I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while now but time just slipped away from me. 2022’s best TV show (in my opinion) was without a doubt White Lotus. If you haven’t watched it yet, I get it! I was slow to jump on the bandwagon myself. But trust me, you’ll want to check it out ASAP. (Season 2 was amazing!)

With that being said, I always love to dissect movies and TV shows – acting, writing, themes, characters—you get the picture. And when looking at characters, it’s fun to think about what their zodiac sign would be.

So today, I’m sharing just that! The zodiac signs for each of the main characters from White Lotus.

Zodiac Signs of White Lotus (S2)

Personally, I thought the second season was waaay better than the first, so for that reason, I’m only looking at the zodiac signs for the Season 2 characters. And, of course, this is just my speculation based on their traits and characteristics.

The show is what’s known as an ensemble cast—meaning there were no real “main characters.” Every character was important. So, I guess you could say there were a lot of main characters. While some were featured more prominently than others, all 13 of them were significant.

I decided to separate the characters into 4 distinct groups to make it easier.

White Lotus Group: Couples

First up, the couples. If I had to choose, these 4 would probably be the most important of the White Lotus characters. Ethan and Harper, a couple that’s newly wealthy thanks to Ethan’s tech company, are on vacation with Ethan’s college roommate, Cameron, and his wife Daphne.

Daphne – Sagittarius

Sagittarians are known for their free-spirited nature, their unyielding optimism, and their fiery passion. Daphne, then, embodies the archer to a T.

She’s got a fun, go-with-the-flow energy and lively personality, but she’s also open-minded and optimistic enough to deal with her husbands infidelity. Instead of letting it get her down, she finds her own way to deal with it… namely through impulsive, passionate affairs of her own.

Cameron – Leo

Leo’s are depicted as the lion. The king (or queen) of the jungle, lions are strong, powerful, and regal creatures who rule more with strategy and intelligence than with work-ethic. Which makes them an incredibly accurate symbol for a Leo!

Cameron is a classic Leo – confident, full of pride (bordering on arrogance), and with an air of dominance. Male lions are also known for being lazy, allowing the female to do the actual hunting. Which is kind of how Cameron acts in his marriage.

Harper – Capricorn

Capricorn’s sometimes get a bad rap; they come across as cold, aloof, and overly cynical. And Harper could definitely fit with all of those traits. But she’s also got the determination, intelligence, and practical nature that defines this sign.

And although Capricorn’s seem unemotional, they actually have a lot of internal sensitivity, something Harper also struggles with when it comes to Ethan.

Ethan – Taurus

Funnily enough, both couples are with someone of a similar zodiac element. Daphne and Cameron are fun and sensual fire signs while Harper and Ethan are both hardworking earth signs.

Taurus finds purpose in being productive; they want to build, grow, or make things and then sit back to enjoy their creations. They’re calm, reliable, and diligent in their work, but tend to enjoy luxury. Ethan, then, embodies the Taurus nature, even down to the possessiveness he shows over Harper.

White Lotus Group: Tanya & Friends

As one of only two returning cast members from Season 1, Tanya is certainly a fan favorite. She’s traveling to Italy to meet up with her husband, Greg (also from S1) and to his chagrin, she brought along her assistant, Portia.

Early on, Greg is called away on business. That means it’s just Tanya and Portia to keep each other company, until the pair meet Quentin. He’s a wealthy, gay English traveler on vacation with a group of friends and his nephew, Jack.

While they are important to the story, I didn’t include Greg or Quentin here – there just wasn’t enough information about them for an accurate zodiac guess.  

Tanya – Gemini

Tanya is about as Gemini as they come. As the life of the party, she truly embodies the social, friendly Gemini way.

She’s also curious and adaptable, smarter than she’s given credit for, and able to recognize what’s going on around her.

But she’s definitely got a few of the negative traits the Twins are known for. She’s fairly dramatic (she doesn’t hide this) and at times can be quite superficial.

Portia – Aquarius

Aquarians are the water-bearer (which can be confusing as they’re an air sign). But the water-bearer represents washing away the past and providing nourishment.

Similarly, Aquarius is forward-thinking and focused on growth. They see the world in a different way than those around them, often a much wiser – if misunderstood – way. Portia also embodies the quirky, independent, and slightly rebellious manner of the Aquarius.

Jack – Gemini

Like Tanya, Jack has the double-nature of a Gemini. He’s charming and charismatic, but equally cunning and deceptive.

As a Gemini, Jack is playful, fun, and somewhat reckless at times. He’s outgoing and able to talk to anyone, anywhere.

But he’s deeper, and far more insightful, than he appears on the surface. He has shown resilience and adaptability, doing whatever he needs to for survival.

White Lotus Group: Family

The Di Grasso family consists of three generations of men. There’s Albie, his father Dominic, and his grandfather, Bert. They’re traveling to Italy on a quest for ancestry, to find out more about their family history.

Dominic is also struggling with his marriage. His wife was supposed to join them on the trip, but has chosen not to due to his constant infidelity.

Albie – Cancer

Albie is a sweet, sensitive Cancer. Cancer’s are depicted as the crab and are known for being highly emotional and, at times, even moody. They’re also homebodies – like the crab, they want to retreat into their comfort zone. But that makes them excellent rulers of the home sphere.

They crave family and stability and show a lot of protectiveness over the people that they love. Much like Albie, whose gentle heart leads him to want to take care of Lucia.

Bert – Libra

Bert doesn’t have as much of a backstory as the rest of his family, but from what we do see, he appears to exhibit a true Libra spirit.

Libra’s are symbolized by the scales, suggesting that they crave balance and harmony and strive to be fair. Bert continuously brings up his upset over the fact that Dominic’s wife and daughter decided not to join. He clearly wants everyone to just get along, even offering to talk to his daughter-in-law to try and smooth things over. He’s also a very social, flirtatious man, qualities that are emblematic of the Libra.

Dominic – Scorpio

Scorpio’s are the most sexual sign in the zodiac, and, given that Dominic appears to have an unending appetite for sex, he definitely fits this. He’s also got the brooding Scorpion thing going on.

Aside from their sexual nature, Scorpio’s are known for being mysterious, intense, and assertive. The fact that Dominic is so successful in his business shows how determined he can be. And while he’s not faithful to his wife, he is loyal, with a clear desire to keep his family together.

White Lotus Group: Locals

Finally, that brings us to our last group, the Italian locals. Valentina is the manager of the White Lotus hotel, whose meticulous nature keeping things running smoothly at the hotel. Lucia and Mia, meanwhile, are two escorts who hang around the hotel in the hopes of finding wealthy clientele.

Valentina – Virgo

With her practical, detail-oriented sensibility, Valentina is a clear Virgo. Virgo’s are extremely hard-working, to the point that they sometimes forget to have fun.

Their perfectionist nature can make them overly critical of themselves or others, but they’re also selfless and kind-hearted. And they have an unassuming, humble quality that many of the other signs lack. Not to mention, they’re symbolized by the Virgin. Which, you know. Kinda fits with Valentina.

Lucia – Aries

Ah Lucia, easily the standout of the season! She’s bold, adventurous, and full of fiery passion, just like an Aries. She’s got a fun, playful energy and a great deal of desire.

But, as a hot-headed Aries, she can lose her temper.

Symbolized by the Ram, Arieans naturally take charge and are known for being brave, albeit sometimes reckless. She also has the strong, independent streak that defines Aries.

Mia – Pisces

And last but not least, we have Mia. Soft-spoken, dreamy Mia.

Like Bert, Mia doesn’t have quite as much screen time as most of her peers, but the time she does have on screen gives us a clear indication that she’s a true Pisces.

Although sometimes naïve, she has a strong intuition guided by her empathetic spirit. She’s also highly creative and focused on her artistic side, wanting only to sing.

Do you agree with these White Lotus zodiac signs? Let me know in the comments down below!


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    I’m on the final episode of season 1 of The White Lotus and absolutely love it so I’m mega excited to hear you say that season 2 is even better!

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      It is SO good – definitely the better season in my opinion

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