Last week, I finished up all of my Holiday Gift Guides, and honestly, I thought I was done with the Christmas-themed posts for awhile. But, then, Victoria tagged me in this recent Holiday Tag post and I thought, that looks like fun! So, here we are!

Thanks again to Victoria for the nomination. Keep reading to find out my holiday favorites and to see who I’m choosing to take part in this holiday tag.

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The Holiday Tag Questions

1. What is your favorite Holiday movie?

This is a really tough one because I love Christmas movies! Real Christmas movies though – no offense to Victoria, but Die Hard is most assuredly NOT a Christmas movie. (Don’t @ me – I said what I said!)

But, in all honesty, I don’t think I can pick just one. The Santa Clause is definitely up there. It’s a classic – I loved it as a kid and it still holds up. Elf and Home Alone are both fantastic. And, every year I watch The Family Stone with my own family and if you’ve never seen it, I definitely recommend it.

Finally, I recently watched the new Netflix movie Love, Hard and, while it’s not a favorite, I did think it was really cute.

2. What is the best way to spend a Saturday in December?

Curled up in front of a roaring fire with a good book or watching a movie.

3. What’s your favorite holiday song?

All I Want for Christmas is a good one. But, I think ultimately I have to go with The Christmas Shoes. It’s underrated and it always makes me cry.

4. What do you typically eat for dinner during the holidays?

For Thanksgiving, there’s turkey, mashed potatoes, and a bunch of sides (including Jell-O salad, which, apparently is only a Midwest thing.) Then, on Christmas day, we usually have a big lunch of honey-baked ham, salad, fruit, and desserts.

5. What is your favorite Christmas cookie or holiday treat?

Sugar cookies with icing (NOT sprinkles!) or homemade turtles. My aunt always makes the most amazing turtles over the holidays, so I associate them with Christmas now.

6. What fictional character would you want to spend the holidays with?

I assume this is supposed to be a Christmas-type character. In that case, maybe Buddy from Elf because it would be pretty entertaining.

Otherwise, maybe all the characters from Friends. That would be a fun Christmas. (But, yeah, it’d have to be all of them together.)

7. Can you name all of Santa’s reindeer?

Dasher, Donner, Comet, Vixen…. Something, something, Blitzen. And Rudolph.

So, no, I guess not. 😂

8. Where would you like to visit during the holidays?

Paris would be beautiful. Or, New York. Although, I’d also be tempted to go somewhere warm like Australia or the Caribbean.

9. Do you like giving or receiving gifts better? (Be honest!)

Receiving. I know, I know, it’s not the right answer! (Why do I feel like I wasn’t really supposed to be honest with this one?)

I do like giving gifts, but, there’s such a huge feeling of anticipation and excitement when you get a gift and that’s so much fun. There’s also more anxiety when I give a gift – I’m nervous that the person wont love it or that I should’ve gotten something different.

10. What’s the best gift you ever received?

My ex-husband proposed to me the day after Christmas. Along with his proposal, he bought me this really beautiful, hand-carved piece of furniture. We’d seen it at a shop years earlier and I made a comment about how I loved it and wanted to come back and buy it when I got married. I honestly didn’t even remember it until he gave it to me, though, so the fact that he remembered and went back to get it was a pretty special gift.

Ultimately, the marriage didn’t work out. But, it was still one of the best gifts I’ve ever gotten.

Tag, You’re It! My Holiday Nominees

There are always so many wonderful bloggers out there that I want to nominate, but I’ll keep it short. Here are a few people I’m nominating for this Holiday Tag:

Stephanie from The Espresso Edition

Jenny from Jenny in Neverland

Giulia from Tidbits of Care

Vourneen from The Plain Simple Life

Karalee from Tales of Belle

Lisa from Lisa’s Notebook

And, last but not least, YOU! If you’re interested, please join in on this! And make sure to tag me so I can check out your answers.

Thanks for reading and Happy Holidays all!



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    Well, I’m “off work” until the end of 2021, so I won’t be able to answer these questions in a blog post. BUT I appreciate the tag so I’m gonna answer right here 😉
    1. 12 Dates of Christmas, The Holiday, While You Were Sleeping, Single All the Way
    2. Baking cookies, reading a holiday book, and exploring decorated places nearby
    3. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen by the Glee Cast
    4. Ham, macaroni and cheese, brussels sprouts
    5. Molasses cookies!!!
    6. I mean, your answer rocks – definitely Buddy because it would be so fun!
    7. Duhhh! Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, and Rudolph. I mean – it’s the beginning of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer haha
    8. London or Edinburgh
    9. Definitely giving. Finding the perfect gifts is one of my favorite things in the world.
    10. My husband got me an espresso machine last year when I rebranded to The Espresso Edition and it meant the world to me! Plus, I use it every single day so it’s my most-used gift of all time.

    Thanks for tagging me! Sorry I can’t post it all to my blog, but this was such fun 🙂 I’m basically a holiday elf (my mom has always been Mrs. Claus so we joke about this) because I love Christmas more than anyone I know (obviously aside from my mom haha) so doing things like this makes me so happy!

    1. avatar

      Thanks for sharing your answers here! I know the reindeer are all part of the song, but I forgot the names LOL

  2. avatar

    Oooh Paris in December would be lush! But Finland is the top of my list for a Christmas holiday for sure!

    1. avatar

      I’ve never really thought about visiting Finland before – not sure why, but it definitely looks beautiful.

  3. avatar

    Thank you for tagging me! It was fun reading all your answers & I agree Die Hard isn’t a Christmas movie. I also love watching Home Alone every Christmas.
    When I lived in the US, my family would have the same food for Thanksgiving & Christmas minus the Jell-O salad haha
    I also agree it’s nice giving gifts, but I worry too that the person won’t like the gift (especially with my partner’s mother!).

    1. avatar

      Yeah! That’s always a big fear – I want the person to love it and I worry that they might not.

  4. avatar

    I really loved reading your answers Katie! I love that you were honest about receiving gifts being the best aha 🙂 Spending Christmas with Buddy the elf would be so much fun – definitely agree with you there x

    1. avatar

      Absolutely! Thanks for reading!

  5. avatar

    I love this, Katie! I’m going to let what you said about Die Hard slide 😉 Christmas Shoes is SUCH a good song, it gets me in my feels every time! Also, I have no idea what Jell-O salad is, but it sounds AMAZING. Should I move to the midwest!? Y’all will call anything a salad and I’m so here for it. I saw a “salad” recipe once that had crushed oreos and whipped cream… I was like now THAT’S my kind of salad!

    1. avatar

      LOL – I have the same debate with my bf about Die Hard! And, yeah, we do like to call everything a salad. Jell-O salad is fantastic – we make one with cool whip, strawberries, jell-o, and pretzels and it is the best!

  6. avatar

    Yes!! I am with you on Die Hard!! And I love all those movies you mentioned too. I must admit I’m the opposite about receiving gifts. I actually have anxiety receiving gifts in case I don’t like it and they can tell by my face 😂
    Thank you for the tag! This is so fun!

    1. avatar

      Haha, yeah, I sometimes feel nervous about that. But I usually like everything so I’m not too worried about that!

  7. avatar
    Mind Beauty Simplicity says:

    oh my gosh yes, christmas shoes is the best christmas song. i bit sad but such a beautiful message.

    1. avatar

      I know! I cry every time!

  8. avatar

    Oh fun! Thank you for spelling my name right LOL I will definitely do this tag.

    1. avatar

      Lol – I had to look and double check about 3 times!

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