The 94th Academy Awards were held last night, which means the stars were out in all their glamour. Other than Don’t Look Up, I actually haven’t seen any of the nominated movies this year. Still, I do always love to check out the red carpet dresses. So, here’s my take on the Oscars fashion.

(Side note: this is definitely a different type of post for me, as it’s mostly pictures and opinions. I’d love to know if you like this, though, and would be interested in seeing more like it.)

Oscars: Fashion Staples

Every year, there are certain go-to fashion staples seen at the Oscars. Typically, that includes black and white gowns. Which totally makes sense, seeing as the colors are timeless and tend to look good on everyone.

Here are some of the black and white looks from this year. Personally, I loved Laverne Cox and Sophia Carson’s the most.

Black & White

Oscars 2022: Trend Watch

And of course, each year sees new trends. Certain colors, silhouettes, or patterns tend to be more prevalent on the red carpet. This year, I noticed a lot of sparkles, cut-outs, bright yellow, and pastel colored gowns.


By far my favorite was Lupita N’yongo, who always looks amazing. Timothée Chalamet also wore an interesting ensemble. I wasn’t sure about his at first, but it definitely started to grow on me.



But, by far, the biggest trends I saw were blush colored dresses and the return of the bold red dress.


Some of my favorite looks of the night were the blush colored gowns – especially the ones worn by Lily James and Zuri Hall.

Bold Red Dress

And of course, the bold reds were everywhere. Here are the ones that stood out to me as being amazing.

These red gowns, on the other hand, weren’t my favorite.

My Best and Worst

Ah, and now the categories you’ve been waiting for: best and worst dressed. (Let’s be real: we all love to play Fashion Police.)

Looks I Loved

I was really drawn to the slinky, sparkly, and intricate dresses seen here from Zendaya, Alanna Haim, and Emilia Jones.

Rachel Zegler’s see-through black gown was also a standout. And I loved the sweet silver dress worn by Sean Combs’ daughter, Chance.

Finally, Zuri Hall wore one of my favorite blush colored gowns. I also really liked the looks from Megan Thee Stallion and Rachel Lindsay.

Cutest Couples

I was also a huge fan of the looks worn by Sophie Hunter and Christine Baumgartner. And although there were a lot of bold choices for the men last night, I appreciate that Kevin Costner and Benedict Cumberbatch went with the simple black suit.

Best Dressed: My Top 3

But, there can only be one winner (or, in this case, three.) While I love all of these, I think my top choice would be Regina Hall.

Lily James is a close second, though, and Vanessa Hudgens looked beyond beautiful.

Looks I Hated

Easily the most fun to judge is the bad. These were the looks I absolutely hated.

Worst Dressed: My Top 3

There’s bad and then there’s really bad. Here’s my list of the top 3 absolute worst: Billie Eilish (looks like a trash bag!), Jessica Chastain (I normally love her fashion choices, so this was a big disappointment), and Tracee Ellis Ross (so close to being lovely! I just can’t with the odd top, which looked to me like pasties.)

And Finally, the Undecided

I went back and forth with all of these. One minute, they were in the ‘hated’ column, the next, I thought, “Oh that’s kind of cool.” So, I’m listing them as ‘undecided’ for you to be the judge.

What did you think of the fashion choices at the Oscars? Do you agree with my best/worst? Let me know in the comments below!


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    Oscar fashion? Yes please! I loved reading this, I usually see these just on instagram so for a change, I loved it! Lily James’ outfit it’s most definitely my favourite x

    1. avatar

      She looked so beautiful! I always love seeing Oscar gowns. And I miss E!’s Fashion Police!!

  2. avatar

    What a brilliant read! I loved this thank you for sharing. I definitely think you should keep this up, I don’t know how you pulled together all the photos but I think you’ve done really well here. I like the different categories you’ve chosen too. I didn’t like Tracee Ellis Ross’ dress personally.

    1. avatar

      It actually took forever! LOL – but basically, I found the photos and used Canva to put the spreads together. And thank you for noticing that!

      I agree about Tracee Ellis Ross; the top just really threw me and I wasn’t here for it. I would’ve loved the dress had it been a traditional strapless or halter-top neckline.

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    This was definitely an interesting post for me since this year was the first year I forgot all sbout them. I like how each one of the celebrities chooses to represent his personality through their choices. I definitely agree with you for the category you could not decide whether you like it or not. It was this group of photos that made me truly wonder what I feel about them.

    1. avatar

      At present, I think I’m leaning towards liking Kristen Stewart’s and disliking the other two. But I’m still not entirely sure.

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    Jodie | That Happy Reader says:

    Who doesn’t love a post about Oscars fashion! I liked Jessica Chastain’s dress. I find Nicole Kidman, as such a beautiful woman, never chooses colours that flatter her. I’d love to see her in a jewel tone. Totally agree with you on Kristen Stewart and Billie Eilish. Thanks for sharing.

    1. avatar

      I might be in the minority with Jessica Chastain, but I just wasn’t feeling it.

  5. avatar

    So, I agree that Jada’s dress style was a little iffy for me….but HOLY CRAP the color is amazing! I would wear that color any day of the week! So pretty!

    1. avatar

      Color-wise, yes absolutely! Emerald green is a gorgeous color choice. But there was so much fabric it seemed like the dress swallowed her.

  6. avatar

    I loved the blush outfits too, Lily James & Vanessa Hudgens were probably my favourites. It is quite fun to see the different styles x

    1. avatar

      Lily James was definitely one of the best looks

  7. avatar

    ‘Looks like two pasties.’ now that made me chuckle. All be it, I’ve seen the two pasties on a number of designs recently so maybe a trend! I quite like colour and design of Megan The Stallion’s dress.

    1. avatar

      Possibly, but I wasn’t here for it. Disappointing, too, because the rest of the dress was really great. I liked Megan’s too – very unique and fun.

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    The fashion is easily the best part of the Oscars for me. Some years I feel like I love everything, others not so much. I’m very split this year. One thing that stood out to me is Penelope Cruz- I’d like it more without the bow at the neck, and more of an up-do. It could be such a good ‘bad girl’ vibe! Not sure if that makes it Oscars worthy, but still. Love this post idea- you should definitely do it again!

    1. avatar

      I was very torn on hers. I couldn’t decide if I liked it or not, but I think you’re right, it’s not quite Oscars worthy.

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    Thanks for sharing the looks from last night. The one trend we really don’t like is the yellow. It’s very unflattering. We like the bold red and the sparkles.

    1. avatar

      Certain people can pull it off, but I agree it’s a more difficult color to wear well.

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    ThePlainSimpleLife says:

    So many amazing looks! I love how you can really go all out at the Oscars, whether it’s a look that gets you on the best or worst dressed list. It’s always fun to watch!

    1. avatar

      That’s true – I think I’d rather be on either best or worst dressed rather than the forgettable looks.

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    I loved all the looks that I saw as they are such a beautiful representation of the diverse personalities, ages, shapes and sizes, etc. — they reflect the people wearing them so well. It was lovely to see so many different looks!

    1. avatar

      Absolutely! It’s always fun to see what people choose.

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