For everyone who enjoys celeb gossip and reality TV, this one’s for you! An op-ed from freelance writer, Heidy De La Cruz, about why Khloe and Lamar made a perfect match.

So, if you’re a fan of the Kardashians, or just want something fun to read, check out her thoughts on why Khloe and Lamar should get back together.

I Secretly Wish Khloe and Lamar
Would Get Back Together

BY: Heidy De La Cruz

As a longtime fan of the Kardashians, I’ve seen every episode of their shows, from Keeping Up With The Kardashians on E! to The Kardashians on Hulu and all their spin-offs. So, of course, I saw the spin-off show Khloe and Lamar. I loved seeing them together; they were funny, she looked so happy, and he gained a family he didn’t have before. However, a lot was going on behind the scenes. 

If you don’t know who they are, you’ve either been living under a rock or just don’t care for the Kardashians (in that case, why are you reading this?!)

Quick background info for those who don’t know

Lamar Odom is a former NBA player. He played for the L.A. Lakers from 2004 until 2011 when he was traded to the Dallas Mavericks. (That trade happened to be one of the low points of his life.) And Khloe Kardashian is, well, a Kardashian! 

They tied the knot in 2009 after just a month of dating, proving that when you know, you know. However, their love didn’t last and they split in 2013 due to Lamar’s infidelity and inability to control his additions.

The two officially divorced in 2016, which was another low point in his life (and one that led to a near fatal overdose.) Despite how much shit he put Khloe through, I’ve always rooted for them.

So, here’s why I secretly hope Khloe and Lamar get back together.

1. They had a strong connection

As I said, they married after knowing one another for only 30 days. They were immediately attracted to each other and later said they knew right away that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. That type of connection doesn’t happen that often, to anybody.

And yes, some might argue that it was lust, but honestly, I knew I wanted to marry my husband shortly after we started dating. I was looking at engagement rings after a month of us dating. Did I tell him? Hell no! But I knew this was the man I wanted to marry. Again, when you know, you know. 

2. I believe in second chances

I truly believe everyone deserves a second chance. Now, if you blow that one, then you’re done. But people learn from their mistakes. And people can do better if they actually want to. After all, the best apology is changed behavior.

TMZ released a special on Hulu called Lamar Odom: Sex, Drugs, and Kardashians, and the way Lamar talked about Khloe was telling. He spoke about how much she did for him and sounded incredibly remorseful for everything he put her through.

During his overdose, Khloe was the first person to get on a private jet to be by his side. She paused the divorce to represent him legally if anything happened, and she helped him with rehab. They remained friends, but they never got back together. She went on to date another basketball player, Tristen Thompson, who also cheated on her while pregnant with his child. 

After she took him back, he got another girl pregnant behind Khloe’s back. Now, Tristen has no excuse because at least Lamar has an addiction (disease) to sex and cocaine; Tristen is just……well, a piece of shit (sorry, not sorry). 

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3. Lamar isn’t a bad man; he has a disease

I know, I know, being addicted to sex and cocaine isn’t an excuse to cheat on your spouse. But it’s not something you can control unless you get treatment!

In his Hulu special, Lamar goes into details about the lowest points in his life and how the addiction started. 

First, his father was an addict, and according to research, kids who have at least one parent who’s an addict are four times more likely to develop a substance abuse disorder. Second, he’s dealt with the death of loved ones from a young age. His mom died when he was twelve, he lost a son due to SIDS at 26, and in 2011 he lost his close cousin who was like a brother to him. Honestly, that’s more than enough for someone who never learned to deal with grief in a healthy way to spiral someone into addiction.

While watching the special and listening to everything he has dealt with, it’s understandable that his disease (addiction) got the best of him, but that doesn’t make him a bad guy for Khloe.

In fact, he admitted that Khloe was the best thing that had happened to him. When asked what he would say if Khloe called him right now and asked him to dinner, his response was, “When and where?”

He also shared that he doesn’t take the first step in reaching out because he wouldn’t be able to handle the rejection, but wishes nothing but happiness for her.

Lamar isn’t a bad guy, and I hope they get back together. As long as he stays in treatment, addiction is a lifelong struggle, and he stays sober; I think they would be good for each other.


Heidy De La Cruz is a freelance writer and podcaster. She writes a weekly newsletter on Substack, Into My Thoughts, where she shares her opinions on various topics. Heidy is the host of “The American Dream in The Eye of Immigrants Podcast” where immigrants share their stories about moving to the United States. She holds a master’s degree in Healthcare Administration and bachelor’s degree in Psychology. She works as a Medical Coding Analyst.

In her free time, she enjoys reading, listening to podcasts, watching movies, and spending time with her husband and two kids.

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