Here in the US, we celebrate Mothers Day on the second Sunday in May. This year, that means it falls a bit early—on May 8th to be exact.

While it’s become somewhat commercialized (much like Valentine’s Day), the idea behind it is a nice one. Mom’s play such an important role in our lives. And if you are a mom, you’re well aware of that.

So, here are some fun, creative ways to celebrate the mom in your life this year.

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How To Celebrate Mothers Day This Year

How you choose to celebrate mothers day will likely have a lot to do with where you are in life. For some, you’ll be doing something special for your own mama—taking her to a nice lunch or sending her flowers. But for others, you’ll be the one being treated.

With that in mind, here are some Mother’s Day ideas for whatever stage of life you’re in.

If You’re Sensitive to the Word “Mom”

Mother’s Day isn’t something to celebrate for everyone. Maybe you’re trying to conceive and struggling. Or maybe you’ve recently lost your own mom. It could even be that you don’t have a great relationship with your mom.

1. Give Yourself Permission to Grieve

If, for whatever reason, you’re sensitive to the word “mom,” then the best way to spend the day is to let yourself grieve. Don’t worry about going to your sister’s Mothers Day lunch. If your in-laws always host a gathering, go ahead and skip it. It’s important to take care of your own emotions.

If You’re Celebrating a Mom You Love

1. Get Brunch Together

We all love brunch, right? That explains why it’s been a Mother’s Day staple for years. It might be basic, but it’s a classic celebration for a reason.

Take your mom/sister/partner out for brunch and share some laughs.

2. Go to an Art Fair

Where I live, there’s an annual Art Fair each year on Mother’s Day. If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere with a similar event, then this is one of the best ways to celebrate.

Of course, not everyone has that option. If there are no art fairs near you, you can always browse a local art gallery or museum instead.

3. Have a Barbecue

Spring is in the air and the weather is getting warmer. Having a backyard barbecue is a perfect way to celebrate that along with the mom you love. In fact, make it a full-blown affair and invite some friends, family, and neighbors over too.

If You’re Expecting

1. Get a Pedicure

Being pregnant is no walk in the park. There’s morning sickness, nausea, swollen ankles, extreme fatigue, and the constant need to get up in the middle of the night and pee. Basically, for nine months, your life sucks.

It might not be possible to get a massage or a facial, but you can still have a little pampering with a mani-pedi. Just make sure to clear it with your doctor first.

2. Craft Something for the Baby

One fun thing about expecting, though, is the excitement you feel about becoming a mom. If you’re a creative person, crafting something for the baby is a great way to celebrate that next milestone.

Go to your local crafts store and pick up whatever you think you’ll enjoy. A scrapbook, a baby blanket, or a DIY piece of wall art.  

3. Watch a ‘Mom’ Movie

There are plenty of great movies about motherhood to watch as you anticipate being a mom yourself.

Here are a few suggestions:

Because I Said So
Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again
Little Women [Ultra HD]
Bad Moms

If You’re a Mom

1. Have a Play Date with your Mom Friends

If you’ve got a little one, ask a mom friend or two to get together with the little ones. You can go to a park or just have a play date at your place. Having another mom to vent to and laugh with can be incredibly helpful, especially in those early, sleep deprived days of motherhood.

2. Go for a Girl’s Night Out

After your breakfast in bed and homemade cards, take some much-needed mom time with your girlfriends. Go out for drinks—or even just a late afternoon coffee with friends.

3. Pamper Yourself

Whether it’s sleeping in, getting a massage, or just having an extra piece of dessert, make sure you pamper yourself on Mothers Day. You deserve it.


For all my current, soon-to-be, or maybe-one-day moms out there, I hope you have a wonderful celebration. Happy Mother’s Day!

What are your Mothers Day plans? Let me know in the comments below!

xx Katie

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