Well, this post is going out a little later than planned…. whoops! Because the 4th of July is TOMORROW! Of course, since it falls on a Tuesday this year, some people might be getting together with friends and family for a patriotic celebration later on – like next weekend. But either way, if you’re looking for a festive 4th of July outfit to wear, here are some fabulous ideas!

4th of July Outfits for Every Party

Outdoor Celebration

When it comes to celebrating the 4th, most of the time, it’s an outdoor event. You might be getting together for a beach day, a picnic, or to watch the fireworks. But no matter what, you can show your spirit with a festive outfit.

White Jeans + Patriotic Top

One of the easiest (and cutest) 4th of July outfits is a white jeans and patriotic top combo. The type of top you choose will depend on your style – and whether you want something super specific to the 4th or something that can be easily re-purposed. Think a starry tank, a striped blouse, or a USA-tee.

Alternatively, if you need a last-minute outfit, try pairing white shorts with a solid blue or red top. Easy, cute, and super American!

Cute Sundress

Sundresses are always a summer staple. They’re easy, comfortable, and best of all, they go with almost any activity – and your fourth of July party is no exception.

To really stand out, you can opt for a stars and stripes sundress, but that’s not necessary! You can also just grab something in solid white, blue, or red. Add a cute hat or scarf and you’re good to go!

Star-Spangled Sweater

If you’re planning to watch the fireworks, having a pullover sweater is a good idea. After all, it sometimes gets chillier at night! Bonus points if you choose one with stars, stripes, or an American flag design.

Here are some fashion ideas:
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Pool Party

Stars and Stripes

If you’re going to a 4th of July pool party, there are a ton of fun swimsuit options you can try. Starting with the most obvious choice: an American flag bikini! The only downside to this one is that it isn’t easily repurposed – unless you just want to look super patriot all summer long, in which case – go for it!

Solid Red or Blue Suit

An easier option is to stick with a solid color swimsuit. Try a dark red, bright red, navy blue, or cobalt blue bikini or one-piece. Pair it with a white cover-up and you’ll easily look like you’re celebrating.

White Bikini Top

But my personal favorite is a fun, mismatched look. For this one, you’ll want a white bikini top paired with either red or blue bottoms.

Here are some swimsuits to try:
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Backyard Barbecue

Jeans and Stripes

If you’re celebrating with a backyard barbecue, you can’t go wrong with a pair of jeans. You can opt for jean cutoffs or overalls for a summery vibe. Pair it with a striped shirt or any USA-themed top.

Fun Romper

Sure, you can wear a sundress to a barbecue. But if you want something a littler fancier than jeans without going overboard, rompers are the absolute BEST choice.

Here are some options:
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Swanky Soirée

Patriotic Gown

Chances are, you aren’t going to need a super fancy fourth of July getup. But just in case, you can find an elegant, multi-colored gown with blue, white, and red features.

Elegant Jumpsuit

If you’re a huge fan of rompers, try its more sophisticated older sister: the jumpsuit. For a striking look, a white jumpsuit is absolutely amazing. Alternatively, red or blue will be just as patriotic (and less easily stained!)

Little Red Dress

Finally, a little red dress is the 4th of July equivalent of the little black dress. And sure, you can go for blue here too – but red is a bit more of a statement maker.

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What do you think of these 4th of July outfits? Let me know in the comments down below!

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