I’ll admit, I don’t usually watch the Grammy’s. It’s one of those awards shows that I just don’t particularly care for. That being said, I always love looking at what celebs choose to wear on the red carpet. So, here are the good, the bad, and the WTF from the 2023 Grammy’s.

2023 Grammy’s Red Carpet

Certain red carpets are practically made for over-the-top fashion, and the Grammy carpet is definitely one of them. And, like always, the 2023 Grammy’s didn’t disappoint.

Like every other year, the 2023 Grammy’s Red Carpet can be divided into two categories: Outlandish and Safe.

The Outlandish

Those who choose an over-the-top, outlandish garment are taking a risk. But when it’s done well, it’s a risk that pays off.

Cardi B. wore one of the best examples of “outlandish done well” last night. And to be fair, that might be because her gown wasn’t that over-the-top ridiculous. In fact, it was downright glamorous!

Kacey Musgraves was another one who wore something extra, and while I didn’t love it as much as I liked Cardi B.’s, she could pull it off.

Shania Twain on the other hand… I don’t know what she was thinking, but it wasn’t good.

Bold and Vibrant

Lizzo wore a super bright and over-the-top orange gown. She’s probably the only person who could pull that look off, too.

I also loved Kelsea Ballerini’s fun, yellow gown. In another color, it might’ve been a safe choice for the Grammy’s, but bright yellow is always a risk.

Bebe Rexa took a similar risk with her Barbiecore pink gown, but unfortunately, it didn’t work for me. She needed just a tad more coverage in my opinion.

Fun and Funky

I’m biased, I know, but Laverne Cox can basically do no wrong when it comes to fashion. She just exudes effortless glamour on every red carpet she graces and I am here for it!

Heidi Klum is hit or miss for me, and at any other event, this one would’ve been a giant miss. But at the Grammy’s, it’s fair game and she pulled it off.

Then there’s Fran Drescher and OMG this look was fire! I’m obsessed.

Pretty and Playful

Viola Davis is now one of only a handful of EGOT winners! And on top of that, she looked unbelievable last night in a sparkly, patterned gown.

Harry Styles really likes to take a risk when it comes to the red carpet, and again, it’s the Grammy’s so good for him.  

I might be in the minority, but I absolutely adore Anoushka Shankar’s flowery dress.


Just because it’s the Grammy’s doesn’t mean every statement-making gown is going to work. These three gowns, for me, were absolute misses. Nope, sorry – try again next year.

The Safe Choices

Safe doesn’t have to mean boring!

Paris Hilton was one of the night’s best dressed in my opinion. Her slinky, sparkly gown absolutely worked.

Megan Fox also looked beautiful in her gown. It would’ve been a simple, but gorgeous, white dress but the added metallic corset gave it some edge.  

And Ava Kolker wore a simple, but stunning polka dot dress that made her look so much more sophisticated than her 16 years!

Glitter and Glam

To be fair, Dencia’s gown wasn’t necessarily safe, but considering how much more outlandish her past red carpet looks have been, I’m throwing this one in the safer category. Still, it was stunning.

Grace Modi wore an equally gorgeous gown. When in doubt, something black and sparkly is normally a safe bet, but her dress was interesting and unique at the same time.

As for Miranda Lambert, eh. It was OK.

Little Black Dress

You can’t get much safer than a little black dress. Olivia Rodrigo looked beautiful, and her gown did have a mesh panel across the stomach, but it was a bit boring compared to everyone else.

Ingrid Andress and Anna Sitar, on the other hand, proved that you can make a LBD amazing with unique cutouts.

Subtle Sex Appeal

You don’t have to show a lot of skin to be sexy, and these stars definitely proved that.

Emma Brooks McAllister looked unbelievably stunning in her gown. She might’ve worn a dress with a deep V-cut, but she was careful not to show much at all. That’s how this type of dress is meant to be worn.

Madeleine White is a fashion influencer, so it’s not surprising that she turned such a simple gown into something so chic.

As for Taylor Swift, her gown was honestly perfection. 100% amazing.

2023 Grammy’s: Stars Inside

Some of the best dressed celebs at the 2023 Grammy’s didn’t walk the carpet! Which was a real shame, but I wanted to include them anyway.

Adele wore a deep red, velvet number with some very avant garde sleeves.

Beyonce was stuck in traffic and missed her record-breaking Grammy win (and her chance to shine on the red carpet). Luckily, she was able to give her speech once she arrived. And her gown didn’t disappoint.

Then there’s J.Lo. And honestly, I have no idea why Jennifer Lopez didn’t hit the carpet, but I would imagine that if she did, she would easily have won best dressed of the night.

What did you think of the fashion at the 2023 Grammy’s? Let me know in the comments down below!


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    According to Chren says:

    The WTF section was truly crazy!

    1. avatar

      Agree! But always fun to check out anyway

  2. avatar
    Fransic verso says:

    These look interesting and love that you put them into a category for each one. The fun and funky look pretty cool.

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      I always find it fun to see the different similarities red carpets have.

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    I always like seeing the pictures pop up to see what weird or wonderful outfits are shared. Thank you for sharing.

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      Same! Some of the really wacky ones are interesting but others are just… a no for me.

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