when they think of V-day. Romance often takes center stage on Valentine’s Day—after all, St. Valentine was known for helping ancient Roman couples marry when the law didn’t allow them to.

So, go ahead, add a little romance to your day. And if you need a little extra guidance, here’s a cheat sheet:

Less than 3 MonthsChocolates/candy is a sufficient gift. Don’t go overboard. As for the date, ask your partner how they feel about Valentine’s Day and plan something fun, but casual, together.
3 to 6 MonthsOof, you’re in the most awkward Valentine’s Day stage ever! Sorry about that. You’ll want to spring for a small, but thoughtful gift and a romantic night. Try a nice bottle of wine and a home cooked meal if you want to avoid the packed restaurant scene.
Over 6 Months You’re pretty serious, so go ahead and celebrate in a way that feels appropriate for that. Gift wise, you can never go wrong with jewelry.
2 Years or MoreGood news! You’re probably comfortable enough by now that you can skip the whole expensive gifts thing. Unless your partner is really into Valentine’s Day.

Or check out this V-Day gift guide for every stage of the relationship!

2. Platonic Love

Whoever came up with Galentine’s Day is an absolute genius. Friendship is such an important part of our life, but we too often fail to really recognize or appreciate it. V-Day, then, is the perfect opportunity to show some love to your friends.

You can plan a fun girl’s night out with a group of your best gal pals. But, if busy adulting schedules prevent that, just send them something thoughtful. Cards are always nice to get – but honestly, just a text can be really meaningful!  

3. Familial Love

A close cousin to platonic love, the love we have for our family is unparalleled. That’s why they call it unconditional love.

I’ve gotten plenty of Valentine’s Day gifts over the years, but you want to know which one is the most memorable? A barbie doll.

I was eight years old and it was a Valentine from my mom and to this day, I remember how much I loved it. So, parents, take note. It’s your day to shine.

4. Self-Love

Of all the types of love to celebrate this Valentine’s Day, self-love is arguably the most important.

You can use the 14th to shower yourself with self-care. Or, just take a minute out of your day to practice self-kindness. Say (or think, or write) five nice things about yourself.

5. Former Love

No really. Your past partners have played an important role in your life. They’ve shaped who you are and how you express love today. And they deserve a little appreciation.

Now, before you go and break No Contact or send your ex some sort of post-breakup text message, hear me out.

You can appreciate your ex and the love you shared without actually talking to them. Just think about your experiences together and recognize that you’re a stronger, more compassionate person because of them.

How will you celebrate love this Valentine’s Day?


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    sammi swinton says:

    LOVED reading this, platonic love should be celebrated more!

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      Aw, thanks so much! I appreciate that.

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    Thanks for sharing such a beautiful and lovely post.

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    Yes! I love this post and I think it’s becoming more normal now to use Valentine’s Day as a prompt to celebrate all love, not just romantic. Because al our relationships deserve celebrating!

    1. avatar

      100% agree! I love that more people are recognizing it as a celebratory day for everyone, single or not!

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