As the seasons change, so do our wardrobes. Now that we’re well into Spring weather, it’s time to swap out those sweaters for light jackets and loose tee’s. And each year, there are new fashion trends to look for along with the basic style staples. So, here are the best fashion essentials for Spring this year.

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12 Fashion Essentials for Spring

Spring Fashion Trends for 2022

Style trends come and go, so if you’re someone who loves to keep up with the latest fashion do’s, here’s what’s trending this year.

Fashion Essentials for spring based on current style trends
1. Bold, Bright Colors

Blame it on the pandemic or the idea of dopamine dressing, but this year it seems that bold, bright colors are taking over. Most notably, lime green seems to be everywhere lately. Depending on your skin tone, that’s a hard color to pull off, so you can also look for different shades of green. And of course, yellows and oranges would also be worthwhile.

2. Overall’s

I’ve noticed a lot of styles from the 90’s and Y2K era are coming back and it seems that overalls are one example. Personally, I love a good pair of overalls, especially loose-fitting jean overalls.

3. Cut-Out’s

Based on the red carpet fashion from the Oscars and Grammy’s, it’s clear that the cut-out trend isn’t going away anytime soon. Look for dresses or tops with interesting or unique cut-outs for Spring and Summer.

4. Crochet

The crochet thing is definitely in this year, which I’m all for. And it’s not just crochet tops or dresses, it’s crochet handbags too!

5. Mini Skirts/Dresses

It seems like showing more skin is a big trend this year (just look at how popular cut-outs are). In previous years, we saw more midi and maxi dresses, but this year, mini dresses are going to be back in.

6. Fanny Packs

Finally, there’s been some debate over this one, but I’ve seen that fanny packs might be making a bit of a comeback. Once again, this is a trend I’m all for—say what you will about them, but fanny packs are incredibly convenient. And there are plenty of cute, stylish fanny packs you can find.

Basic Fashion Essentials for Spring

While some trends may come and go, there are certain basics that are always in style. Here are some of the best fashion staples you should have:

1. White Pants

Yes, I know, skinny jeans are out. But, personally, I think a pair of skinny white jeans is always a good look for Spring. You could also look for tapered white pants or loose fitting white jeans.

2. Jean Jacket

With Spring comes warmer weather, but it’s still sometimes on the chilly side. Which makes a jean jacket the perfect accessory to have on hand.

3. Sundress

Sundresses are always a good investment because they never go out of style. In 2022, short sundresses will be in vogue, but that doesn’t mean a flowing midi or maxi dress won’t still look fashionable.

4. Neutral Handbag

Bold, bright colors might be in this year, but it’s still a good idea to have a neutral handbag that’ll go with everything. Another big trend this year is smaller handbags rather than the large totes from past years.

5. Striped T-Shirt

T-shirts are always in style, particularly a good stripped tee. Look at almost any capsule wardrobe example and you’ll find one for that reason.

6. Strappy Sandals

Finally, strappy sandals are perfect for Spring. Again, going with something neutral is a safe bet as it’ll pair with any outfit.

Spring Fashion Finds on Amazon

Here are some great Spring fashion finds from Amazon to help get you started:

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What are your fashion essentials for Spring? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. avatar

    I appreciate your creativity and the effort you put into every post. Keep up the great work!

  2. avatar

    Such great suggestions! I am all in for the fanny packs and overalls, really need to try to get more bold with colours and finding something great to wear this season x

    1. avatar

      I’m such a fan of the fanny pack 🙂

  3. avatar

    Great suggestions! I love summer dresses and strappy sandals!

    1. avatar

      Yes, absolutely! Same here!

  4. avatar

    I might have to finally get some sun dresses; I rarely wear anything other than trousers/pants so it would be a nice change up!

    1. avatar

      I love wearing dresses in the warm weather – I find it so much more comfortable.

  5. avatar
    mindbeautysimplicity says:

    these are perfect spring clothing essentials to mention. i will keep these in mind as i’m decluttering and putting together my spring/ summer wardrobe. i especially love wearing sundresses this time of year. it makes getting dressed so simple and easy.

    1. avatar

      It really does! Plus, when it’s hot out, it’s so much more comfortable than jeans or shorts.

  6. avatar

    So good!! I love the basics!

    1. avatar

      Same here! Thanks for reading 🙂

  7. avatar

    Despite loving fashion my entire life and even being a style blogger for 5+ years, I have lost my interest in trends entirely in the past few years. If I could just be in jeans and graphic tees all the time, I’d be a happy camper. However, I know that’s not practical and definitely not as cute. I appreciate posts like this for reminding me what I should try!

    1. avatar

      There’s no shame in that! I love wearing shorts and a t-shirt too.

  8. avatar
    Jodie | That Happy Reader says:

    I always appreciate knowing what’s in fashion so thanks for this post. I love spring and summer dresses!

    1. avatar

      Same here! They’re always so festive and fun.

  9. avatar

    Some great suggestions. I need to invest in a Spring dress, I don’t actually own one. I have recently bought a faux suede jacket to throw over t-shirts and things for the Spring and it’s perfect x

    1. avatar

      That would look SO cute over a spring dress!

  10. avatar

    I love wearing vibrant colors like orange and mustard yellow. It makes me feel like I’m on vacation (even when I’m not). I definitely cannot pull off wearing a lime green piece but maybe an accessory would do the trick!

    Crystal | Amazing Baby

    1. avatar

      I can’t even pull off orange or yellow, so you’re one step ahead of me there!

  11. avatar
    ellegracedeveson says:

    These are some really great suggestions lovely! I love spring/summer clothing, so much more to play with than A/W. I love the bright colours and patterns and that’s something I’ll for sure be playing about with this year. Thank you so much for sharing with us Xo

    Elle –

    1. avatar

      I’m the same way! The only problem is that I can’t always pull off the bright colors that I love on other people.

  12. avatar
    Giulia says:

    I’m crocheting up a storm cuz crochet is back!!

    1. avatar

      It absolutely is!

  13. avatar

    These are some great suggestions. I have a denim jean jacket and love it. I have one summer dress and one long maxi skirt. I want to buy more though, as I am now losing weight I want to wear more dresses. Thank you for sharing your suggestions.

    Lauren x

    1. avatar

      I’m a huge fan of spring dresses – I love them in the summer. So comfortable and cute!

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