Yep, it’s another Fashion Police post! This time, it’s for the VMA’s. In case you’re not aware, the MTV Video Music Awards were held last night, celebrating the best in music.

As a whole, the VMAs are known for two things:

  1. Reminding you how old and out of touch you are
  2. Outrageous red carpet fashion

So, while I don’t know who all (OK, a lot) of these people are, here’s my take on the VMA’s fashion—the good, the bad, and the WTF.

Fashion at the VMA’s

The VMA red carpet is typically filled with outlandish looks and a whole lot of skin. And this year’s awards were certainly no different. In all honesty, there’s really no such thing as a “safe” VMA dress. The closest you could get would be a simple black gown.

Black is always in style

Even those who chose to go in the classic LBD did so in style. I was a huge fan of Dixie D’Amelio’s gown. Even though it was relatively simple, it was classy and beautiful all the same.

Sophia Carson showed up looking like a super sexy version of Morticia Addams and I’m not going to lie, I was here for it!

(Left to Right) Bebe Rexha, Sophia Carson, Dixie D’Amelio
(Left to Right) Nessa, Lili Reinhart, Ashley Graham

I wasn’t a huge fan of Ashley Graham’s gown, only because of what looked to be safety pins holding it up.

And I’m a little on the fence about Nessa’s Hot Topic-esque look. What do you think? (Side note, do y’all remember Hot Topic?! Good times.)

Buzziest Fashion Moments

Yes, most of last night’s red carpet fashion was buzzy, but there were a few looks in particular that REALLY had people talking.

Lil Nas X showed up the way only Lil Nas X can. (Honestly, can anyone else pull off what this man seems to pull off on the daily?) Go big or go home. Nas got the message.

Then we’ve got Lizzo and what will, in the years to come, be known as the gown that sparked a million memes. But you know what? I don’t hate it! Sure, it looks a little like she wrapped herself up in the nearest drapes, but who cares? Lizzo is amazing and she can damn well wear what she wants.

(Left to Right) Lil Nas X and Lizzo

All that Glitters

Sheer, sparkly gowns aren’t new, but they are amazing.

I’m not 100% sure who Chloe Bailey is, but I’m pretty sure I’ve listed her as one of my red carpet favorites before. And once again, she does not disappoint.

Also, does Taylor Swift ever look bad on the red carpet? Seriously, find me ONE single example where she didn’t absolutely slay on the red carpet. I dare you.

(Left to Right) Chloe Bailey, Taylor Swift, Melissa Gorga

Florals? Groundbreaking

Yes, I’m misquoting The Devil Wears Prada. And yes, I know it’s not Spring, but these dresses are in fact groundbreaking, so the irony here works.

I’m loving this entire thing that Dove and Sabrina have going on. It’s feminine and flirty but also edgy and rocker-chic. Becky G’s gown reminds me of stained glass in a cathedral. It’s so much fun!

(Left to Right) Dove Cameron, Sabrina Carpenter, Becky G

Green with Envy

I didn’t see a whole lot of one specific color on the carpet last night, but this one stood out like a sore thumb.

Bright, neon green seems to be everywhere right now. I also noticed a lot of platform shoes. It’s very 60’s, but I don’t hate it.

(Left to Right) Ava Max, Lotto, Colton Haynes

Fun and Funky

Keeping with the whole 60’s thing that’s in right now, it looks like mini-skirts are back in a major way. This is one of those things that seems to come and go every ten years or so. Too bad I didn’t keep any of my old jean skirts from high school.

As for these looks, they’re all fabulous but Brooklyn Nikole’s furry ensemble is giving me life!

(Left to Right) Taylor Rooks, Brooklyn Nikole, Sabrina Quesada

Futuristic Vibes

I’m a fan of Chloe Fineman on SNL, but I wasn’t loving this. It looks like a down comforter from outer space. But maybe it’s meant to be funny?

As for Anitta and her structural red gown. I love this one! She’s proving it doesn’t have to be silver or shiny to look like it’s from the future.

(Left to Right) Chloe Fineman, Anitta, Shenseea

Black & White

Chloe Flower and Conan Gray are both on-point with the platform shoe trend.

I’m not entirely sure about this outfit from Sarah Ramos, though. It looks more like she’s a bartender than a red-carpet attendee.

(Left to Right) Conan Gray, Sarah Ramos, Chloe Flower

Group Fashion

Of course, it is the Video Music Awards, so there were plenty of bands on the carpet last night. I’m not familiar with Blackpink, but I can say I’m a big fan of their group ensemble look!

As for Maneskin, I am familiar with them (Beggin’ is a fantastic song!) And I’m digging their red-carpet glam-rock look.

Left – members of band Blackpink; Right – members of band Maneskin

Best and Worst Fashion at the VMA’s

Alright, now it’s time for the best and worst red carpet looks according to moi.

WORST – Top 3 Worst Looks

There were quite a few oddities last night. But when it comes to the VMA’s, there always are. So, I can usually give an over-the-top look a pass as long as it seems somewhat decent. With these three, I couldn’t justify it.

Remi Wolf had quite a few things going on. From the loud, striped dress to the single glove to the orange platforms. It was a lot. But I think what did it for me was the polka dot socks. It was one to many clashing things to be edgy or avant-garde.

Lauren Spencer-Smith on the other hand went the opposite direction wearing an cohesive outfit. The problem was it was all a cohesive mess. She reminded me of Luigi and not in a good way.

Finally, Avril Lavigne. It really kills my former Hot-Topic loving self to put her on this list, but I can’t justify this early 2000’s-era goth/emo hybrid for an award show. I just can’t.

(Left to Right) Remi Wolf, Lauren Spencer-Smith, Avril Lavigne

BEST – Top 3 Best Looks

Which brings us to the top 3 best best red carpet looks from the 2022 VMA awards. Drum-roll please…

Dixie D’Amelio definitely played it as safe as you can at this particular award show, but her gown was elegant and gorgeous and she looked effortlessly chic.

Then, I’ve got Taylor Swift because… well, come on. She can pull off anything, but this particular mixture of glam and sex-appeal might be my favorite T-swift vibe.

And for my number one pick, I’m crowning Sabrina Carpenter. Her entire look was cute, sexy, and edgy—you couldn’t ask for a better VMA gown.

(Left to Right) Taylor Swift, Sabrina Carpenter, Dixie D’Amelio

What did you think of the fashion at the VMA’s? Did you agree with my choices? Let me know in the comments!


  1. avatar

    So many good looks here! I love all the fun and funky dresses, but my favourites are Taylor Swift and Sabrina Carpenter x

    1. avatar

      I agree! They both looked so cute at the awards!

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    ellegracedeveson says:

    This post made me lol! Everything you’ve written I couldn’t agree with more. I think Taylor Swift looked absolutely stunning – her dress, makeup and hair was flawless! She defiantly won outfit of the night for me. I love looking through the VMA’s outfits, they never fail to surprise me haha. Thank you so much for sharing this with us lovely, it’s a great read Xo

    Elle –

    1. avatar

      It’s definitely a more fun red carpet for sure. Taylor always looks amazing, and this dress was really cute and sexy at the same time.

  3. avatar

    I absolutely LOVE Sabrina’s dress and whole look! I think that’s got to be my favourite of the night. I love red carpet looks, some of these are wonderful but I definitely agree with your worst 3 as well.

    1. avatar

      I thought hers was SO cute. I saw some people hating the cutouts, but I thought that made it more interesting.

  4. avatar
    According to Chren says:

    We agree with you about the best and worst looks, with Lauren Spencer-Smith being the worst in our opinion.

    1. avatar

      Yeah, I wasn’t a fan of the oversized lime green look.

  5. avatar

    I’m not sure I consider any of these fashion. For me, fashion is still Princess Diana, elegant, sexy, eye catching but not eyebrow raising like some of these outfits.

    1. avatar

      Ha! That’s a fair point, but I think the VMA’s is a good place to show a little edge when it comes to clothing.

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