Whether you’re in a relationship or not, Valentine’s day offers the perfect chance to celebrate all types of love. Which is why someone, somewhere invented the brilliant alternative: Galentine’s day.

If you’ve never heard of Galentine’s Day before, you’re in for a fun surprise! It’s basically a day to celebrate the love you have for your girlfriends – your gal pals if you will. So, if you’re wanting an excuse to have a bottomless brunch, here it is!

Galentine’s Day Gifts

Just like Valentine’s Day, you don’t have to get a gift. But, if you wanted to do something extra special, you could get all your girlfriends a fun piece of jewelry! After all, you don’t need a man to get you something sparkly.

Here are some super cute pieces I found.

*FYI – this post is NOT sponsored by any of these brands. I wish!

Baublebar – Initial bracelet
Baublebar – Positivity Bracelet
Rellery – Evil Eye Bracelet

Bracelets make such a fun Galentine gift idea. They’re probably the easiest type of jewelry on this list, too. No need to worry about sizing, after all.

Baublebar makes a lot of cute bracelets, and they’re not super expensive. Their Initial Beaded Bracelet, for example, is on sale right now for just $12.

If you’re wanting something more in line with a typical Valentine day aesthetic, you could get the Positivity Pisa Bracelet and choose whichever color heart you’re feeling at the moment. Plus, it’s only $10!

Rellery, on the other hand, is a more high end jewelry brand, so their products are a bit pricier. But, if it’s in your budget, their pieces are absolutely adorable. The beaded Evil Eye Bracelet, for instance, is one of my faves.

Baublebar – Adley Ring
Baublebar – Mini Alidia Ring
Gorjana – Lou Heart Ring

I’ll be honest, rings are one of the more difficult pieces of jewelry to buy for anyone, but they’re also my personal favorite. I have a lot of rings, but I always like adding more for the stacking effect.

Again, I’ve chosen two cute rings from Baublebar. Chunkier rings are definitely in style this year, although I tend to prefer slimmer, daintier rings. The Adley Ring is a nice in-between, though – not too heavy, not too delicate.

Then there’s this one – the Mini Alidia Cubic Zirconia Ring, which is on sale right now for just $18!

Gorjana is another jewelry brand I really love. They’ve got a lot of options, and for the most part, they won’t break the bank. Their Lou Heart Ring is one that I’m seriously into for Galentine’s Day.

Kendra Scott – Ari Heart
Rellery – Checker Heart
Rellery – Mother of Pearl

I don’t know about you, but I have a million necklaces. And yet, I still find myself wanting more for different outfits. Like bracelets, necklaces are easy to gift, but they tend to be a bit more expensive. Still, they make for a perfect gift this Galentine’s day.

The Ari Heart Necklace from Kendra Scott is very on-brand. It’s also one that would go with just about anything.

Rellery has some of the cutest necklace options. And even though they’re on the tad pricey side, I had to include them. The Checker Heart Necklace might be one of the most unique pieces of heart shaped jewelry I’ve come across!

You could also get the Mother of Pearl Initial Heart Necklace – it has a large heart and a smaller one that can be personalized with your bestie’s initial.

Gorjana – Lou Heart Huggies
Rellery – Twisted Ear Cuff
Baublebar – Chained Stud

Earrings are another popular jewelry choice. Just make sure your gal pal doesn’t have extra sensitive ears – if so, she might not be able to wear anything sterling silver based.

But, if you’re going to go with earrings, this pair of Lou Heart Huggies from Gorjana is a great choice.

From Rellery, I’ve got this super cute Twisted Ear Cuff, which retails for less than $40. And, if you want another unique option, this Chained Stud and Ear Cuff from Baublebar is absolutely adorable.


Whether you want to celebrate Galentine’s on February 14 or not, it’s a fun alternative to the traditional romantic Valentine’s thing. And, of course, I know that some of these pieces of jewelry are on the more expensive side.

So, you could always choose to do something more low key for your gal pals. Or, if you really love an item on the list, celebrate self-love this V-day and buy yourself a little something! After all, you deserve to be cherished too.

What do you think of these gift ideas? Let me know in the comments down below!


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    According to Chren says:

    The Kendra Scott necklace is so pretty!

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      My favorites are the ones from Rellery – especially the checkered heart ones.

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    These are some sweet ideas – I love that pink heart necklace!

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      Same here! It’s so cute!

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    These are some beautiful jewellery pieces for Galentine’s gifts! x


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      I agree! Glad you enjoyed

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    mindbeautysimplicity says:

    beautiful pieces for galentines day gifts!!

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      Totally agree! Thanks for reading

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