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Alright, friends! Earlier this week, I published a Holiday Gift Guide for Him, so of course, now I’ve got one for the ladies! Whether you’re shopping for a friend, a relative, or a lover, I’ve got a list of the best gifts for her this season.

And look out for my next and final gift guide later this week.

Simple Gift Ideas for Her

There are plenty of simple gift ideas for women – and honestly, there’s nothing wrong with going a bit simple! These examples are items that nearly every woman always needs (or wants) more of.

1. Makeup, Skincare, or Body Lotion

Is it an awful stereotype to say that women love makeup and skincare products? Ugh! I know – but it’s true. At least it is for me and a lot of the women I know.

2. Jewelry

Jewelry is always a thoughtful gift. You could get something high-end if you’re buying for a wife or girlfriend, or something simple and chic for a friend.

3. Jewelry Dish or Ring Holder

I don’t know any woman who doesn’t need an extra little jewelry dish for her nightstand or bathroom counter. If you’re looking to buy something small for a casual friend or your brothers’ new girlfriend, a small ring dish is a great choice. Or, for a more elaborate gift, get her a nice piece of jewelry to go with it.

4. Cute Coffee Mugs

I’ve got about a million coffee mugs, but I use them! You could pair a cute mug with a bag of her favorite coffee, or a sampler pack of a variety of unique coffee flavors. An insulated travel mug is also a great idea.

5. Wine Glasses

Wine glasses can be fun and eccentric, or, for the hostess in your life, consider gifting her with a set of glasses for her next dinner party. Again, you could pair this gift with a small bottle of wine or some wine glass charms to make it even more special.

6. Stationary

Here’s another gift idea if you need to get something small, but really cute stationary is fun and simple, but definitely useful.

7. Bath Products

There’s almost nothing more relaxing to me than taking a long bath with a good book. Personally, I’m a big fan of taking bath bombs or Epsom salt. But, a lot of women also love bath oils or salts.

This holiday, get her some bath products – she’ll definitely use them.

8. Scarves, Gloves, or a Winter Hat

Ladies love a good scarf – just ask Taylor swift. 🧣

9. Chunky Winter Sweater

This one is trickier, because if you’re giving clothing, you’ve got to know her size. But, if you do know her well enough, a good chunky sweater is perfect for winter-time.  

10. A Cozy Throw

How many blankets and throws do you have? I’ve got a lot – but, I love to snuggle up with a cozy throw when I’m reading or watching TV in the winter. For a more eloquent gift, you could pair this one with a good book, too, or choose a really luxurious blanket.

(Do you sense a theme? I do love a good paired gift!)

Best & Most Unique Gifts for Her

1. A Subscription to Something She Loves

I don’t know about you, but I get so much unwanted mail each month – bills, advertisements, that magazine from the previous owner that still gets sent to me. So, it’s always a pleasant surprise to get something I actually love in the mail – like my Allure Beauty Box.

There are a ton of other great makeup and skincare subscription boxes out there too. And, for book lovers, there’s Book of the Month. Scentbird is another fun one – it’s a subscription box that lets you try out different perfumes. Then there are the monthly clothing boxes, wine of the month clubs, and coffee subscriptions.

No matter what it is that the woman in your life loves, there’s a subscription service out there for that!

2. Tickets to a Show

I’m such a huge fan of going to a live show, and I know so many women who feel the same way. You could get her tickets to an upcoming concert by her favorite singer or take her to a play, a musical, or a ballet. Experience gifts are always a plus.

3. Something To Help Her Relax

While I don’t normally recommend gift cards, there is one exception to the rule: a Spa Day Gift Card. Give the gift of relaxation by getting her a massage, manicure, or facial at a local spa.

You could also opt to get her some at home spa day essentials, like a bath pillow or tray. Pair that with some bath products for a perfect gift.

4. A Unique Candle

Listen, I get it – candles can be an over-given gift. Especially for women. We tend to get a lot of candles over the holidays. But, if you can find a really unique candle, it’ll trump all the regular ones she’s already gotten.

A perfect example? These Homesick candles specific for each state.

5. Something Extra for Their Skincare

Makeup and skincare products are always good. And if you can give her a really fancy skincare device? Even better!

I, personally, LOVE my Foreo cleanser. I’ve also got a mini skincare fridge in my bathroom. I keep a lot of my facial lotions and face-masks in there along with my jade roller. And for the nights when I have a terrible headache, a cool jade-roller honestly does wonders.

6. An Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential oils are amazing! You can use them in so many different ways, but my favorite way is through an oil diffuser. It just makes the whole room smell nice.

Plus, this is another gift idea that could easily fall into the “something to help her relax” category.

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7. Tarot Cards

It’s no secret that I’m an experienced Tarot reader. While I don’t consider myself psychic by any means, I feel like tarot is a fun way to do some self-reflection.

And, a deck of tarot cards is a really unique gift idea for her.

The Light-Seer’s Tarot Deck is hands-down my favorite! But if you’re wanting to give a deck to a newer reader, I’d consider getting her one based on Ryder-Waite.

8. A New Purse or Luggage Set

Luggage sets make for great gifts for her. For one thing, they’re always needed. And really good ones are typically expensive enough that women might not buy a new one for themselves until they really have to.  

Purses on the other hand… well, that’s just something we like to have a few of.

9. A Digital Photo Frame

Even if she’s not super tech-savvy (ahem, hi!) digital photo frames are easy to set up and use.

Plus, for any woman in your life who wants a more minimal aesthetic, a digital photo frame is a great idea. That way, she can still display all her pictures without cluttering up a bookshelf or mantle.

10. Silk Pajamas

Pajamas are another gift that, like candles, can be slightly over-played. Unless, of course, you opt for a really nice pair of silk PJ’s.

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11. Artwork

This is, hands-down, one of my favorite gifts EVER. This one will likely take a bit of work on your part – nothing against Target, of course, but it’s best to get some really custom art pieces rather than something mass-produced. Instead, head to a local arts and crafts show, a gallery near you, or even Etsy to find something unique and beautiful for the woman in you life.


So, there you have it! The best holiday gift ideas for women.

What do you think of these gifts for her? Do you have any additional suggestions? Let me know in the comments below!

As always, thanks for reading!


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    Love the ideas, Katie!! Awesome list as always.

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      Thanks Biren!

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    Giulia says:

    I honestly wish people would give me stationary. They used to back in the 90s but then it kinda went out and apparently they haven’t clued in that stationary is back in. Unlucky me lol

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      Maybe they’ll start reading more blog posts recommending it and get the picture lol

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    Merry Sari says:

    Fantastic round-up! I would love to get coffee mugs or stationery 😀 Thanks for sharing x

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      So glad you enjoyed! I agree – both make for really great gift ideas.

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    There are some great gifts here, and such a wide variety of ideas! I needed the inspiration for my friends and family so this was super helpful. I’m personally holding out for a new tattoo, haha!

    1. avatar

      Ohhh, that’s an interesting gift idea. A gift card to a tattoo shop!

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    You’re right – these are awesome gifts for her! I know I’d be thrilled to receive any of them, so that’s a great sign, right? 😉 Fantastic round-up!

    1. avatar

      Thanks! So glad to hear that. And, yes – that’s the test of a good gift. If you’d want to get it, it’s probably good to give lol.

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    A subscription is a great idea because it’s the gift that keeps giving! Great suggestions x

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      Thanks so much! I agree!

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    These are some GREAT ideas!! Thank you so much for sharing.

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      Thank you! Glad you found it helpful!

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