Well, it’s official! Awards season is here. And it’s kicking off with everyone’s favorite awards show. Just kidding! Although the Golden Globes has always been known as “the fun one” when it comes to awards season, it’s also the one with the most controversy. But, honestly, that’s a story for another day. Because today, we’re keeping it fun with a recap of the fashion highs and lows.

So, keep reading for my take on the top red carpet looks from the 2024 Golden Globes.

2024 Golden Globes Trends

As with every red carpet roundup, I like to start off with a quick look at the trending styles. Because at every awards show, there are clear standouts in terms of fashion trends – some good, some bad, but nonetheless, they’ll set the tone for the rest of the season.

Bows, of course

It-girlies know that bows have been hailed as one of the season’s biggest fashion trends, so of course, it’s not surprising to see so many of them on the red carpet!

I loved Reese Witherspoon’s dress – the asymmetric bow is subtle and gives an otherwise bland gown some pizazz.

Nude and Sheer

Sheer, nude gowns have been a huge red-carpet staple for a little while now and it seems that isn’t changing anytime soon. I, for one, am here for it! This is probably one of my favorite trends. When it’s done right, the result is PERFECTION. (See Emma Stone for an example.)

Emily Blunt’s gown, on the other hand, is one that seems to be mostly disliked. It’s not terrible, but she doesn’t pull the look off as well as some others.

Floral Details

Whether they’re small and delicate or big and bold, floral details are here this season. Rosettes seem to be the most popular choice, but I also loved some of the more subtle flower details.

Again, Emma Stone’s sheer gown had shimmery roses, which added to its perfection. I also really loved Rachel Smith’s dress. I know it’s probably not everyone’s cup of tea, but I found it adorable!

Mermaid Core

The mermaid-core trend seemed to be dying down lately, but based on the Golden Globes red-carpet, that might not be the case.

Taylor Swift rocked an iridescent green gown that definitely gave some Ariel vibes, but I think my favorite had to be Elizabeth Debicki. Her gold, shimmery dress was so delicate and ethereal. And the scales are just subtle enough to give us mermaid without dipping into costume territory.

White Lace

White was one of the biggest colors on this year’s Golden Globe carpet, which was a bit of a surprise. Even more surprising was the trend of white lacy looks. To be honest, it’s not my favorite. White lace gowns always remind me of a doily. But what do you think?

Pale Pink

For a while there, the Barbie pink trend was everywhere, but it looks like Millennial pink is making a comeback! On this red carpet, we saw plenty of stars wearing soft, pale pink gowns.

I especially loved the dress Jennifer Lopez wore. And Hunter Schafer’s dress was so ethereal and unique! She looked like a fairy princess.

Silver and Sparkly

Sparkles are definitely having a moment, and no where was that more apparent than at the Golden Globes. Sparkly silver gowns were especially trendy. Metallics can go one of two ways – they can look a bit like a disco ball if overdone, but when done right, they are enchanting. And this year, the silver looks slayed.

I loved Kate Beckinsale‘s daring look – the sheer bottom, the body-hugging top, the high neckline. All of it was breathtaking. Julia Garner also looked chic and edgy, but my favorite had to be Natalie Portman. Her shimmery silver gown was beyond gorgeous – a definite standout of the entire night.

Bold Red

Certain colors always seem to be popular and red is definitely one of them. And big, bold red gowns were everywhere last night.

Florence Pugh’s dress was a bit polarizing, but I personally found it fabulous. Heidi Klum also looked fantastic. The former model managed to incorporate several trends into her look, including sparkles and draped pleating.

But I think Julianne Moore was the standout for me in this category. Her dress was simple, but updated sweetheart neckline gave it just enough of a contemporary feel.

Dark and Heavy Velvet

We’ve seen so many light and airy gowns lately that this next trend came as a surprise to me. Dark velvet is about as opposite as you can get and while it’s not my favorite, I didn’t hate it. Jennifer Lawrence and Angela Bassett, especially, looked really good. Both were able to pull off the look.

Prada Prom

I thought long and hard about what to name this trend and Prada Prom was the most apt description. Prada is always one of the designers featured on the red carpet, but last night, several stars wore gowns from the fashion house that resembled 90’s prom dresses.

I like the Breakfast at Tiffany’s idea Hailee Steinfeld is going for here, but something about the execution just fell flat for me. And while Brie Larson looked cute, it seemed more fitting for a bridesmaid than a red-carpet.

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Golden Globes Superlatives

And now, for my Golden Globe Superlatives. These are the stars that really stood out. Whether for a good or bad reason.

Who Wore It Best

Sometimes two stars show up to a red-carpet wearing a nearly identical dress. When that happens, it’s inevitable that people will look to see who wore it best. In this case, I’m giving it to Sheryl Lee Ralph – she rocked this black and yellow gown!

Boldest Gowns of the Night

It’s always fun to see who shows up wearing a statement gown and these stars didn’t disappoint!

Margot Robbie kept with the Barbie theme wearing a recreation of the 1977 Superstar Barbie dress. I’ve seen a LOT of people putting her on their best dressed lists, but this one wasn’t actually my favorite. In fact, if I didn’t know it was inspired by the famous doll, I’d probably hate it. But, seeing as she was there because of her role as Barbie, it only makes sense that she’d dress like her.

Then there’s Natasha Lyonne. At first glance, her dress doesn’t seem all that fashion-forward, but when you take a closer look, you can see that it’s actually a very avant-garde look. I have mixed feelings about it, but I always appreciate when stars take a risk on the red carpet.

Issa Rae, however, looked absolutely stunning in her geometric gold gown!

Most Basic Gowns at the Globes

While some celebs like to take a fashion risk, others prefer to stick to something a bit more basic. Of course, basic doesn’t always mean bad. But it’s generally kind of boring.

Jennifer Aniston looked beautiful, but she wore what’s become her red-carpet go to. She tends to favor strapless, form fitting, or black gowns and last night she managed to put put them all together for a pretty, if predictable, look.

Worst Dressed

Time to crown the Worst-Dressed of the night! This one was actually kind of hard. Normally red carpets have an equal mix of hits and misses, but there were far more hits this time. Still, not everything was a win.

Billie Eilish stood out to me with her baggy, unflattering school girl uniform. And yes, I know, she’s made the whole oversized style Her Thing, but that doesn’t make it good!

I was also unimpressed with Greta Gerwig. Black gloves with a black gown is just a bit… too much, and not in a good way.

Finally, there’s Helen Mirren. It hurt my heart to put her on this list, but I just was not a fan of the poofy pastel look.  

Best Dressed

And last but (obviously) not least, here are the best dressed of the night!

I loved Carey Mulligan’s look – it was simple, but with some extra flair and it fit her perfectly. Oprah also looked amazing – she embodies the sparkle gown done right. Ariana Greenblatt was fierce and edgy – I actually forgot that she’s only 16 and at her first awards show. Well done!

Natalie Portman was another standout for me. The dress was form-fitting, elegant, and best of all, memorable. Naomi Watts rocked the metallic silver trend – I loved the detailing on her dress. Greta Lee wore a simple, white satin gown, but it was so well-executed.

But my absolute FAVORITE of the night has to be Emma Stone. She does the nude dress thing better than just about any other celeb and, even though she’s worn similar gowns in the past, she proved that there’s a reason she gravitates towards these kinds of gowns!

What do you think? Which Golden Globes 2024 look was your favorite? Let me know below!


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    I was really waiting for your fashion review for the Golden Globes.
    Even I was surprised to see white lace gowns.
    I loved the green gown of Taylor Swift but I also think only she can pull off this colour. And for me the clear winner was Oprah, fashionista.✌️🍸🏆

    1. avatar

      Oprah looked so regal in purple! I agree about TSwift too – it’s not so much that the color is hard to pull off, but the texture. Bright green plus tons of shimmer/sequins can easily look campy but she rocked it.

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