Wondering what the best wedding dress for you is based on your zodiac sign? I got you!

In case you didn’t know, February is National Weddings Month*, so to kick things off, I wanted to share a wedding dress post.

Whether you believe in astrology or not, zodiac signs can be a lot of fun. Who doesn’t love checking their sign to see if it actually fits?

Today I’ll be sharing the perfect wedding dress for each zodiac sign. And, of course, let me know whether or not you think yours is accurate!

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Best Wedding Dress For Each Sign

Each sign has key characteristics which can help explain their personality. Part of that can also determine sense of style. So, with that in mind, here is the best wedding dress for you according to your Zodiac sign.

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Fire Signs

It’s no surprise that fire signs run hot. They tend to be creative, passionate, and spontaneous. When it comes to fashion, fire signs are willing to be bold and take a risk.


As the first sign in the zodiac, Aries is fiery and intense. They tend to be determined, adventurous, and strong. They can also be competitive and they tend to be natural born leaders. They’re bold and fearless, which definitely translates to their sense of fashion.

Thus, an Aries bride will want to go big and bold for their wedding dress. Think bright colors, daring silhouettes, and the type of wedding attire that screams “I’m in charge.”

Aries is ruled by the head and eyes, so that will be a focus. They’ll want to make sure they have killer eye makeup or a unique veil to go with it.

Perfect Wedding Dress for Aries
Aries: The Fearless Bride


Bold, Ambitious, Daring


RULED BY: Head, Brain, Eyes

Unique, non-traditional gowns (think the high-low dress, a jumpsuit, or a fashion-forward gown)

Bold colors, textures, or embellishments (think an added cape or feathers)

Focus is on: Head; dramatic eye makeup, unique veil, or bold hairstyle


As a fire sign, Sagittarius can be fiery and passionate. But unlike Aries, this is a more laid-back fire sign. They’re typically free-spirited, open-minded, and idealistic. Other key traits include honesty, optimism, enthusiasm, and curiosity.

You can expect a Sagittarius bride to choose a flowy, bohemian gown, something unique and comfortable that also makes her feel free.

Sagittarius is ruled by the hips and thighs, so a Sagittarian bride will probably want a dress that shows off her legs.

Wedding Dress for Sagittarius
Sagittarius: The Boho Bride


Free Spirited, Honest, Curious

PLANET: Jupiter

RULED BY: Legs, Hips, Thighs

Look for something light, non-restrictive, and comfortable

Airy, free fabrics like tulle, organza, or chiffon

Long trains, detachable skirt, or loose sleeves

Focus is on: Showing a little leg


Leo’s are well-known for being proud, powerful, and charismatic. They have a ton of confidence and they love to be the center of attention. There’s a magnetic, regal, larger-than-life aura around this sign.

So, your Leo bride is going to want a big, sparkly, “look at me” gown. It’ll be glamorous and over-the-top and no matter what her personal style, it’ll be a showstopping wedding dress.

Ruled by the heart and spine, the Leo bride may choose a gown with an open-back or plunging neckline.

Leo Wedding Dress
Leo: The Flashy Bride


Dramatic, Regal, Confident


RULED BY: Heart, Spine, Upper Back

Showstopping entrance (think big ballgowns or a dazzling illusion dress)

Embellishments obvi – feathers, all-over-beading, ruffles, sparkles etc.

Focus is on: Dramatic features (think backless gowns or a plunging neckline)

Earth Signs

Earth signs are characterized by their grounded and practical nature. Their style is one of classic, simple elegance. They do have a sensual side, though, and will look for a high-quality wedding gown.


Taurus is hard-working, humble, and down-to-earth. They tend to be dedicated, reliable, and ambitious. But they also have a sensual side and a serious love of luxury.

The best wedding dress for a Taurus will be something that feels expensive and luxurious without being gaudy or too flashy. Silk or satin gowns will speak to a Taurus.

Seeing as this sign is ruled by the neck and shoulders, a Taurus bride will want a dress that shows her shoulders off. Think a plunging neckline, a strapless gown, or an off-the-shoulder silhouette.

Taurus Wedding Gowns
Taurus: The Luxe Bride


Reliable, Sensual, Relaxed


RULED BY: Neck, Shoulders

Sleek silhouettes (sheath dress, fit-and-flare, or trumpet)

Luxurious and simple feel

Especially drawn to silk and satin

Focus is on: Shoulders (strapless, off-the-shoulder, or high neck gown)


Mercury, the planet of communication and logic, rules Virgo, which explains why they are so cerebral in nature. They tend to be practical, intelligent, modest, and analytical. They also tend to be highly organized perfectionists. And the Virgo bride will be no different.

When looking for a wedding dress, this sign will want something simple, sleek, and effortlessly elegant. And, most important, she’ll want to make sure it’s tailored to perfection.

Virgo Wedding Gown
Virgo: The Modestly Chic Bride


Precise, Cerebral, Practical

PLANET: Mercury

RULED BY: Digestive system, Spleen

Sheath or Empire waist silhouette

Looks for something to accentuate and elongate the frame

Delicate lace or simple silk

Focus is on: A perfectly tailored and well-constructed gown


Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the planet of rules and responsibility. Thus, they tend to be highly serious, traditional, practical, and calm. They’ve got a lot of ambition and determination, and honestly, they’re more concerned with logistics than style.

So, for a wedding dress, expect a Capricorn to choose something simple and straightforward.

Capricorn is ruled by the bones and joints, so if this bride does want to highlight a certain area, she might choose a dress that accentuates their collar bones.

Wedding Dress for Capricorn
Capricorn: The Traditional Bride


Serious, Dedicated, Patient

PLANET: Saturn

RULED BY: Joints, Bones

Simple and traditional silhouettes (A-line, sheath dress are especially appealing)

Modest styles like long sleeves or high neckline

Little (or no) embellishments

Focus is on: Collar bones if anything

Water Signs

They say still waters run deep and that perfectly sums up water signs. They’re emotional, sensitive, and highly intuitive. Water signs are also very relationship and romance oriented. They’ll look for a feminine, romantic wedding gown.   


Cancer’s are nurturing, sensitive, compassionate, and emotional. They’re also home-loving creatures. Like the crab that symbolizes them, they want to feel safe and protected. They can be very reserved and closed-off, but they’re very sentimental and maternal.

A Cancer bride will want a sweet and simple wedding dress.

Seeing as Cancer is ruled by the chest and stomach, they’ll also be likely to go for a gown with a plunging neckline or one that accentuates their natural curves.

Wedding Dress for Cancer signs
Cancer: The Sentimental Bride


Emotional, Nurturing, Self-Protective

PLANET: The Moon

RULED BY: Chest, Breast, Stomach

Classic wedding gown styles (A-line, Princess, Sheath)

Sleek and romantic feel

May want to incorporate a family heirloom into their look

Focus is on: Accentuating the natural curves without looking too sexy


Like all water signs, Scorpio’s are sensitive and intuitive. They’re incredibly loyal and dedicated to their loved ones, but they’re also mysterious. Scorpios, being ruled by the reproductive system and sexual organs, are very sexual beings.  

Don’t be surprised, then, if a Scorpio bride wants to wear a sexy, alluring wedding gown. They’ll be drawn to something form-fitting that shows off their best assets.

Scorpio Wedding Gowns
Scorpio: The Seductive Bride


Mysterious, Sexual, Loyal

PLANET: Pluto, Mars

RULED BY: Reproductive System, Sexual organs

Mermaid gowns, Trumpet dress, or Fit-and-Flare styles

Sheer overlays, lace, clinging silk gowns, or a corseted bodice

Plunging neckline

Focus is on: Sensuality and sex appeal that feels empowering


Of all the signs, Pisces is the most romantic. They’re the dreamers of the zodiac. Creative, artistic, empathetic, and ethereal.

Neptune, the planet of imagination and creativity, rules Pisces. This is more likely to determine their fashion than the body part Pisces rules, which is the hands and feet.

Piscean brides tend to love the ocean and thus they may gravitate towards mermaid silhouettes or gowns with marine elements (like pearl embellishments or a soft blue color).

But more than anything else, a Pisces woman will want a dress that’s airy, feminine, and dreamy.

Pisces Wedding Dress
Pisces: The Romantic Bride


Creative, Empathetic, Romantic

PLANET: Neptune, Jupiter


Airy, feminine styles (think tulle, chiffon, or sheer overlays)

Mermaid gowns, soft loose hair

Might be drawn to non-white gown (Light blue, blush, or beige dress

Focus is on: Something with a light, dreamy feel

Air Signs

Air signs are harder to pin down than the other signs. On one hand, they’re intelligent and analytical. But they’re also incredibly creative, social, and communicative. They’ll look for a wedding gown that perfectly fits with their personal style and one that makes them feel unique and free.


Aquarius is one of the more eccentric signs. They tend to be independent, quirky, innovative, and unique. They’re also very clever and boundary-pushing.

Because of this, they’ll want a wedding gown that’s completely unique and that goes against the grain. They might wear a color other than white or choose an unconventional silhouette.

Aquarius is ruled by the ankles, so don’t be surprised if this bride wants to wear a short or tea-length wedding gown.

Aquarius Wedding Dress
Aquarius: The Unconventional Bride


Progressive, Unique, Self-Reliant

PLANET: Uranus

RULED BY: Ankles, Shins

Non-traditional gowns (like short wedding dresses, two piece gowns, or a jumpsuit)

May prefer soft-grey, gold, blush, or light lilac gown over white

Fashion-forward gowns with 3-D embellishments, unique cutouts, or interesting textures

Focus is on: High heels or short gowns that show off ankles


Libra’s are all about balance, harmony and peace. They’re also very friendly, social, charming, and flirtatious.

This sign is ruled by Venus, so they’re incredibly romantic. It’s also ruled by the lower back and buttocks, which will play a role in their choice of wedding gown.

A Libra bride will want a very feminine, romantic dress. She’s also stylish and trendy, so she’ll look for something that’s beautiful, elegant, and chic. On top of that, she’ll probably want something tight that shows off her lower body.  

Libra Wedding gown
Libra: The Flirtatious Bride


Harmonious, Engaging, Diplomatic


RULED BY: Lower Back, Buttocks

Slip dresses, Mermaid gowns, or Sheath dresses

Mixture of trendy and romantic styles

Elegant embellishments (subtle sparkles or lace)  

Focus is on: Body-hugging silhouettes that make you feel beautiful  


Gemini’s are known as social butterflies. They’re very outgoing and lively beings. They are also witty, charming, and versatile with a playful nature.

A Gemini bride will want to spend her wedding flitting around and dancing, so she’ll want to find a comfortable gown that let’s her move with ease.

This sign is also ruled by the hands and arms, so don’t be surprised if she gravitates towards long-sleeves.

Gemini Wedding Dress
Gemini: The Playful Bride


Charming, Social, Lively

PLANET: Mercury

RULED BY: Hands, Arms

Ballgowns, A-line, Sheath dress, Slip dress, or Fit and Flare styles (anything other than mermaid gowns)

Long-sleeves or off-the shoulder gowns

Light, flowy fabric like tulle or chiffon

Focus is on: A dress that allows for movement and dancing

So, now I have to know! Does your zodiac sign’s wedding dress fit with your style? Let me know in the comments down below.


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    Riyah Speaks says:

    I am a gemini and I have to say that I really love those dresses. I do prefer a light and floaty style. I also like the bolder looks too.

    1. avatar

      Interesting! Is your moon or rising sign Aries?

  2. avatar
    Ali Duke (@weirdoA) says:

    I love this post. I’m a pisces and the dresses pictured are totally something I would choose. I am definitely a dreamer lol.

  3. avatar

    What a fun post! Thanks for sharing.

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      So glad you enjoyed!

  4. avatar

    It seems it’s wrong for my star sign. For starters mine would be black 🤘🏾

    1. avatar

      Ohhh interesting – what sign are you? Aries and Aquarius are both likely to choose a non-traditional color like black.

  5. avatar
    Justin Nagundi says:

    I scrolled to my star sign. I definitely agree with the fact of wanting to dance. These zodiac things are terribly accurate.

    1. avatar

      They certainly can be 🙂

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    Fransic verso says:

    This is interesting to know signs and wedding can come together. Learned a lot from this.

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      Glad to hear it!

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