Wedding season is just around the corner. And for soon-to-be brides, that means it’s crunch time on wedding planning. From finalizing the seating arrangements to making sure the dress is picture perfect, brides everywhere are putting the final touches on their big day. And, like most things in life, weddings have plenty of traditional and commonplace aspects. Which also means that there are plenty of popular—and unpopular—wedding opinions.

Today’s post will be focusing on the unpopular opinions. And since I’m not in the wedding-planning stages myself, I asked another blogger to come on. Bee, from Mind Beauty Simplicity, was kind enough to agree.

If you aren’t familiar with Mind Beauty Simplicity, she writes about intentional living, de-cluttering, minimalism, and self growth. As you can imagine, she’s all about simplicity. So, she’s sharing her unpopular wedding opinions as a simple bride.

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Unpopular Wedding Opinions According to a Simple Bride

6 Unpopular Wedding Opinions

BY: Bee

In all honesty – I would have been more than happy to flee off to Vegas & elope at the little White Chapel on the strip. So, how did I end up planning a 200 guest destination wedding with traditions galore? I don’t really know either – call it compromise I guess.

But I will say, although we have gone more the traditional route in the wedding department, we have ditched a lot of so-called “traditions” out the window – like going to the courthouse a few months before the “actual wedding.”

Here are more of my unpopular wedding opinions.

1. Garter Tosses Give Me The Ick 

You won’t be seeing the garter or bouquet toss at our reception. First of all, I think we all can agree the garter toss is one of the most cringe moments in wedding history. Who wants to be groped while their grandparents or parents are watching from afar? No thanks.

In reality, the bouquet toss is OK. Far less embarrassing than your husband reaching under your dress for a lace elastic band. I just, personally, don’t feel like seeing my unmarried friends fight over some flowers. 

2. Getting Ready Outfits Are A Waste of Money

Thanks to Pinterest, we’ve gotten it in our heads that we NEED to have the most aesthetically pleasing wedding photos. And, apparently, the getting ready photos are top tier. I’m even guilty of ordering mauve colored robes for all my girls and I’m kind of mad at myself for being so influenced by social media. So, even though I’m partaking in this tradition, I think these getting ready outfits are a total waste.

Hear me out – chances are the girls will only wear those robes or pajama sets THAT DAY. As soon as the weekend is over, they’ll probably donate them or give them away. These bridesmaid pajamas are one of many so called “must haves” that are just flat out a waste of money and energy to order. 

3. Kids Attending A Wedding Is Just An Added Headache

I feel like I’m going to get some heat for this one. All the parents coming at me for being a cold-hearted kid hater? No ma’am! That’s not what I’m saying.

For our case, we’re having a destination wedding and felt it was easier to keep the little ones at home. We love our nieces, nephews, and friends’ kids so much. We just chose not to deal with flower girls or ring bearers. And from my experience, it becomes more of a hassle having to keep an eye on the kids. 

4. Bridesmaids/Groomsmen Are Nice But Not Necessary

Sometimes I feel like it’s hard to choose who will stand up with you on your big day. So, we took the easy way out and chose all family (siblings, SIL, BIL etc.) In all honesty though, I would have been more than happy to have had no bridesmaids.

Like I said, I’m that bride and groom only, eloping type of gal. Don’t get discouraged if you see photos of brides with 10 bridesmaids and you only have, like, 3 close friends. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard these groups becoming frenemies by the end of it all. 

5. Wedding Favors Just Get Thrown in the Trash 

We ditched a lot of little details to save time, money, and energy. One of these being party favors for the guests. I have a memory of helping my fiance put together party favors for his sister’s wedding a few years ago. They were little chocolates in boxes. Can you believe all 150 chocolates melted in the sun by the end of the night?

I find these gifts to be a waste and most guests forget to even leave with them anyway. Save the money and use it on something else – like your honeymoon. 

6. More Intimate Weddings Are the Way To Go

Even though my own wedding has turned into a large affair, I still believe smaller and more intimate weddings are the way to go.

Honestly the whole drive-thru wedding trend during quarantine was right up my alley. I find smaller weddings to be nicer because you can spend quality time with the guests that decided to attend. You don’t have the headache of saying hi to hundreds of guests – some of which you may not even really know!

Weddings should be unique to each couple. There is no wrong or right way to put on a wedding. While some traditions need to go out the window, I also find others to be classic and timeless.

Conclusion: Unpopular Wedding Opinions

Thanks so much to Bee for sharing her unpopular opinions as a current-bride. I certainly agree with the garter toss tradition being a bit icky, the getting-ready outfits being unnecessary, and the fact that intimate weddings are better. As a parent myself, I’m torn on the issue of kids. It is easier, but it’s sometimes hard to find babysitting. And as for the wedding favors, I half agree. Most definitely do seem like a waste. But I’ve been to some weddings where they have a unique favor, like a candy bar where you get to fill your own bag, that I liked a lot.

But what about your unpopular wedding opinions? Do you agree with what Bee said? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

And as always, thanks for reading!


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  1. avatar

    I had not heard of the drive thru wedding during COVID, I did hear about the drive thru baby showers tho.

    1. avatar

      Me too – I get why people did that, but I wasn’t a fan. It just really wasn’t the same.

  2. avatar

    First of all, I hope that Bee has a special and memorable day! I agree with her on these items. I’m thankful I was married before the social media days – so much pressure on the wedding couple now more than ever. Thanks for sharing.

    1. avatar

      That’s such a good point! People really want to show off how amazing their wedding was on social media so there’s a lot of pressure.

  3. avatar

    I agree with all of these points! So many people get into debt for their wedding day, spending money on things that will only get used for one day. I always wonder about these people with 10 brodesmaids – I don’t think I even have 10 close girl friends! Great guest post by Bee 😊

    1. avatar

      I know! I always think the same thing – I don’t even have 10 people I’d feel close enough to ask to stand up there with me!

  4. avatar
    mindbeautysimplicity says:

    thanks for the guest post opportunity! i hope your readers enjoyed hearing about this unpopular opinions. 🙂

    1. avatar

      So glad to have you on!

  5. avatar
    According to Chren says:

    We completely agree with wedding favors being a waste.

    1. avatar

      I think it depends on what it is. Giving something people can actually use – like little candies or something, is kind of cool. But most of them are wasteful.

  6. avatar

    Ooh I love this! I completely agree with the garter toss being a bit weird, smaller, more intimate weddings being the way to go and getting ready outfits being a bit of a waste. Thank you so much for sharing x

    1. avatar

      It is an odd tradition, isn’t it?

  7. avatar

    Honestly, I agree with so much of this! My husband and I had a TINY budget wedding (like… under $5000, which is unheard of these days) and it was a DREAM. A lot of our savings came from the fact that I was full-time fashion blogging at the time, so things like my dress and my bridesmaid robes were gifted. But most everything else was done by friends or family and we still hear TO THIS DAY from people who raved about how much better our wedding was than most they went to hahaha! We didn’t do favors, a garter toss, or anything crazy. We had a taco bar for dinner and a s’mores bar for dessert. There were simple drinks, fun dancing, and just an all-around good time. And we saved a crazy amount of money, so like… win win! Sometimes the simpler the better, I swear!

    1. avatar

      Totally agree – the most important thing is being able to celebrate love with the important people in your life.

  8. avatar

    These sound very reasonable takes. I find most wedding games embarrassing – newlyweds tests and guest games.
    My bff had bridesmaid and best man, but no extra outfits or stuff. We were more to help before and during the party with stuff. Only requirement was my dress had to be red. Wedding theme was white and red. But since red is my favorite color I was fine with it 🙂 and have worn dress after that also.

    1. avatar

      That’s a great way to do it – that way you know your bridesmaids will love what they wear.

  9. avatar

    When I got married we were *LEGALLY* only allowed to have ten people at our wedding. Almost all the wedding traditions definitely went out the window. I think the only thing we did was the ‘giving away’ of the bride, first dance, and cake cutting.

    1. avatar

      I’m guessing you got married during the COVID/lockdown protocols. That definitely changed a lot of things for a lot of people.

      1. avatar
        rachelramdhan says:

        I got married during a State of Emergency with curfew hours lol. It changed so many things for us but has inspired us do a vow renewal later on in our marriage so we can celebrate with everyone.

        1. avatar

          That’s so cool!

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